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Image of Vaush with one of his famous comments

The popular Left-wing YouTube debate streamer Vaush has made various comments[1] - largely accurate - on pedophilia early in his career. He argued that under socialism, the Age of Consent should be lowered: "As those [power] imbalances (or at least some of them), are redressed through the advent of socialism, the age of consent should therefore be lowered." He argued accurately that "From an anthropological standpoint, the age of consent at which it is presently set is a social construct. Obviously, [...] it's found in law not in nature." He criticizes Leftists for their "kneejerk disavowel of alternative looks at what constitutes sexual maturity," stemming from "disgust and not in reason."

Vaush had peer age sexual contact in childhood: "When I was a kid I was having sex with other kids... Lots of sex. Gross, gross sex. More than you'll ever imagine. And it wasn't wrong. Or bad. And nobody got hurt by it." He later stated accurately: "It is possible for an adult and a child to have a sexual relationship, and for it to have positive outcomes." On fiction and non-fiction child pornography he said: "Zoophile, like, drawn stuff. Should be 100% legal. In fact, [...] I have yet to hear a convincing moral or legal argument as to why possession of child pornography should be illegal. Actual child pornography." When asked "Do you think it's immoral to be a pedophile?", he replied similarly to researchers like Allyn Walker, that "being a pedophile is morally neutral" because it's something you can't choose. His opponents use these statements to attack him,[2] and Vaush has since disavowed these statements and now parrots dominant Anti discourse.

He is routinely pilloried for his earlier comments, and is sometimes the subject of media articles.[3]