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Jump to: navigation, search was a web site run by Perverted-Justice. The title is a portmanteau of the terms "wiki" and "exposure" (derived from sounding it out like eksposure).

It accused, attacked and profiled a variety of topics, with a focus on individuals and web sites.

Examples of various allegations include alleging individuals as being a pedophile, a person or group defending/supporting/interacting with a pedophile, or people taking actions which may directly or indirectly benefit some of them, such as trying to reform sex offender laws. It appears to function as a semi-reincarnation of Better a Millstone and a place for Perverted-Justice volunteers to intimidate a wide range of web users and activists whom they see as enemies.


The site was originally (aka CSO). Later the wiki was exported to an independent URL and the previous CSO address was used solely for the original criticism of corporations like Google, MySpace, YouTube, etc.


Wikisposure is intended to give PJ vigilantes credibility in the media

Since being set up in 2007, some articles on the project have been criticized as for allegedly containing inaccuracies, some comical and some more deliberate and sinister in nature. For example, some editors may locate someone by IP address. Editors are free to engage in unsupported speculation. Half-truths or potential misinformation may be presented with wording implying the claims to be concrete facts. This may lead to other editors misinterpreting profiles and building upon poorly-established foundations. Inaccuracies can have self-sustaining quality.

Many individuals profiled on Wikisposure have stated their intent to leave the inaccuracies uncorrected, or to continue as if they were fact.(citation needed)

On one(citation needed) occasion, a Wikisposure editor used Encyclopedia Dramatica as a fact reference. Another editor reproduced pictures of Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper - claiming that they were in fact of Viamund. These edits continued to count for considerable lengths of time.

Quotes may be taken out of context to twist their meaning or intention. Individuals have been described as "dangerous" when there may be inadequate information to suggest that the person is more at risk of offending than any average person.

"Pedophile" assertions

A large number of individuals who never called/identified themselves as pedophiles are labeled as such on Wikisposure. Corrupted Justice on Wikisposure:

"In the original perverted-justice follow-up forums, people were targeted for allegedly engaging in explicit sexual on-line chats with a perverted-justice volunteer pretending to be a sex-starved horny teenager. In this new incarnation, people are now being targeted simply based on any suggestion, accusation or assumption that they may have some sort of tenuous link to anything associated with someone accused of being a pedophile, anyone involved in speaking their opinion on the rights of registered sex offenders, anyone who voices a contrary opinion regarding current sex offender laws, or anyone the anonymous, untrained perverted-justice volunteers have determined may have pedophilic leanings as a result of an opinion voiced or something they may have written on-line."[1]

False "outings"

Wikisposure has often attempted to bolster its credibility by claiming to "out" or establish facts via "investigation" of individuals who were previously unconcerned about publicly identifying themselves in the manner concerned. Whilst this is not a source of potential defamation suits, it casts light upon another important fact about Wikisposure, i.e. that any information published there was already available for the public to access. Most "investigations" go no further than basic e.mail linking and web-searches.


Xavier von Erck has attempted to control discussions on Wikipedia (a site that he was banned from) by using Wikisposure to make spurious allegations of pedophilia towards editors whom he dislikes. Whilst there is no way of knowing for sure, it appears that these attacks have been somewhat successful, with some editors being banned from editing.


Wikisposure profiling has lead to some successful arrests and even the conviction of two men who were openly divulging information regarding their sexual relationships with boys. In some cases, flyers developed from wikisposure pages have been distributed in local communities. It was this tactic that whilst asserting no criminal activity, appears to have lead to the police raiding of former BoyChat webmaster James Finn III's home and his highly suspect and uncharacteristic arrest on child pornography charges. Another charge accuses two other BoyChat posters of producing child pornography among other crimes.

Jan Kruska's Defamation suit

On 10 January 2008, a multi-count civil lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona by Jan Kruska, a wife and mother who has been wrongly labeled a pedophile by Wikisposure.

"Jan Kruska sued several anti-pedophile organizations, including Perverted Justice Foundation, Inc. ("PJFI"), and individuals affliliated with those organizations, as well as domain registrar and social networking site, after the organizations accused Kruska of being a predator, a pedophile, and pro-pedophile on various websites, including and Kruska sued for defamation, copyright infringement, cyberstalking and harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ("RICO") Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") in Arizona federal court."[1][2]

Incitement of crime

  • Kevin Brown claims to have been physically assaulted outside his home several weeks after his home address was publicized on Wikisposure.[3]
  • "Kissbyalice," a minor, claims to have had "the shit beaten out of" him by his pastor after church members were told that he was a pedophile and of his article by unknown initiators.[4]

Apparent slowing in 2008

As the (say some: "poorly-maintained") project continues to suffer from potential design weaknesses, article bloat and event dating errors, editing appears to some to have slowed down substantially.


Some editors may be somewhat aware of the server content being evidence of defamation/libel. If this is recognized, purge of sensitive or inaccurate information could be a possible reaction to avoid responsibility.

2010 removal

At some point in late 2010, it was announced on the PJFI forums that they took down Wikisposure and would be focusing on the instant message/phone stuff. now redirects to


The content from Wikisposure was rehosted on, the Admin began this November 21[2]. Absolute Zero United announced this on December 17[3]. The site was at some time hosted by, and briefly suspended for abuse or non-payment.[4] It's back up now though, current host unknown.[5]


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