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"Men who are otherwise conventional in their sexual interests and behaviour can be sexually aroused by pedophilic stimuli. In a study using both self-support and penile plethymographic measures, one-quarter of people drawn from a community sample showed or reported pedophilic arousal.

The investigators found that this abnormal arousal was correlated with conventional arousal, that is:

the more aroused the people were to adult heterosexual pictures, the more aroused they were to the pedophilic pictures.

Although this finding may be disturbing to us, it highlights the importance of the distinction made by the DSM and health professionals in general between fantasy and behaviour." (no source, supposedly Hall, but not according to [1]) [2] Rez (The Administrators - anonym) 21:30, 20 December 2008 (UTC)

Eminent source: "A World Health Organization report (1986) states that pedophilia may or may not result in child sexual abuse and should not be used synonymously with child sexual abuse."[3] Jillium 22:07, 18 July 2009 (UTC)


"If we take the clinical studies first, there have been five studies in this area (discussed in Green 2002). The earliest (Freund and Costell 1970) studied forty-eight young Czech soldiers who were shown slides of young children, adolescents and adults, both male and female. All the soldiers showed penile response to adult women, forty of them (83 per cent) showed penile response to adolescent girls, and twenty-eight of the soldiers (58 per cent) showed penile response to the slides of little girls aged four to ten years old. Next, in a study five years later (Quinsey et al. 1975), ‘normal’ men’s erections to pictures of pubescent and younger girls averaged 70 and 50 per cent, respectively, of their responses to adult women. Freund and Watson (1991), studying community male volunteers in a plethysmography classification study, found that 19 per cent were ‘misclassified’ as having an erotic preference for minors. In a control group of sixty-six males recruited from hospital staff and the community, 17 per cent showed a penile response that was pedophilic (Fedora et al. 1992). Finally, in the most recent study of this kind (Nagayama Hall et al. 1995), a sample of eighty volunteers was recruited from the general population. To explore their responses, the researchers showed the volunteers images and also used audiotapes with sexual narratives. The images and tapes referred to adult women and to girls under the age of twelve years. Sexual arousal was measured using self-report and physical measurements of penile arousal. In this presumably ‘normal’ community sample 20 per cent self-reported paedophilic interest and 26.25 per cent exhibited a penile response to paedophilic stimuli that equalled or exceeded their arousal to adult stimuli. The clinical studies therefore indicate that somewhere between 17 and 58 per cent of a ‘normal’ sample of men (who do not describe themselves as ‘paedophile’) seem to be capable of being sexually aroused by young children, under the age of twelve years old. In other words, roughly one in six to more than one in every two adult men may be capable of being sexually attracted to children." The Admins 22:13, 18 July 2009 (UTC)