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What's new? Our staff email is New and updated biographies and encyclopedia articles: see "new pages". There are new research pages, e.g. Evolutionary Perspectives and Dangers of Stigma. We have recruited some writers (but still need more) and continue to compile a to-do list.

Important articles and mini-projects:

  • A Guide To Computer Security is being compiled. Computer Security is covered on another MAP website, OMC. These sites typically delve into the nuances of encryption and other topics.

Some important content from around NewgonWiki:

We have commenced news archiving:

We are looking for a full-time news archivist to compile results from 3 or 4 key phrases once every 3 or 4 days.

For running updates on the Marthijn/O.U.R./Canoa situation, see at the end of this article.