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The Newgon Support Team is a group of volunteer administrators, moderators and associates who fund Newgon, add to its resources and keep it on-line. At this time, the site does not demand external funding to stay online, but we do have an option to donate Monero. We do not organize most people participating on our server into set roles with given responsibilities.

Administrators, Editorial, Tactical and Communications Leads

Strategic Lead

The strategic lead makes outward facing decisions concerning site structure, content, position statements and direction of activism. He/she plays a major role in implementing these strategies.

Strategist - - Has been involved in some form since the beginning, initially helping with hosting in an unnamed capacity. Feel free to contact at the PCMA Matrix/Element instance.

Editorial Team

Editorial Lead: Social Justice and Cultural Affairs

Strategist as above.

Editorial Lead: Psychology and Science Communication


Editorial Lead: Social History and Critical Theory


Editorial Lead: Quantitative Research and Public Health

Position vacant.

Editorial Lead: Hostile parties and Counterintelligence

Position vacant.

Tactical Operations

Initiatives funded and supported by us carry out tactical, public facing operations, such as countering misinformation.

At this point, we have no dedicated Head of Tactical Interventions, nor do we have a Community Administrator. These roles are filled by individuals who are unaffiliated with the organization.

Public and Community Liaison

At this point, we have no dedicated Head of PR, nor do we have Ambassadors with Community Outreach purviews (initiating and maintaining links with other communities).

Back-end (private) and projects supported by Newgon have a small, part-time hosting and tech team who are not affiliated with the organization, and are not contactable. Our financial operations are also team-managed.


None of these people are affiliated with Newgon Organization unless stated otherwise.

Additional Content Providers

May or not have admin privileges, but do not officially fill those roles. Some may be alternative names used for privacy.

JohnHolt (identity occasionally used by the Strategic lead) | Loli | MAPCrusader | Time Has Passed | Marc Redcliff | YRA | Jessi | Patroclus | Dissident2



Daniel Lievre (inactive ex admin/founder who used various names) | Jillium | Pantheadoros | Silence Dogood | DreamBoy71 | Strato

Writers/Content - Non-affiliated

Steve Diamond | Viamund | Matt | Tyciol | BLueRibbon | PiedPiper | Innormal | Zufolek | CJ Wilmot | PiedPiper | Crake | Jamie | Roman Czyborra | Catherine N.X. | Stephen James | Raven | Reid Bailey | Raza | Boeotia (French language support) | "Anonymous" - a few people use throwaway names for Newgon.