12 Jun, 2022 (updated 31 Jul): Marthijn Uittenbogaard and Nelson Maatman (not affiliated with Newgon) have been arrested in Ecuador and Mexico respectively. They are now being defamed in the media. A former associate has appealed on Maatman's behalf for a lawyer in Mexico. Please see the relevant articles for material you can use to raise awareness on social media.

Legal information

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Although our site is not primarily designed for the purpose of giving legal advice, much of our encyclopedia content can be used in such a way. This page lists the articles that can be used to such effect. Use the subject menu and then scan for content pertinent to your jurisdiction (in bold). If we have no content relating to your jurisdiction, this does not mean that there are no laws in effect.

Child pornography

Sexual relationships and contacts

  • Statutory rape - "Rape" determined by law on the basis of legal statutes dictating the recognition of consent on the presumption of informedness, in all known cases based on an age limit determined on a national or state basis. May involve one or both parties either consenting, not giving consent, or refusing consent.


  • Grooming - A modern legal definition of contact viewed as exploitive/manipulative between adults and minors in some jurisdictions.
  • Legal entrapment - International.
  • Sex offender registry - Many jurisdictions.
  • SOPO - A prevention order on British sex offenders.