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Our resource aims to document facts, opinions, arguments, research and testimonies relating to MAPs and physical relationships between minors and adults (see ethos). We aim to be concise, summarizing and organizing only useful information, so it can be deployed by activists. Please consider getting involved in editing. If you wish to discuss issues similar to those covered on this wiki, our forum (forthcoming) is open to everyone.

Quicklinks for Editors: Noticeboard (discussion) | Editing Portal | Catlist.

NewgonWiki has 573 articles.

Browse our Encyclopedia...

We have organised all of our encyclopedic articles into categories, so that they can be read from an alphabetical list. Consider checking out the following:

Browse our projects...

Our site also contains some content that is not part of the official encyclopedia. These pages are organised into projects that can be accessed from portal pages:
  • Debate Guide is a growing list of arguments and counter arguments concerning MAPs and relationships with minors. This resource covers just about every argument that you are likely to face in an on-line or real-life debate.
  • Research (recently updated) is a growing list of excerpts from academic literature on the topics covered on this site. Again, this resource and those it links to are very useful for those who wish to educate themselves or others and challenge ignorance and prejudice.
  • Pamphlets & Promotional Media (awaiting update) helps people like you find this site! Here, we display on-line copies of promotional media such as pamphlets, flyers, html banners - all of which can be used to promote this site and its causes.
  • Legal Information (awaiting update) is a useful portal containing reliable articles and links that will help resolve queries as to the legality of certain practices mentioned on this site, in various jurisdictions.

Sexual experiences of youth and others...

Our website houses a vast database of anecdotes concerning sexual relationships and attractions between minors and adults, and related issues:

Featured/special content...

What's new? There are new research citations. Updates to: Wikipedia | MAP and related articles | self-fulfilling prophecy | list of cliches and adolescence.

Newgon also acts as a host for a small archive and a link list for others:

  • Archive - Is our list of previously unavailable materials, some of which were censored.
  • BoyWiki - Has up-to-date information on Computer Security. We wrote a "Guide to Computer Security" many years ago, which may still have useful information re. nuances of encryption and other topics.

Some of our important content does not even fit into projects: