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What's new? Our staff email is New and updated: Covert incest | TEDx controversy | K. Andersson | K. Szymanowski | R. Schérer | G. Leonard | Assimilationism | Proship | F.A.G./O.U.R. (NGOs). There are new research citations and Debate Guide is being overhauled, e.g. MAPs are invalid? We have recruited some writers and are compiling a to-do list.

NewgonWiki also acts as a host for a small archive and a link list for others:

  • Archive - Is our list of previously unavailable materials, some of which were censored.
  • Computer Security is covered on another MAP website, BoyWiki and OMC. We wrote a "guide" many years ago, which may still have useful information re. nuances of encryption and other topics. A new one is being compiled.

Some of our important content does not even fit into projects: