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Our site also contains some content that is not part of the official encyclopedia. These pages are organised into projects that can be accessed from portal pages:

  • Debate Guide is a growing list of arguments and counter arguments for the sexual emancipation of minors and minor attracted adults. This resource covers just about every argument that you are likely to face in an on-line or real-life debate on the issues covered by this site.
  • Research is a growing list of excerpts from academic literature on the topics covered on this site. Again, this resource and those it links to are very useful for those who wish to educate themselves or others and challenge ignorance and prejudice towards our topics.
  • Legal Information is a useful portal containing reliable articles and links that will help resolve queries as to the legality of certain practices mentioned on this site, in various jurisdictions.
  • Pamphlets & Promotional Media helps people like you find this site! Here, we display on-line copies of promotional media such as pamphlets, flyers, html banners - all of which can be used to promote this site and its causes.