Childlove Manifesto

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The Childlove Manifesto was a document put forward to the minor attracted community by Crake in 2005. A full copy can be found at Text of the Childlove Manifesto


"To seek the advancement of the children’s declaration of autonomy, that they may learn and experience through their own initiative. To seek the necessity for appreciation of Childlovers and the end to the prejudice and discrimination of their kind by the progressively homogenous crowd. To carry out forthcoming, responsive, and deep relationships with children who appreciate or need affectionate attention.
To uphold and maintain consenting and mutual relationships with children for the causes of liberation of the youth mind, and fostering the youth mind for revolution against all that seek to harm them be them society, legislatures, molesters, corporations, rapists, as well as parents. To educate, not assimilate, and cultivate appreciation for the youth perspective. To uphold and maintain the youth voice and mind on the highest.
To protect and nurture the growth of the child. To insist our governing body to lower the age of consent laws and allow the youth the complete freedom of expression of self. To encourage society to see the child as a whole. To assist in the proper and healthy development of youth, and the free expression thereof in harmony with the realm and personal experience of the youth. To love the whole child."

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