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Frank "Llort" Appleford, according to his own website

Frank Appleford aka Llort (b. 25 Jul, 1945, Bramley, Hampshire) was, (or is) the self-declared real-life identity of a man who has spent years using the internet (particularly the blogspot network) to harass innocent people who he identifies as having a pedophile orientation. Whilst he appears to be a man of moderately to extremely low intelligence, Appleford's trolling career stretches back many years, and includes the goading of users at ancestry boards. It is for these reasons that the information contained within his now archived site[1] (probably constructed to bring credibility to said endeavour) should not be seen as wholly credible.

Location and activities

Appleford is a self-described expatriate, and now lives in Australia, most probably in the Victoria/Melbourne area. Appleford is known for his involvement in a hate campaign that called itself ACME Cleaning Services, and attempted to humiliate pedophiles, harass them and encourage them to commit suicide. He had also set up websites that spuriously claim to track and report the activities of anyone who visits them, simply because they contained child porn key-phrases. Appleford used his own domain and name to send e.mails to those who he seeks to harass.

Possible other identities

"fraseralbert" is tied to the e.mail address, which appears to belong to Appleford.


Daniel Lievre set up (our predecessor), partly in response to Appleford's activities, and those of other vigilantes. Shortly after setting up a profile of Appleford, Lievre claimed that the search term "frank appleford paedophile" was often used by people who eventually found Newgon. He says that the term was used almost "once a day" in December, 2008. Lievre went on to use the name of "Llort" and many of his trolls' identities as his own to mock them after creating his own website and forums to insulate himself.