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Dark Justice (founded on 30 October 2014) were a British vigilante group operation set up to catch "paedophiles", based in Newcastle upon Tyne, operated by two men using the pseudonyms Scott (born 1991) and Callum (born 1994). They were not police officers, although their tactics were similar to those sometimes used by police. They were an online group who pose as minors normally between the ages of 11 and 15 in order to catch online "groomers". When they met their adult victims, for dramatic effect, members of Dark Justice typically wore bulletproof vests, despite the fact that the British civilian population had been disarmed many decades previous. Their evidence has been used in court and has successfully secured the prosecution of over 115 "online groomers" . In May 2018, the Evening Chronicle reported that Dark Justice have secured over 150 arrests with over 40 of those being jailed.[1]

The two men met each other through Scott's brother. Prior to starting Dark Justice, both men worked in the digital media industry. During 2017, an anonymous businessman gave Dark Justice an office in Newcastle to serve as the group's new base of operations.

In April 2021, Scott announced that Callum had died in a "tragic accident" and that the group would no longer continue.[2]

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