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This article is a historical document of Crake's 2005 Childlove Manifesto.



To seek the advancement of the children’s declaration of autonomy, that they may learn and experience through their own initiative. To seek the necessity for appreciation of Childlovers and the end to the prejudice and discrimination of their kind by the progressively homogenous crowd. To carry out forthcoming, responsive, and deep relationships with children who appreciate or need affectionate attention.

To uphold and maintain consenting and mutual relationships with children for the causes of liberation of the youth mind, and fostering the youth mind for revolution against all that seek to harm them be them society, legislatures, molesters, corporations, rapists, as well as parents. To educate, not assimilate, and cultivate appreciation for the youth perspective. To uphold and maintain the youth voice and mind on the highest.

To protect and nurture the growth of the child. To insist our governing body to lower the age of consent laws and allow the youth the complete freedom of expression of self. To encourage society to see the child as a whole. To assist in the proper and healthy development of youth, and the free expression thereof in harmony with the realm and personal experience of the youth. To love the whole child.


Childlove exists in all the areas of humanity; it has always existed and will always exist. There is no natural or material subversive that is known that can divert these seeking purity and innocence away from that which they find as a gateway to enlightenment. Anything that may arise to discharge the natural feeling of guidance and love, or even the physical attraction, that these people possess, is inhuman and is an irresponsible to attest to the crimes society has implemented against its own children. This phenomenon exists in all areas of development, and lives on in the hearts and minds of men and women in all areas of the world. There is no definite number of just how many of these childlovers exist, due to the enforced silence, but there is without a doubt a group of individuals of all ages inside and outside the confines of adulthood that benevolently guide and love children all over the world.

They live and work for the benefit of children everywhere, despite the overwhelming multitude that creates the image of the child molester, the kidnapper, and the destroyer of innocence. There are such people that do prey on the souls and hearts of children, and use their bodies as vessels and objects, and it is such people that have a necessity to be stricken from the streets. However, it is a misdoing to create for the entire lot of them the image of death and hatred. There are some pedophiles, perhaps a majority of them, or perhaps a minority of them, that do work for the well benefit of children, the advocacy of children, and the general welfare of the child.

It is by natural coincidence that they have become indoctrinated into society, those kind souls that are on the march to fight for a cure for aids, those kind men and women who fund for children’s charities, and anti-apathy organizations, and administrate youth outings. It is a mistake to amalgamate these individuals with the sexual molesters and the predators as society has achieved. The clear truth is that they exist everywhere, volunteers and social workers are among the many places one is able to find such people. They also carry out extended and untold relationships with children; children that are not their own but are the so-called property of others, of parents and teachers. The difference is that Childlovers don’t regard children as property but as equals, and each and every day they fight to give those children the tools for the day when children can declare for themselves the right to their own autonomy, in ways society could never understand. Thus they have come onto all areas of society, in all age groups, and in all races, genders, nationalities, beliefs and religions. They existed in the past and always will exist.

They are commonly called moral pedophiles. These people have a continual and healthy interest in the welfare and benefit of children, and have the clarity of mind to balance any form of physical, emotional, spiritual attraction, with their natural thirst to mentor and aid, as well as play and enjoy along with the child the pleasures of life, and the pleasures of seeing the world through the child’s eyes. There is a difference between those pedophiles that have committed a crime against a child, and these pedophiles that work for the child’s benefit. That is why they prefer to be called Childlovers, or Puerists, in the doctrine of a belief in youth, rather than to be considered pedophiles.

Childlovers have only the ability to advocate for their cause, therefore other youth advocacy groups, or the perspective of the feminists, will not be included. The expression of the relationship between intergenerational partners will only include partners of children and adults, where the child is of the age of reasoning and within the realm of the child, and the adult is of the age of responsibility and within the age of sound judgment. There have been no set ages, because it is a firm belief the movement that development is differential to all human beings, based on biological and environmental stimulus, and not based on official age restrictions to these natural observations, whether they are child or adult. Therefore ephebephilia or the attraction to teenagers by adults, or the attraction of young adults to older adults will not be mentioned.

The youth perspective, however, is the most critical voice on the planet, and therefore it becomes a guiding force for their intended resolve and will be expressed as the potent but optimistic sensibility it describes to the modern mistake. Its statute will be upheld as the prime objector, or the prime resounding affirmative. This is the objective of the Childlove collective, to uphold the child voice on the highest, above all other biases, as to the formation of their doctrine. It is a necessity based on the very formation of the movement, the growing internal philosophy of the adoption of the youth perspective, therefore the movement must be centered around the purity of the child mind.

The human love complex will be observed and stated for the necessity to understand the human concept of normality of lover associations, and the so-called perversion from that one normality. It will be offered in the context of the intergenerational couple to derive the similarities between human social tendencies that are taught to be appreciated within the community, and the questionable practice of adhering to these preconceptions without independent thought. Human love is an unquenchable necessity, and it is the intension to bring the issue of intergenerational love onto the already conceived prerequisite of love of person to person. Therefore the human love complex will serve as a bridge binding all the peoples of earth and is intentioned to bring about the acceptance of child advocates who contain the attraction to minors onto the social context; not as adult to miner, but as person to person.

The aim of the movement is to explain the love between human generations. All advocates of love for children are included into their progression. The people of whom are fighting for the inaction of these principles include the advocates for the appreciation of the attraction of girls to men, the attraction of girls to women, and the attraction of men and women to boys are also advocates of this worldwide group. They are divided into two love interests for each respected gender. Boylove is the name of the interest of men and women supporting the love specifically between boys and people of differing generations, and Girl-lover is the term for the interest of men and women supporting the love specifically between girls and people of differing generations. In all accordance the Childlover lives to perfect the love and trust that can be shared between human generations of both genders. There need not be a generation gap any longer, they believe now is the time for generations to share experience with optimism, and love for love, with human adults outside the child’s wall of family to bring the child a fuller understanding of the differing preconceptions of a larger crowd.

The Childlovers in the process of the acquisition of acceptance, distance themselves from the rightfully hated community of sexual predators, kidnappers, molesters, and the fiends that have not a moral purpose in their mind due to whatever reason. Those people who molest boys, against the boy’s will, are not Boylovers, and those people who molest girls, against the girl’s will, are not Girl-lovers. Childlovers don’t associate themselves with those that harm, those that intend to cause harm, or those who harm without sobriety. They intend to draw the difference between themselves as workers for the liberation of children from all adults that do them harm, from parents to kidnappers, and those souls that harm or intentionally harm the lives and consciousness of the child. The Childlover always has and always will place the life and love of the child they love before their own necessity. The attraction element is similar in both regards but is carried out in reserve and restrained elation, as well as responsibility, in a moral minded pedophile. For that affection or raise of intimacy the Childlover and the child mutually generate, they are targeted along side the immoral pedophile who commits a violent act against a child that is not a sign of appreciation or of love. In that case, the Childlover is wrongfully accused based on paranoia, and it is that feeling of paranoia, that by distancing themselves from the wrong doings of the immoral pedophiles, that Childlovers work to overcome. The basis for who they are as a group is created out of the persecution they face and their circumstance. To understand them, is to understand the society they disapprove of.

To understand the Childlover is also to understand the necessity for their inopportune existence, with no objective gratification agenda for themselves, and in more favor of preserving the child’s well being. The Childlover is not willing to participate in a confrontational discussion that does not even take into account the variety of sexual relationships between various age groups and instead relies solely on the argument that a definition for the word sex is rape, or that sex is always, and in all cases throughout humanity, a form of rape. This is the area that Childlovers distance themselves the most from, but which they can not deny is as fundamental part of their personality, and psychological attraction, as any adult or child orientation includes. They equate all mutual and consenting sexual contacts as a form of love, and condemn rape, abuse, and molestation in all of its forms. Due to the obvious necessity to divide themselves from the sexual predators, and overcome this persecution, they proceed to live in the social context and work to create acceptance for themselves, and for the children they love. Thus an understanding can be reached into their fight to maintain their inopportune and impartial existence.

With the advent of the Internet, Childlovers have a universal place to congregate and discuss topics of child liberation, and the Childlove movement. There are also however, other communities of immoral pedophiles whose actions do not agree with the views of the Childlove communities. There must be some discretion in the Internet realm, a definite division from the ones that exist looking for children to harass over the information exchange; they have to be found and stopped, a necessity for child autonomy of reason and decision makes itself clear in this respect. A child must be given the developmental teaching to assist him or her in whom to pass a conversation with within the Internet realm, and whom to ignore. Childlovers work to give children those developmental processes with the use of the Internet. They cast sincere damnation to the harassment and sexual abuses that the legislature allows to happen to children over the Internet, and the legislature’s own collections of morphed and real child porn they distribute through posers to people as a means to capture pedophiles seeking out these distributions. Childlovers demand an end to this abuse of children through the Internet and information exchange committed by the legislature itself.

There have been many establishments on the Internet commemorating the integrity of the movement, and the honor of its followers. These havens have to be clearly distinguished from the pornography exclusive groups that are not made of Childlovers, but are made primarily of deviants and perverts. Childlovers and other child advocacy groups have made progress fighting against any legislative or independent child pornography exchange over the Internet, as it will endeavor to continue the effort as long as the definition between Childlovers and the predators is understood, and that Childlove organizations are allowed to have their place amongst the regiment of the Internet. Therefore it is a continued necessity that Childlovers remain on the Internet, and fight for the right to remain in the forums of modern necessity to spread their word.

The views expressed are the perception and doctrine of the movement in its entirety. The people of the movement are more and more committed to preserving their own freedoms, and much more importantly committed to uplifting the child rights and to establish child autonomy from the oppression that has run rampant in society. These expressions are the collective views of Boylovers, and Girl-lovers, making up the people of the movement. Each and every member of the two gender based communities are entitled to their opinions and the community is a kind, optimistic, and generous society. Every subscriber to the Puerist way of life, the belief in youth and the doctrine of youth, has a very distinct personal opinion, or personal sect. It will also be a goal of the group, to be the most accepting and tolerant group of people to arise, without prejudice or fear of differing judgments. Anyone who advocates and lives to end the doctrine of ageism, authoritarian parental rule, apathy, neglect, abuse, and molestation of any kind, is a Childlover, and is welcomed within the free community.


This proposition is intended for and written for all Childlovers. The words of their movement though are professed to associates of theirs accordingly, being friends and family. Their good message has to be heard if any of its institutions are to be adopted or referenced by the multitude. The multitude is the audience, and the Childlover is the item of display, their words and doctrine will be spread so that a clear distinction occurs in the hearts and minds of the multitude for their own genuine cause.

It is intended to instruct Boylovers, Girl-lovers, and all advocates of child well being of the benevolent nature of the movement. It is intended to pave the way to understanding in those of dissent, to remind those that thirst to give love and receive love, to educate those that think they don’t need to learn anything new, and all those that have so much more to learn. It has been the work of many who have come before to establish this doctrine for the ones who work for or receive a paycheck for outreaching to children, and those that do it of the purity in their hearts.

To give a sense of purpose to those who love children, and have been thrashed as being a rapist, it has been established to place hope instead of distress in the hearts of the individuals who have been wrongfully accused. The Childlove doctrine is intended for those paranoid souls that take away nurturing in favor of protection, who shield instead of teach, who bar instead of let live, who prosecute instead of take responsibility. It is hoped that the message will reach those who have harmed, and those that have helped, be them parent or pedophile. Its outreach favors the multitude, those that take and gain, as well as those that give and learn.

Further, it was conceived for the children. The process by which the Childlover receives is only made so for the sake of Children everywhere, those that are living under the fear of a parent’s disapproval, and those that live in fear of a parent or guardian in any circumstance. Its design and origination was to help to the children of the world who are in distress, who live in fear and transition, as well as those that live in love and guidance, those that live in moral surroundings, and those that live in immoral surroundings. The Childlover brings the sentiment of the child onto the depressed and weary world, through the children they coexist with, therefore it is the children who are responsible for the future salvation of humanity as described within their doctrine.

The children are the prime humanity, the ones in which we entrust with the future of humanity, therefore the decisiveness, the necessity for personal conviction within children, becomes the focus of the doctrine, as well as the shapers of the doctrine. The prime audience, are children from all walks of life and all areas of humanity and social status. They are all equally victims of the same corruption, the same adult corruption that plays out on their televisions, and the same victims to the indoctrination by society. For this reason they will all equally be treated as individual reasoning human beings by the caretakers of this doctrine. This will be referred to, in regards to seeing the entire child and not a sum of his or her parts, as the Disposition of the Whole. It is the goal and purpose of this movement to assure that children remain the prime audience, to give children some control in a world that just wants to indoctrinate, confuse, and prey on their so called inexperience to market to them.

Purity in the hearts and minds of those that hope for child well being, will equate purity in the hearts and minds of children, and the children will benefit greatly from the new age of their elevated placement of decision making and reasoning. They will be allowed to open the doors to open mindedness on their own discretion, so that no more will a child have to be the victim to some cruel adult corporation’s marketing, or some cruel adult’s way of partial thinking, or some cruel adult’s sexual agenda. They will be emancipated from the cruelty, and the ageism and apathy, and born into the nurture of the responsive and caring parent and non-parent once again. For that reason, this doctrine is intended to bring hope to the children that fear and those that are loved, and to educate the parents whose work necessitates it.

Other parts of the multitude this doctrine is intended for include parents, counselors, teachers, and everyone whose life is touched by children. It hopes to reassure the professional relations with children, and create a public interest in the creation of private outreach to children. It has been created for professionals who deal with children, and other youth outreach organizations of parties, who may wish to apply the beliefs of the Childlove movement into their programs and therapies. It is hoped that institutions dealing with children of all ages will see the benefit of the empowerment of youth, and create outreach programs that will involve the active inclusion of unpaid Boylovers, Girl-lovers, and Childlovers who appreciate the company of both. The children who wish to participate will represent the worth of these programs. The programs would be receptive to all children, and it is hoped that the outreach would extend to all children.

Hopefully, the world will appreciate the words of their message, and the love in their conviction, to create the world children promise, and the world that will be. This message hopes to assist the reader in influencing his or her own judgment. It is not the intension to indoctrinate this message, and the necessity to gain supporters is not critical for the functionality of the outreach. The shapers of the movement would simply appreciate the opportunity by the multitudes to submit their message into the worldview.


At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the slate for the possibility for open discourse for Childlovers and for people who present dissenting judgments from the socially accepted and governmentally controlled mentality has been one of eradication in interests in the stability and maintenance of their own power. All discussion of non-parental child guidance outside of the federally instructed and paid teachers has been obstructed on every possible opportunity. All discourse about intergenerational love, intergenerational equity, and intergenerational relationships has been prevented, and the proposition for the argument for the mutuality of adult to child relationships has been dislodged. The authorities propose instead, a doctrine of, ‘it isn’t a question of if a pedophile will strike; it is a question of when.’ The status for the unorthodox propositions for adult to child, and of non parental interactions have been prevented to assure a smaller window of examination into the causes of differing groups of pedophiles, in favor of compiling the phenomenon to simplistic uniformity to assert no distinction between pedophiles and create a necessity to assert their own external influence. This doctrine intends to present the principles of the Childlove movement to shatter that partiality.

1. Reverence of the Whole

An important step in understanding Childlove is to understand that all things are seen together with equal importance within the philosophy. It is essential to ensure that no one independent component of the philosophy takes precedence over any other, for if that were to occur, much to its objector’s pleasure, the movement’s philosophy would deteriorate, become weak of constitution, or become contrary to its disciplines. Compiling immoral pedophiles, those who do not view the whole child, and Childlovers, people who view the whole child, is an obvious overreaction by society created by paranoia claiming all non-parental adult to child relationships are immoral. This is discussed in depth within The Childlove Relationship, and Point VII of the Terms and Conditions of Conduct in the Childlove Code of Ethics, named the Disposition of the Whole. Therefore just as Childlovers vow to always observe the child as a whole-their body, mind and spirit, together without one element taking precedence over another-they see their movement and philosophy in a similar respect. This is why sections within this document where distinctions have been made in the doctrine to separate whole independent causes or persuasions, have been amalgamated in the end to demonstrate the unity and equivalence of all the principles of the Childlove movement to each other. This is to ensure that a healthy reverence of all parts equally is encouraged by the very foundation of the philosophy for the protection and benefit of the child.

The Three Postulates within the Collective Account all are equal in importance to one another, the independent appeals in The Childlove Relationship are all equal in their importance to one another, the points in the Terms and Conditions of Conduct in the Code of Ethics are all equal in their importance to the whole, and the Rights of the Child are also equal in their importance to one another. However, the demands within the Proclamation of Demands are not equal in their importance to one another, as compromising and negotiation will make it impossible for the acceptance of all or none.

2. The Children’s Situation

The thesis of society’s doctrine denies the existence of such moral based pedophiles that do exist. Society hasn’t shed light on them in the public spectrum for reasons of this compilation. Under that thesis the public is only given the opportunity to hear that argument, and they become paranoid of an intensified evil that may or may not thoroughly exist. It is one of the primary purposes of this doctrine, to ensure that domestic tranquility is preserved and the objecting argument is addressed, keeping with the intended audiences, and in the interests of concluding the generation to new generation stigma.

Furthermore, children have been denied education that may help them to superior personal empowerment over any adversary that has no care for them. They are denied the right once again to equality of autonomy, which weakens their own resistance to the pedophiles that intend only harm, and increases the necessity for their dependence on the parent, even though the parent is often not with the dependent child. The organizations that protect, rather than nurture, every child from every non-parental adult, every non-educator, have prejudiced every man and every woman that have an interest in children based on the principles of socially accepted and controlled ideologies of demagoguery and intolerance. These very same people claim perfection in protecting children from the same worry tactics that these organizations have institutionalized. To further their cause, these people do not bother to separate the general public preconceptions from what the children themselves say.

The reason they neglect and deny children to see the value in personal empowerment and youth sexuality within the young is because their doctrine still nourishes from several centuries filled with repressive sexual standards and ageist attitudes. Child sexuality, not concerning adult and child sex, but the idea of children being sexual beings has reawakened over the years of child sexual repression, and the repression of age due to theories of inexperience as an unthinkable possibility. When child sexuality became repressed, the theory spread throughout our collective conscience, and once again dogma revealed that child sexual expression is an impossibility, regardless of the findings such developmental psychological scientists and institutes over the years, such as Sigmund Freud, and Alfred Kinsey’s myriad of studies on human sexuality-in particular concerning the sexuality of boys-had come to realize. They were the dawn of the first era of the discovery, amidst the canon of the unlearned world. At the beginning of the twenty first century, the liberation of children from such judgmental neglect by the system is hoped to be accomplished, and the truths of the human outlook children possess, and the sexuality within their differing developmental levels concerning their existence will be universally recognized.

Since the time of the first era of understanding, not much progress has been made in favor of the defeat of ageism and the defeat of dogma relating to child sexual expression. Since that time, the attempt has been made to restrict the newly discovered sexuality of children by means of legislation. The imbalance of power that governs the natural relationship between adults and children was swiftly expanded to include the subject of sexuality. The adult members of our society mandate how a child is to cope with his or her own sexuality in the present day. We must see beyond the current repression of ideas, to fully vitalize a second era of understanding in the hopes for the inclusion of children into the human fellowship. It is the goal of the movement to see progress once again work for the child’s benefit.

Even though the molestation is also a private venture by criminals and sexual deviants, it is well understood that the legislature conducts and approves of this system of child pornography exchange and child exploitation, whether it be through the overseas sweatshops for the corporations that finance the campaigns within the government and control the constituency, or by the government creating and morphing child porn as a means to catch sexual deviants seeking it out. There is hypocrisy about the whole operation that must be put to an end, as bad behavior as such from represented officials in the government will only beget bad behavior by the civilians under that representation. Child pornography, defined as creating sexual pictures of children for no other interest than to arouse the sexual response is a wrong doing, whether it is created by government regulated Secret Police, called Posers, ‘posing’ as child pornography exchangers or pedophiles to catch real pedophiles seeking out their distributions, rapists and kidnappers, enforcers of sweatshop child labor working for that government, or parental abusers.

Serious conflicts in the personal lives of children attest to the overwhelming restrictions in the form of punishment rather than confidence in understanding. That punishment is only a negative incentive to achieve these goals created by the parental understanding. These restrictions will not devastate young child minds, but are certainly only breeding grounds for inner contempt and other serious internal conflicts. These internal conflicts certainly don’t do anything to further his or her natural development in the future. Due to restrictions by legislation, depression, antagonism, pessimism, and autism, other conflicts can arise in a growing mind. As a result, these children will suffer from some psychological damage even as adults. It is the goal of the movement to see progress once again work for the child’s benefit.

The occurrence of rape and consequently molestation occur as side effects of the dangerous internal, emotional, and psychological conflicts that arise in the youth mind when repression is institutionalized. These are more obviously manifested in society’s implementation of associating healthy and natural sexual expression with something evil and demented. The child learns well of this association, so thereby uses what could have been healthy and loving sexual emotions, to assert that very same learned evil and dominance onto their victims. Childlovers understand that as humans, rape always existed, and always will exist, for it is just as natural as healthy sexual expression itself. However by eradicating the sexual repression, by eradicating the enforced child abstinence code held by society, and teaching the benefits of the sexual act and the association of the sexual act to that of love, can we hope to establish a more healthy future for men and women. They realize that forcing a child to sexual expression is just a horrid a crime as prohibiting children from all sexual expression. By educating and empowering our youth to explore their own sexuality on there own, the Childlove movement works to advance the future of humanity in constructive and positive means.

A suppression of the libido, and a suppression of true reason cause a discrepancy between beneficial natural expressions and immorality. Children learn through this type of system only one thing, that natural expression despite its many natural benefits is somehow a terrible or dirty thing not to be tampered with. The association of immoral principles by society on aspects of life that are naturally beneficial and the association of termed moral attributes on human originates that are unnatural and harmful is the type of society we should not be enforcing on the children of the world. Thus the child learns to associate naturally beneficial aspects like pleasure, with immorality. Is it any wonder so many a good youth are turned into capitalist dolls, hanging on the thread of self mutilation and living to perpetuate the very system that seeks to take their reasoning from them? This was not their choice; this was a system that was imposed on them early, a system that understood and exploited natural human development to breed a generation of an eternal supplemental market. It is this system of repression of nature that Childlovers oppose.

Childlovers only work in accordance with the natural development of the child to breed learning and interest in the hearts and minds of children, and do not concern enforcing dogmatic principles that society is founded on. It is the obligation of every Childlover to be educated to suit their child love’s orientation and interest. They hope to bring a mentorship to the child they love, possibly bring hope to families whose financial positions can’t afford an expensive tutor or mentor, or hope to families whose financial positions can’t afford a mother or father figure after a divorce. The ultimate principle for the work of a Childlover is to bring hope to their young friend, opportune in affection, through both times of good hope, as well as times of despair. They differ from the organizational outreach programs already in place because Childlovers don’t live to receive reimbursement in money for their time spent with the child, Childlovers work for children out of love for the child who is not theirs. They mentor children they love because they cannot live without doing so, and for no other reason.

The affect of providing the child with an alternative from the standard pluralistic mentorship will be apparent in the natural open outlook of children everywhere. Therefore the non-parent can place the emphasis of the specific needs of the child they love, and employ those specifics through non-profit mentorship and tutoring. These principles when applied are intended to touch the child’s area of interest for personalized learning in a way the pluralistic school community, although useful in some areas, may not be able to adequately accentuate.

3. Liberation of the Youth

A healthy development in every child is necessary for proper liberation of children from the falsities and inaccurate indoctrination and dogmatic pretenses that place children in the absolute inferior. The encouragement of youth empowerment and the promotion of the equality amongst the generations are essential to end some of the most horrific atrocities still being carried out on younger human beings all over the world. The horrors of neglect, apathy, ignorance, and the general degradation of the purity of youth -by such adults of low moral substance are responsible for the ails of society. It is the standard of the inferior child that has subjected untold youth to centuries of suppression, just to suppress other children when they come of age. Parental history is made of parents who teach their children the value of suppression and ignorance, and parents who teach children the value of independent thought and open mindedness. Then these same individuals curse the people of the world for being ignorant, cruel, and corrupt, when these unfortunate children born to the oppressive households grow to oppress others. To end the oppression, we must be available to extend a healthy development to all children, fortunate and unfortunate.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, society has turned a blind eye to the unfortunate children, as well as the fortunate, causing the fortunate to feel the guilt of affluence and the unfortunate feeling the shame of being alive. Childlovers don’t see children as fortunate or unfortunate. If a child is subjected to oppression in the home, he or she isn’t just ‘unfortunate’ and ‘can’t be helped’ due to a lack of a license or qualification to assist the child, that is a child left in jeopardy and forgotten about by those who claim to care. A Child who turns to a non-parental adult friend for guidance, when the parents in their own home cannot be changed, is one more child liberated. That is the hope that Childlovers wish to invest in a better future for humanity, when other uninterested or ‘unqualified’ adults turn a blind eye. If a child has the blessing of fortune in healthy developmental environment, the child would find an adult if of interest, that trust could be established with and maintained as a fundamental Right of the Child.

4. Revolution of the Youth

As well as the necessity for mentorship and caring for children no one else will, as well as for those that have that blessing, it is equally important for the Childlover to child relationship that it be one of empowerment for a future children’s revolution for liberation. This liberation can only naturally come by the child’s own initiative, yet how can he or she take the initiative unless he or she has the encouragement and the tools in which to bring it to reality? A few common conceptions first have to be dislodged about the low status of children in the society, in favor of an empowered and activist child that can and will bring about change for him or herself if he or she deems it necessary. Childlovers favor a time when nobody thinks that someone is too young to bring change, that someone is too young to be right, or that someone is too young to live free.

When children boycott products made by the hands of poor children overseas; when children stand up to abuse; when children boycott unhealthy foods marketed deviously to them; when children rise above their oppressors; when children demand a break from a system enforcing low standards on them, limiting any potential growth beyond the preconceived regulations by age alone; when children demand to be judged by the content of their character and not by age alone; when children choose not to brand themselves as instruments of the clothing companies by sporting band names; when children boycott companies and people that talk down or institute demeaning criticism of their lives with dogmatic principles made simply to market off their so-called indiscriminant minds; when children choose to live beyond the gender stereotypes and ageist stereotypes enforced and regimented by society; when children express their own ideas, thoughts, feelings, and sexuality without fear of disapproval; when children resist the government’s hypocrisy and corruption; when children do all of these things and more their revolution will be complete. Until then, Childlovers will pave the way to understanding within the children they outreach to of the capitalist machine that society wishes them to become a part of, and the corruption and hypocrisy of the adult world and mind. Let their resistance further their personal development and make for a better future, a collective future we all must share.

All children, like all humans, are created equal, and should not be regarded as simply the product of their environment or a physical representation of some parent’s ability at parenting or some adult’s ego. It is this inattention that has enforced this standard onto children for far too long. It is this standard that has been implemented to lower the intellectual, creative, expressive talent and thought of children to that of a plaything, or a parent’s personal pet. This notion is just well accepted by society even if the parent doesn’t wish to acknowledge it because they wouldn’t dream of it. They are the ones who persecute instead of take responsibility. It has always been with us; the preconception that children can’t be taught independent thought, but that it just happens to them, that has lowered the child expectation. It is this lowered expectation that has taken the challenge away and has stifled any positive learning in far too many children around the world.

It is this standard that the Childlove movement strives to overcome through the advocacy and the extension of the child’s rights as outlined in the Rights of the Child, and allowing Childlovers and children to carry out mutual and loving relationships of the child’s choice. Through these private relationships the opportunity arises to extend the necessary encouragement for empowerment to children for their destiny of a growing youth movement to outweigh the passiveness that society breeds in its children of promise. It is their contention that inside every child there lays promise, and it is promise that will be given a chance to shine in ways different and more expressive than have been preconceived for children by other adults in the society.

In view of the social and cultural position of a Childlover, an attempt will be made to present their fundamental ethics-particularly in the Rights of the Child and the Childlover’s responsibilities as outline in the Code of Ethics. These principles are an absolute necessity for everyone to understand for any progress to be achieved within the confines of but not limited to the intended audience.


Childlove is love for children; it is a belief in the attributes of the child realm, and the outlook given onto them, and the application of that outlook onto everyday life. The basis is the very concept of human love and trust, between intergenerational partners. Childlove is the ultimate emancipation of children from forces that seek to control or minimize their ultimate human rights, which among them are the basic human liberties extended to all human beings at this time, except for children. It is a break from the world of the material and the possessive and a replacement into the world of clarity and love. Childlove is all of these things and more, but essentially it is the act of loving a child.

The feelings of Childlove can be broken down into a set of three postulates. These expressions of love that the Childlover feels are a testament to these people’s ultimate care for children, it is the feeling that is derived from the circumstance that perpetuates the relationship, and all three are the tent poles to which the philosophy is held up by. It is by these three postulates Childlovers will express in youth the necessary empowerment and encouragement needed to uplift the human child, and create in them a zeal for carrying out their necessary revolution against their oppressors, and most importantly of all enhancing their personal development. These postulates will present that the form of Childlove is a subject of grand care and conscious effort, and contains maintenance of moral conduct and code that will last an eternity. The unshakable bond of trans generational love will know no bounds, and exceed to new heights of understanding within all the peoples of the world.

The first postulate brings out that joy they feel so intensely with the younger children, during the play act, and when playing along side the child. It's an emotional contentment, expressing a simple joy at being with a child. This simple joy is the first step to humble the unquenchable thirst for adult gratification and attainment of enlightenment by placing its follower in an equivalent plane, along side the child, rather than looming over them. The young friend appreciates one’s company with vigor and life of their own. It is the breaking of the unessential boundary that divides generations. This process is essential to acquire in the youth a sense of trust that is absolutely genuine.

The second postulate brings out the redeemer, the savior in the Childlover. They have an intense and often over-whelming desire to help children that need some form of emotional saving, where the Childlover comforts, nurtures and reassures. The redeemer is bestowed a halo of trust, but uses its light to give warmth to the child who may need that warmth to stay alive, once inflicted by the harsh world. Once the child is inflicted by the world, and is too shy to come to the parental aid, who else but a caring friend does the child have to guide their path to happiness, or give them comfort? The necessity of the non-parent becomes resounding to fill any gaps a child is seeking to fill in a fearsome and loathsome world, and assist the child in boycotting and standing up to areas of society that discriminate on the basis of their consumer’s lower age and inexperience.

The third postulate is the special orientation that a Childlover feels for children. As in everyone, sexual attraction is an inevitability, but the special kind a Childlover feels toward children is not the monstrous kind the perpetrators of the crimes commit, but one of intimate love that the child wants in mutual splendor. There is no agenda for the feeling to necessitate in either partner, but a feeling to partake in it of the child’s choosing. The child always initiates the coming of any interaction, and objection is the child’s moral right. The necessity for childhood emancipation draws clear, to give them the freedom of reason, and of speech, and the autonomy to chose to partake in a relationship with a caring adult, and to show objection to adults that wish harm on them. If the young ones didn’t feel the need to be subjects of the higher order of adulthood they wouldn’t be so prone to the kidnappers and the molesters that prey on that insecurity. Children have to obtain the autonomy to reason for themselves, and it remains one of the goals of the movement to provide the developmental tools that will give them the ability to demand for themselves their humanity.

The work of the movement is to enable children with the means and essential developmental tools to accomplish their own declaration to be received into the table of human rights. So that children themselves will overcome the oppression, the forced abstinence, the apathy, the molestation, and the enforcement of close mindedness that has torn too many children down the path of aggression and regret for far too long. It is also the work of the movement to reach out to children living in such conditions, to give them the means to leave their parents, when their parents have been too aggressive with them, and offer them safety in the movement’s brotherhood of youth, and the fellowship of man and woman. It is the work of their movement to reach out to these very such troubled children and provide caring non parent shelters for the child to escape to when parents will be inflexible to the new family structures society has established, for the child’s benefit and healthy growth. It is the ultimate goal to establish a system where the child is free to decide whether a parent’s role is beneficial to them, or whether it is hurting them, in an environment where they can be free of prejudice or fear of a parent’s disapproval of their choice of words or potential incrimination of their abusers. It is the obligation of the Childlovers to provide these out of the home places of confidence and trust for both the parent’s and the child’s well being.

The ultimate goals for the movement are broken into two statements, the two points of positive Childlove promotion are as follows: To seek the advancement of the children’s declaration of autonomy, that they may learn and experience through their own initiative. To seek the necessity for appreciation of Childlovers and the end to the prejudice and discrimination of their kind by the progressively homogenous crowd. ‘Their kind’, refers to the specific pedophile with a heart for the preservation of the child soul-the kind unheard-the kind that have been separately improving the lives of children everywhere through mentorship and extension of love. There is a current discrimination against these pedophiles, by the social majority principle, stating that all love for children is a crime when it is committed outside a family. Childlovers assert that society has belittled them because of paranoia to obsessively protect children while foregoing any nurture of the child. Parents have the right to protect their children from the menaces out there, but those menaces certainly don’t include those that the child is benefiting from and appreciates their involvement in their life, and the ones in which work to provide the nurture for these children. Therefore the goals work in unison to provide a world where children can learn to live with and trust their adult counterparts and no longer have to fear them, as well as have the wisdom to protect themselves should they ever fall victim to some loathsome adult. Childlovers can live to fulfill their purpose, to give of themselves for the child they love and the child that loves them by natural selection. It is time to rid the world of apathy, and time to give the children their autonomy. It is time to let them join the brotherhood of youth and the fellowship of man.

1. The First Postulate

The first postulate of Childlove relates to necessity and importance of childhood immersion. As Childlovers, they find that they are extremely pleased sharing in the exuberance and behavior of a child. As in all relationships, the sharing aspect is ever evocative, mutually benefiting each partner. The Childlove relationship in the first postulate provides that confident reaffirmation the child may be missing within the home setting, through integration of playing with the child when adults are unable or unresponsive to affirming the child’s importance.

Due to the unnecessary suppressing role that parents inevitably and naturally have over their children, and the role the non parent plays in giving a child temporary and at times lasting liberation from that complete subordination, it is the tendency that Childlovers may spoil the children they love often. This sort of affiliation goes beyond the act of gift purchasing for the child and extends to the non-parent giving them the affection and interaction he or she may emotionally need. Thus when the child wishes to play, it may be a difficult thing for the Childlover to deny the child that natural necessity. The more suppressing some parents become, the more the physical necessity for activity will remain needing being filled.

In this extension, this exercise in moral humility and humbleness in Puerism, the new belief in the characteristics of youth, the impressions that are imparted onto the children when they are allowed to live naturally and playfully, demonstrates the cause they advocate on the highest within this postulate. That little bit of freedom, the times they spend with their adult lover allows them a better and positive response to situations within the home that have a profound good or bad effect on them, than they would being isolated and under the wing of the parent. The child will derive the discipline from the parent, and the child will be able to utilize that discipline along with the non-parent. Thus because of the inevitability of parental domination, the non-parent must offer the necessary playing role for there to be balance on many facets in the child’s life.

When the time comes in the child’s life when he or she must go into the world on their own, instead of embracing the world boldly, they cower in shame. This psychological syntax is a natural reaction by any youth to the harsh world made up of the very same adults the child cowers in fear to for protection from. The young of the world are embraced by their loving parents all their early life, and it is their loving parents they come to fear, and by fear come to respect, to turn to every time they feel their known surroundings are being uprooted. Often are children sent to play in a world very different than their recognized world, a world that is supposed to be comforting but its unfamiliarity disorients the child’s recognition and reinforces the instability that is there all along. Children can sense it, the horrors of the world, it isn’t a fear of potentiality that paranoid adults cling to; it is rather a fear of an unknown corruption and aggression by a cold and cruel adult world that is unknown to the child. What a world adults have first impressed into the trepid minds and fearful hearts of children, and yet these same people admit no fault in causing the behavioral problems that are resultant of these early learned fears. It is as if the presumption that the child understands that the parent loves him or her, and that that same individual is taking a healthy interest in the life of the boy or the girl, without the parent actually saying that is their intention. This presumption is founded on the assumption the child understands before he or she is allowed to know, and it is this presumption that Childlovers hope to see an end to.

The symmetrical translation of the act of sending a child to play alone imparts the connotation that the parent has more important obligations, in the mind of the child. The parent cannot be blamed for this inconsistency, nor can the parent’s attempt to resolve the issue of neglect or accidental neglect like in the instance described be resolute. The effort must be aligned with the peaceful campaign of the Girl-lover and the Boylover and all Childlovers, to extend the contentment in playfulness to the child feeling the parent has left them beside the other more important aspects of their own lives. It is irresistible to the Childlover to play with their young friends when the child asks of them to do so. The Childlover does in this case play as a form of love, in the absence of a parent. They share in the child’s life when the parent is incapable of doing so, they show them they love them and that their parents love them in times when the parent is not available to do so. To deny children this kind of affection is to deny them love when adults are unable to do so, and is inevitably increasing the power of the parent over their child’s every breath, and every feeling. That is what the encouragement of activity, and the encouragement of playing hopes to overcome, for when a child plays, a child is free, even if it is temporary, the assertion of playing initiated by the Childlover and the child together, and helps foster better attention and disciplinary accordance in the child when playtime is over.

It is a simple act, the interaction that builds upon its own momentum, playing tag, and other delightfully intricate activities of movement and carefree interest. They allow the child to see that the Childlover is connecting with him or her in terms that are understandable to the child, as apposed to enforcing a regiment of relating her or him with terms that are understandable to adults. Allowing the child body to be physically active, having a mind that is consciously aware, and a body that is fit, also aides the child in understanding the his or her own world of imagination, personal space, their intimate body, and teaches them to be aware of the world around them. The child doesn’t have to take antidepressants to be happy, nor does he or she have to become a target to some corporation’s advertisement that feeds off such insecurity and lack of physical and emotional expression. Childlovers therefore cannot dislodge themselves from the act of playing when once engaged for the benefit of their young friends.

As important as health, physical awareness, and physical expression benefit the child, the insatiable love of playing along side a child also brings an opportunity to edify a history of positive experience for the couple, and stimulates the child’s natural and often neglected adult imagination. In the effort to give the child an environment, a home, and food, parents often unfortunately miss out on taking a part in that piece of their child’s life. More importantly, the child misses out having an adult role model which to base their thoughts and future dreams around, thus the necessity for a trusted non parent becomes indispensable, the Childlover has no other pleasures in life as do the parents of the child, therefore wont side line a child they love for alternative pleasurable reasons whatsoever, any non-parent that does so, is not a true Childlover. One instance where a child may be side lined is the adult’s personal obligation to engage in work and manage involvement in one’s studies, but the reasons for the necessity parents find in side lining their children are a separate issue. Those aren't really reasons of pleasure in one’s life, but necessary obligations that corrupt the inner child. There is something reassuring about the simplicity of the child realm. Such a separation between the intentional want of play and the necessity of complicated obligations, has a necessity to be explained to the child until he or she understands that the reasons for choosing something else over them is a "must do" as opposed to a "I want to do". A Childlover by participating in a child’s life, necessitates that demand for explanation from their parent for the child, and thus advantages the child. Children base many of their decisions on importance, and as such they see adults as basing their choices on importance as well, and if a parent continually chooses something else than them, the child will no doubt follow that tradition.

Most people interpret this as the child seeking attention, but what they are really looking for is a reaffirmation of his importance in their parent’s life. A four year old may not understand the concept of work as yet, but he or she does understand money. The popular parental opinion is that it is a choice they present to their child, that they have to go to this unknown concept of work, instead of remain with the child. The reasonable explanation would more favorably be to introduce the assurance that the child is the reason behind choosing work over the child; it assures that he or she understands that the parent is working for them.

So if Childlovers have no necessary reason for not sharing in a game with a child, and even if it is with masked reluctance, they will always impart the necessity of the child they love into that explanation. It is imperative that the child understands how important they are to the Childlover, as not only will this advance his self-confidence, but also the improvement to the relationship will be one of honorable accord. Children loose interest in the immediate present, and if the child is sidelined far too often by the parent, than that parent is going to loose that child’s interest, and he or she will go looking for reaffirmation of their importance elsewhere. Thus the necessity for a loving non-parent emerges; unfortunately many parents are unresponsive to outside opinion on how they are raising their children, thus the children living in their homes are forced to look for this reaffirmation elsewhere. The role of Childlovers is to provide positive and moral reaffirmation to children who seek them out in response to fill this need, as a means of prevention for children from seeking out immoral means of reaffirmation as so many of today’s youth unfortunately have.

This postulate of Childlove represents the role of the Childlover to actively participate with the child through mutual amusement in a trusting and mutually accepted relationship. The Childlover fancies interacting and playing with children because it illustrates their importance to them, as well as pulls them into the child’s world wherein they can share each other's mind. It is a joyful play of shared happiness on which friendships are built upon the foundation of our intertwined history.

2. The Second Postulate

The belief that one should facilitate the needs of others when they are in doubt so that they will be more able to facilitate one’s own needs when one is in doubt is primary to the second postulate of Childlove. The act of bringing a child from sadness, loneliness, or despair to contentment and confidence fill this movement’s heart with abundant joy. The Childlover tends to find the reward of giving of themselves to a Child without an agenda, without interruptions from other obligations that parents so often face hindering their ability to do so. The most satisfying interaction of Childlove is the interaction of mentoring, aiding, and attending the child’s specific needs in ways a pluralist school community can’t possibly accomplish. This movement progresses to do it most successfully.

This postulates of Childlove consists of an inherent desire to nurture and care for a troubled child in ways different than the social community has presented. The community works to help children and receives a reimbursement for that action, ultimately the reason behind that outreach. The child understands that and that affects how the child perceives the outreach for his or her well being, and whether he or she should take it seriously or not. The child also would understand when aide was given to them out of the kindness in an adult friend’s heart, without expectations of monetary reward, but a pure and simple interest in their well being out of love. They’d be more apt to follow that advice. That is the type of relationship a Childlover holds on the highest.

Of the many motivations the Childlover can ascribe to for aiding their young friends, the most prominent with regard to the child’s own affection is the ideology that the child should no longer suffer. While discipline is crucial as a response to characteristically immoral behavior, the methodology of discipline must no longer be linked to that of suffering and be linked to that of learning. The Childlover would relate to the child’s circumstance when he or she is being disciplined, and due to that inevitable relation an open discourse between the generations there regarding the sentence would bring all the benefits of mutual understanding and cooperation that many authoritative adults would be neglecting. Parental supervisors would remain the enforcement over the children, as it has been and always will be, but children would receive more from the experience of discipline through an adult friend’s discourse. Thus children everywhere wouldn’t have to suffer needlessly or unwarrantedly and not have the benefit to understand the better options that exist abound, they would be given a chance to better themselves through example, and the non-parent would provide the alternative example.

The non-parent arranges the right to be in agreement with the parent under disciplinary action when the situation deems appropriate a disciplinary response respectively. Agreement with the parent should not mean the damnation of the child. It is also necessary to act in advocacy of the child when the Childlover sees it necessary to do so. They have the obligation to speak for the voiceless child when his or her personal happiness is unreasonably violated. The child should not have to suffer needlessly for every mistake as an alternative to sound moral guidance, but receive their sentence in proportion the individual misdeed that had been committed. Unfortunately not all parents believe in the uniformity of this system of casting chastisement, therefore it is the sole discretion of the parent. Children, being all human and all incapable of perfection, are all held accountable at differing levels of intensity based on the judgment of the individual parent. Children deserve uniformity in how they understand their sentence, some non-parent that can relate to them personally would respond in their hour of need to comfort the indiscriminately punished children who need some hope in their lives of perpetual punishment, as well as teach those whose parents spoil them responsibility and respect, but not through punishment. The legislating of discipline occurs when the child accepts the adult friend as the confident friend, a comrade, based on previous emotional connection of a beneficial and positive nature shared between them. The day is arriving when both Childlovers and parents can help in the positive nurturing of the child in times of pride, and in times of misdeed give the child the chance to explain themselves when they have the credit to do so. It will be the Childlover who will always endeavor to listen. All this is to assure that unnecessary suffering on children does not become a divider of generations, as well as to fight for the bringing of a Child from sadness, loneliness, or despair to contentment and confidence.

They wish the children they love a cheerful life, after mistakes are thwarted, and generational dividers are set aside by the love of the intergenerational couple. A cheerful life for all children, and not just those who have been blessed with a peaceful home life, an environment beneficial for intellectual and developmental growth, but for all of earth’s children who have been, are, and will be born into humanity. There are doubtless many who will work as the mentors of such children, the lovers of such children, the movers and the shapers of such children in the world to come, and the non-parent will be among them, and the children will be the ultimate benefactors of the new movement. They will be allowed to be aided and helped when it is impossible for parents to do so, and they will not be alone when parents leave them aside. It is the collective dream of Childlovers to extend these necessities to all children regardless of parental upbringing or environment on the basis of possessive heredity that is held by society, in order to bring a cheerful life to all children, and in effect create a more giving and respectable world.

The philosophy of Puerism, relates the necessity for human adults to partake in the child realm, and to pursue youth to derive the truths of human life at its most pure. Herein lies one of many motivations to aid and nourish children with life and strength. Certainly helping a child successfully returns the lover to that euphoric place, a place where they know they had accomplished a respectable thing. It is likened unto the role of a parent, yet it is much more than simply acting the role of guiding father or nurturing mother because the desire underlying their need to help children is not simply a biological obligation. It is a choice the child, as well as the childlover, to make without the obligation of doing so, simply because of the proximity of the family living out of the same home with the child. Childlovers give of themselves because of the clarity of purpose and love it brings to the child, and the warmness it brings onto their own hearts. It becomes a blameless love of extension by both within the couple.

Mentoring a child brings inestimable value, in the form of charity and service, and provides for a greater understanding derived from the assistance of a caring adult. It is greatly encouraged that Childlovers do not act as the solitary mentors to children in need, but that this type of outreach extend even from parents when time aligns itself for them to be able to do so, and for schools when the teacher requests an individual progress council to occur between one child to adult, out of the pluralistic majority. However, based on the likelihood of the scenarios aforementioned, the Childlover creates the condition to appease the child’s unquenchable thirst for the attainable, when adults are accidentally or intentionally overlooking the child in the interest of serving the multitude or attending to their obligations. Children do not learn on schedule like adults do, they learn about life and the world whether they are within the confines of a school classroom or watching television at home while a parent is busy fulfilling their necessary home and work obligations. The Childlover feels shameful when he or she cannot be with their young love to mentor and assist for the very same reasons, but endeavors to place the youth of their affection amidst the most important obligations to them. Therefore it is a necessity that a moral non-parent guide and teach the child through those in between times of educational depravity and circumstance to mentor the child through life itself for the values stated.

When the child asks for assistance, quarrelling parents and Childlovers shall not dismantle of any benefits mentoring might entitle simply over who shall be the ones to respond to it. The parents should respond when their child necessitates assistance or guidance, and the Childlover should be content to look on with assurance. However when there are no parents within reach, the Childlover should be able to make time to listen, aid and advise the child, even when advice may be difficult for the child to hear or the Childlover to say, or be contradicting the advice of the parent. Childlovers retain the right to their opinions and to allow their lovers to know that their opinions and advice are simply that, and encourage the child to act on his or her own convictions, despite what authorities in their lives impose. If those convictions are in agreement with the parent’s, than it is the moral duty of the Childlover to accept that response from the child, even when the Childlover personally disagrees. Assistance and guidance for the child will be created out of her or his own willingness to bring change to their circumstance, or their own willingness to better themselves or other people.

Human beings can be bred with an ability to strategize a victory over the human drama, and it is Childlovers among many other youth advocates, that are geared to fulfill that role for the benefit of children everywhere. The redeemer of conscious is established, and clarity of the child’s purpose in a harsh world is necessitated. They work to aid and rescue, to deliver and teach, and to encourage their young friends to brighten themselves and the future of humanity from the source of their own unrealized ability at it innermost purist.

3. The Third Postulate

The most controversial element of Childlove, the third postulate is the special orientation that people of the movement have toward the children they love by either special association or with children in general. The level of controversy this postulate entails begs for open discourse about it for total understanding. The argument of the movement in this regard is that children equate with humanity, therefore they have the ability of consent, the ability to object attention they find unfavorable, and affirm attention they appreciate, on their own, without some adult telling them what they appreciate and what they don’t. The age of consent is a government dictation that enforces the code that only human beings of a certain age can consent to a sexual relationship. The age of consent is relatively high, despite the fact that children start to sexually experiment at very low ages. They are offered as a protection to children from the immoral pedophiles, and advertently, all those society is incapable of seeing as moral pedophiles. These dictations are a limitation on natural human growth, they are artificial and pluralistic, and it is the view of Childlovers that every child is natural and unique. Sexual maturity is for propagation, of which children do not naturally have the ability to perform, but that doesn’t negate the child’s sexual fantasy or the feeling of sexual pleasure within childhood. This childhood sexual fantasy is worthy to be explored in youth to create a healthier child and a sexually healthy adult later in life. Children equate with humanity, therefore have the ability to make informed decisions and be expected to act responsibly with a consenting adult partner. They must understand their sexual feelings, the risks and the benefits, if they are to join the Childlover in the fight against ageist sexual oppression as well as molestation.

Part of the historical struggle of the ages is the consistent suppression of children; therefore opposition to that suppression is liberation. Liberating these children from the shackles of this utopian demagoguery that has limited children’s potential will undermine the foundations of this hypocrisy. This form of bigotry has enforced low standards that have fared the authoritarians well over the years, therefore they see no reason to divest from their actions, keeping standards low and limiting the freedoms of children everywhere. This constant generational struggle is capitalization on the rampant neglect and rape that does exist and is allowed to exist for this reason. It begins with the age of consent laws. The high age of consent laws do not in fact protect anyone, and that the endorsement of them likely increases the gravity of their circumstance. In spite of these laws, all forms of intergenerational relationships are driven underground, where there is no morality to intervene. The high age of consent forces both Childlovers and their young friends to treat their relationships as dirty little secrets. Under such circumstances, all manner of unholy things tend to hatch. Whatever problems they might experience in their relationship, they have to handle by themselves, because neither of them can go ask for help from anyone else. Unlike all other relationships, they have absolutely no support structure. How this serves to protect children is not understood when these relationships already cannot be dismantled by legislative action and are common between non-parental adults and children. The relationships exist for the purpose of love and liberation.

In matters of consensual sex, the only harm that can result is a direct consequence of stigmatization and manipulation on the part of society telling the minor in question that what he or she did was wrong, evil, and dirty. This stigmatizing of the child occurs especially if under the circumstances of it having been the child who was the one to initiate the sexual act. What is a boy or a girl to think then, when the very act they wanted and asked for is termed evil or dirty, what is he or she to learn from that experience? If there were no such stigmatization, sex between adults and children would have the same sort of dynamic as sex between adults in terms of the psychological damage suffered afterwards. It's so hard to relinquish our parental command and ability to place whatever we want into the head of our offspring until they turn eighteen. It is so difficult to throw away the power one has to brainwash their child. The result is a society in which neutral concepts are treated as evil in reference to the theologian mythology. There needs to be someone to tell these children they have the ability and the freedom to interpret for themselves, and learn for themselves through their own experience. This experience extends to the genuine sexual feelings common within children and in all human beings, and by the child’s word it will come to pass. It is the child who will determine what they appreciate and disdain, not the adult.

Children mature mentally at different rates, so in spite of that, society is incorrect in its understanding that there can be one set standard, by which a law can be crafted on, that sets the legal age all youth completely understand the benefits, risks, and consequences of sex. Childlovers support the need to create a law to lower the age of consent that equally importantly favors caution and responsibility as well. It is not conceivable that all children, who are below the current restricted age, could be manipulated by people who don’t have the child’s best interests at heart. Every child has differentiating strengths and weaknesses in this regard and therefore it is necessary that they are treated as the individuals they are, depending on their own ability level to comprehend the importance for Childlover accountability.

Moderate Childlovers understand that certain limitations occur between all children based on their personal sexual understanding or capacity to understand. It is these pedophiles that certainly would appreciate a lower age of consent, even though they personally may not be allowed to carry on a sexual experience with a child they love due to the circumstance. They would rather protect the child from any latent harm from a sexual act if they and the parents saw it necessary to do so, than engage and cause the child potential impairment even if the child consents to the act. They would be willing to suspend any sexual practice with their young friend if it was absolutely necessary to do so, even when the child may want and appreciate such attention and understands the benefits, risks, and gifts of a sexual experience, out of love for the child’s well being.

In general, the law takes the attitude that someone is innocent until proven guilty. But in this case, for some reason, it makes an exception. That erodes the very principles of justice on which western civilization is founded. Accordingly, as the experience of alcohol and marijuana prohibition has shown, making something illegal does not in fact reduce the demand, not even if penalties are very harsh. It achieves nothing more than to force the whole operation of what would normally be a simple gesture of love, to the underground where no more control of it is possible, and where all manner of other criminal activities then also begin to breed. Is it also not strange how the government seems to think that a child is mature enough to be responsible for their actions at age 10 in some countries when they break the law but are not mature enough to consent to sex. The law has held that this position be maintained, that boys and girls cannot consent to sex, and cannot even be asked if they would like to have sex. Pauline thought and theology have held that sex is immoral, and the courts have ruled it to be so in spite of that ancient ideology. For these reasons Childlovers advocate the absence of law in the human relationship, particularly between children and non-parental adults.

To end the struggle, Childlovers agree that the age of consent must be lowered, and made more unique to match to distinctiveness of each and every child and not to the broad multitude. This is one of the first steps in the direction of emancipation and liberation of children from these legal limitations that stifle their personal development. Childlovers protect and fight for that right by carrying out these postulates with their young friends in the context of a consensual relationship.

Sexual attraction is a basic desire in all people, and just because they are attracted to children doesn't mean that the sexual desire is running rampant or can't be classified under the same customary category as any other heterosexual. There are those people who's sexual needs take preference over all other needs, like rapists of every orientation, or those that pay for sex gratification or watch pornography. Society has human sexual deviants, which are those people that have extreme sexual needs that in their opinion must be quelled through relevant action. Childlovers are no such things. Sexual deviancy cannot be placed on anyone based on a chosen object of affection. Sexual deviancy has nothing to do with the object of those extreme needs. Sexual deviancy is essentially when sexual desires and lust begin to take preference over logical, rational and moral decisions. It is not the object of attraction that defines sexual deviance, but rather the degree to which sexual needs and lust affects any and all decisions. Being sexually attracted to children is not being sexually deviant.

Through calling the child of one’s affection a deviancy, or a perverted figure, they reduce the human child to an object themselves, bringing the necessity of the liberation of children to shatter this mould. The childlover simply relates a child to humanity, and as a human has the natural right of choice, and the right to information and consent. A right not granted by the normal world.

It is understood that we are biologically engineered to couple a man with a woman. Yet, it must also be noted that these two biological factors must be considered in context to the greater human construct containing genetics. In an infinite universal, there are no constants stating that one has to be attracted to a woman if one is a man. Human sexuality is more complex than simply defining it accordance with separate sexual organs or theology. The concept of majority still prevails in the world, yet under that prevailing attitude one has to recognize than that there is nothing more dangerous than an immoral, or a misinformed majority. Therefore biological pairing of genders is not sexual orientation, but simply propagation of the species in an age increasingly moving away from natural reproduction and more towards exploiting sex for gratuitous pleasure. The beginnings of the twenty first century are the beginnings of an age where even in gratuity there is meaning, and that this can occur between any two informed consenting human beings between the personal age of maturity and the personal age of sound judgment.

It is the opinion of the people of the movement, that just as rapists and child molesters are sexual deviants, Catholic celibate priests are sexual deviants. It is not natural to inhumanly ignore sexual urges, burying them deep inside of oneself to be released in a rage of anticipated climax. It is not natural to allow sexual urges to overwhelm the rational and logical decisions, thereby allowing oneself to actively rape another human being, man or woman, adult or child. Both are on the end of a pendulum, neither one being centered, or in anyway near a balanced normality. Repercussions will follow from these extremes, whether or not those sudden occurrences or emotional breakdowns are ever disclosed to anyone but oneself. Too many children have been forced to accommodate this abstinence against their will, causing too many to suffer the repercussions and emotional breakdowns later in their lives. Too may children have been forced to accept sexual attention against their will, because they have risen in a world where they must fear their adults in order to survive, and such action has caused repercussions and emotional breakdowns later in their lives. A balance must occur to end these learned repercussions regarding sexual expression, association of pride and love in one’s sexual feelings, and these balances must extend to childhood.

The average heterosexual can control their sexual urges and desires, and in seeing that their objects of attraction are normal they then stand to reason that their sexual needs are normal as well. Therefore if one is seen as being attracted to a different human being, then they stand to reason that one can't control their urges, because they are not placed in the same object affection category as them, as being normal, and therefore it must then also be reasoned that if one’s object is different, than their needs must be different. This is the held view of society.

The world needs to understand that the affection and sexual attraction that the childlover feels is of similar symmetrical sentiment as anyone’s is, the only difference being the person with whom the feelings are directed towards. The public understanding is that because certain people are sexually attracted to a person who doesn't fall under the judgment of majority normal, that it means their sexual attraction is therefore also perverted. Childlovers universally agree that the right and the power of consent belong to children as much as anyone else, and those children hold the ability of making their own informed decisions. With this right extended to children, they would be more able to join their adult counterparts to fight the ongoing war against those that mean them harm. The dream of the child and the adult, standing side by side as comrades fighting for the same goal, to rid the world of the dangers of molesters, rapists and perverts is a dream worth fighting for. This dream can be accomplished if the children are given the opportunity to learn the ways to obtain for themselves their right to their own sexuality.

Sexuality consists of two factors: the tangible requisite, and the objects that stimulate that sexual requirement. Sexual needs are essentially those desires in a human being that one dreams of and wishes fulfilled as a sexual act. Such needs are driven by lust in order to entice the human to seek out and experience those dreams to acquire that sense of satisfaction after the deed is done. It must be understood that the average person will automatically nullify any perception of being normal for a Childlover because they do not understand the need for a sexual experience with a child, and as such they find it so much easier to condemn it. Condemnation facilitates ignorance. Understanding takes effort from the lethargic multitude. They are content to simply live life, instead of learning life and it's vast diversity. The Childlover must advance the child’s life within their own to bring enlightenment, consisting of living for the moment and learning for the future. Thus, public ignorance towards children hinders natural child development.

Childlove sexual needs are completely normal and asymmetrical with the majority of heterosexuals. It is simply the person who their interests are directed towards that is different. The world considers that if one loves a human different to their orientation that it means one’s sexual needs are different and deviant as well. Automatically they then perceive the Childlover’s needs as uncontrollable, raging and all encompassing. It is a conventional response of people to dread the unknown, they do not have the capacity of understanding moral attraction to children, so they will condemn it with such vigor, they will paint such an extreme and horrid picture so as to loathe this unknown, and in doing so they can happily condemn Childlove and remain in ignorance not understanding that pedophile rapists and Childlovers are not of similar mind.

Equally important is how child to Childlover accountability is obtained through the parents and the child themselves in order to ensure consent is upheld between all involved in the relationship. That accountability should be determined by the child, if he or she is within their personal age of reason, and by a respectable and upright parent if he or she are not yet learned of the risks, benefits, and consequences of sex. There need not be an official age of maturity, but a more individual based parent to child mutually understood account of their child’s maturity, and upon that account allow their child the freedom of sexual expression. This freedom will benefit the child, creating a healthy appetite, rather than a starved appetite for the practice of sex later on in the child’s life. That is why the parents must have complete understanding of the relationship, and allow their child the freedom of expression within the Childlove relationship, and should be able to terminate the relationship if there is any resound consequences coming from a sexual experience. But if not, the child should be the one to terminate the relationship if he or she feels uncomfortable, and cast the resounding affirmative if she or he feel comfortable. A Childlover will always act in accordance with the Code of Ethics, and that will be their highest accountability measure.

Adults don't want children to partake in something as natural as sex because they've distanced themselves from sex so far that any act of sexual contrivance has become an obstacle, a challenge. With that much insecurity about sexual habits, the idea of anyone they understand as subordinate to their parental mandate enjoying sexual attention unnerves them. Children can enjoy it better because it is natural, and not something as complicated and ritualistic as adults have made it. The act becomes something of a definition of live between two human beings, two entirely human beings that have consented and are informed about the risks, benefits, and consequences of the natural act and are willing to partake in it.

If children at younger ages were allowed education into what their sexual feelings meant, later on in life they would be able to discern between an adult they may even trust, who is trying to take advantage of them, and an adult they trust who is doing it because they wanted it as well. If children were more sexually aware, they wouldn't be as prone to sexual attacks. They would still occur very regrettably, but under the current society that oppresses children's ability to decipher for themselves what they want, they are unable to see the difference between someone who wants to rape them and someone who loves them. Therefore it is important that every child learns about their sexuality at younger ages, and that sexual pleasure is not paired with pain, but with health and love.

The society has projected an image of rapists and abusers running amok and stalking every parent’s child during every minute of every day when that child is not attended by a parent. These terrible events occur in the immoral pedophilia underground formed by the age of consent law, and every one is thrown into the light, and is displayed for the scorn and ridicule that it probably deserves. However the paranoia of this danger that doesn’t thoroughly exist out there stalking every parent’s child during every minute of every day, is not aiding the child, but hindering that child’s development and connection with the world. The image is placed in the minds of people in order to create a public fear. Therefore parents place their faith and trust more in police and politicians who generally tout the rhetoric of being responsible for every parent’s child every minute of every day that that child is not already in the hands of the parent. They provide assurance for every parent, even when they are understandably incapable of performing this task for every child. Childlovers work with the child they personally love, therefore are a better protection to their children who they work to help protect individually, than police and politicians that can not possibly protect all children as they claim.

Society therefore, has effectively repressed children of any possible sensual contact with other children or adults for the purpose of controlling their sexual discretion as well as orientation. Sexual discretion is a constant throughout all human beings of all ages, basic gratification pared with pleasing imagery resulting in the development of sexual orientation later on in life. By controlling the sexual maturity in youth by this practice, our legislature understands that it controls a future of adult souls to prepare them to produce and consume, to depress and become hysteric at their beckoning. For when they attempt to control childhood sexual appetite by suppressing it, they know they control that part of the children’s humanity, and therefore control the youth of the world.

The result of such a power over human lives reappears in society. Imagine a world in which paranoia didn’t have to be used as a tool to control lives and gain personal power. Imagine a world in which heterosexual imagery didn’t have to sell to gender, than the companies profiteering off this orientation would not receive their imbursement from this shameful marketeering. The very society that claims to be for the benefit of children is in fact using them to exploit their natural sexual feelings to market specifically to them later in their lifetimes, a perpetual societal market is all they see when they look at the lives of the children they exploit, as they pursue people who are not parents but work for the child’s actual benefit with love in their hearts, not profits. Far too many believe whatever it is the legislature calls the status quo. This is the legislature that the Childlover disapproves of with strong vigor, and helps the child to understand the root of this hypocrisy and protects them from its coldness. It is for that reason Childlovers are despised and are made to look as the malignancy by that legislature in a hurting and fearful world.

By design, these elected representatives necessitate the goals of the moral pedophile. The Childlover works to hinder any system that exploits children, including those that profit from neglect, abuse and childhood suppression. They give back to children their own sexuality in harmony with the child’s personal developmental ability, and not a pluralistic and unnatural law that forbids maturity to children who have matured naturally. They hope to work with the parents to prevent any abuse. They work to teach the children they love about their sexuality and their development, about the benefits and risks of sexual contact, and pursue any sexual activity by the full consent of the child according to that accountability; as it states in the Terms and Conditions of Conduct within the Code of Ethics. They hope to see a world in which the child can engage in open discourse or question any aspect of the sexual relationship, and be given the truth, without fear of disapproval, they should not have to carry secrets about their actions any longer.

It is impossible that the Childlove relationship can be compiled or limited to the sexual aspects as described in the third postulate. Within any relationship the presence of a sexual act is the consummation of love, along with other aspects that represent the love shared between any two individuals. Within the Childlove relationship the sexual aspect may be explored slightly, more conversely, or not at all, given the greater context of the relationship. The context of the relationship is inclusive to the elements of the three postulates stated above equally, no one of them taking precedence over another.

The highest hurdle to be overcome for the Childlove cause is the common separation from being identified as a perpetrator of a crime. Therefore it is essential that all child and Childlover relationships, there should be no coercion, and the child’s voice be finally in a position to be heard. The child should be free to cast the resounding negative, and hault any attention they do not appreciate, and the moral pedophile will always listen and carry out the decision without question. The work of the movement in these regards can only be acchieved with the consent and the approval of the multitudes. The Childlover will not rest until these strides have been met, accepted, and acted on by the multitude, and the struggle between generations has come to an end.


Those are the main postulates of love for children. They are a circle, a cycle like the force of life. If one were left out than it causes the collapse of the entire relationship in a real world setting. The Childlover is the one who can balance the feeling of play, the feeling of mentorship, and the feeling of love and sexual respect, so that one feeling doesn’t take precedence over the other. The molester is the one who can’t balance the three feelings and in turn usually lets the sexual preference override the other powerful emotions. None are more or less important than the other, for to focus on one aspect is to neglect another, and any neglect will have resulting repercussions as in any human relationship. Thus it is a necessity to ensure that Childlovers maintain the balance of these natural feelings, and not advocate any one’s particular promotion or demise. A relationship that expands any of the postulates above so that it takes precedence over the other two, such as a relationship that exists primarily for the sexual contact, is not a part of Childlove.

When one begins to contemplate pedophilia, society amalgamates Childlove and molestation into the same category. This movement’s goal is to draw a difference between the two for obvious emancipation purposes to rid the child of this smear of lack of indifference held by society. When one begins to think about Boylove or Girl-love it is common that the aspects of the philosophy are merged into one large category, which is an obvious complication on a thing as simple as natural human love. Therefore partakers in the doctrine speak about the aspects of Childlove and admire the integrated parts of their movement independently.

The feeling of the dependence, this humble nobility is that aspect of humanity that drives them to interact with children when they are not of that developmental likeness. The reasons instigating these interactions are either for undemanding amusement, to play the savior, or for sexual rationales. And more often than not it's a varying combination of the three. That when these so enlightened few come to a point where they look back at their most intense relationships they had with Children, they come to realize that those relationships were instigated by all three postulates equally. They are amused by the acts of play, the time spent, and the lessons learned. They respect the fact that their orientation revolves around the child form. The childlover learns about humanity at its purest as they nurture a child’s mind and live in the happiness fulfilling the purpose of the outreach. As they hold the child through emotional turmoil, and feel along side the child, so by doing so they are able to give of themselves, and not expect anything in return. Thus the adult becomes a child, as they see the child become an adult.

In all accordance, a childlover will always fight for the good of children, encourage and provide the environment for children to fight for themselves, and seek the preservation of the blessing of the youthful perception against the hardships of the adult human world.


The Childlover desires a world in which they may carry out forthcoming, responsive, and deep relationships with children whom appreciate or need affectionate attention. The initiate of the Childlover is none other than to use their lives, and their experience to enlighten the child they love or children in general, with no expectation for payment or imbursement, and focus themselves on taking in the traits of the childhood realm for self-improvement. This process is the philosophy of Puerism, or the belief in the innocence and presence of youth for the preservation of body and mind from a corrupted adult world. For this reason, the relationship will not necessarily contain a sexual intimacy, but nor might the partners choose to prohibit it. Let the children of these relationships have voices to be heard as the testament of the goodwill of the movement.

1. Courtship and Formation

The Childlove relationship originates in similar fashion as all relationships would, by association through occurrence, establishing a firm friendship due to an event of positive correlation shared between the two individuals, trust develops due to enhanced circumstance and experiences shared, and a personal bond forms. In this case, the individuals involve the child and the Childlover. The love and attraction shared between them is always mutual and understanding. The child is drawn to a positive adult role model that meets the child through association by occurrence, and as time passes they gain experiences together, and through these positive and enriching experiences, trust forms. The experiences shared can simply be that of the conversation, the act of having an adult, usually in a position of speaking down, side stepping, or neglecting them, taking the child seriously and treating him or her respectfully will be an experience of astounding affirmation to the uncertain youth. Once this emotional bond is formed between the couple, they become lovers, and enjoy in each other’s company more as they live to gain further experiences with optimism in every day of their time together.

If the relationship were not enriching to the child, than the child would have no interest in continuing it. This uplift of judgment on the youth’s part, the core of the Childlove relationship, could possibly save them from a (non-Childlove) damaging relationship when they personally choose to depart from it. Had the association with the adult been enforced on them, they would have no personal say in the matter, and they would not be saved from the damaging relationship. This is the reason children have the authority and grounds to continue a Childlove relationship or depart with the acknowledgement of the parents, and not by the parent’s decree alone. Obviously if the relationship is a healthy one, and the child wishes to continue it due to the forming bond between them and the Childlover, than they receive the satisfaction of knowing they have some control over their own lives. This is a healthy skill to impart to a child by the design of the consensual nature of the Childlove relationship. All Childlove relationships are consensual; any association with a child that is not is not a Childlove relationship.

2. The Independent Appeals

The charisma of Puerism, the idylls of the Childlove relationship, can be broken into independent parts along with the collective propositions. The first independent appeal of the relationship comprises the first two postulates, including the play and enjoyment aspect along with the mentoring and learning aspect. The second independent appeal of the relationship comprises the third postulate, including the special orientation held between the couple. Within the relationship itself, the sexual component may be repressed due to personal affection, and therefore will not be primary aspect of the relationship in the Childlover’s or the child’s regard. This attraction will still be present, but due to understanding the child’s circumstance, the life and environment of the child, the sexual desire may be more reserved than it would be outside of an intimate relationship. Therefore in a Childlove relationship, all elements are present, but the sexual component may or may not be more reserved than it would be had the Childlover not known the child. This aspect is decided along with the child, and depending on his or her circumstance. In totality, the relationship comprises its own independent collectives.

The primary fascination in a Childlove relationship consists of the play and enjoyment aspects shared between the child and his or her adult comrade, as well as the essential mentoring and the outpouring of emotional needs that will become represent when anybody shares in a particularly wholesome relationship with another human being. To deny a child this type of expression is subhuman. That is what the Childlover relationship attempts to abolish, by giving the boy or girl a place in which to not be subordinate, to not be oppressed or ruled, but to be human, right along with a moral adult human being. This is the reason why these aspects are the primary fascination of a Puerist way of life, and a Childlove relationship.

The child’s physical traits and the child and Childlover’s sexual desires, which may or may not be present, are secondary fascination in a Childlove relationship. A child molester would make this aspect of a relationship absolutely primary, as would any rapist or exploitative criminal. A Childlover will always place any sexual intimacy or sexual feelings secondary, or through discussion and approval with the child, mutually choose to not exhibit them within the Childlover relationship for the protection and benefit of the child. The decision to exhibit the second fascination will always be made based on the child’s understanding of the sexual feelings present within them, for their protection, or because of their circumstance.

3. Protection of the Living Bond

A Childlover lives to protect a boy or a girl from negative influences inherent in our hypocritically child friendly society. They will go to great lengths to protect a child from physical and emotional harm inherent from their politically correct and at times abusive parental structure. They will strive to mentor and aid children for none other than the child’s personalized benefit, a moral not yet upheld by our educational system and its favoring of the multitude. Within the relationship, a Childlover is able to help and play along with children on an individual basis. For these inherent personal needs within all Childlovers, for the benefit of children everywhere, the people of the movement work through the Puerist lifestyle and create loving and wholesome relationships.

A Childlover will never resort to or show any sign of aggression, violence, in anything that is termed a relationship. Any indication of such is grounds for that pedophile to leave that child’s life, the actions of anybody calling themselves a Childlover will speak louder than words, and will be their highest measure of accountability. A true Childlover will never resort to or show signs of threats and bribes to acquire an agenda contrary to the principles of Childlove, and the code of ethics. To do so is grounds for legislative punishment, and dismissal from any Childlove circle, organization, unless the criminal shows signs of correction after punishment and under rehabilitation for his or her sexual illness.

To commit an act against a Child’s person is not even in the best interest of the Childlove collective, its followers, and the movement. Any case of child molestation or assumed molestation will inevitably lead to criticism of the movement, and will not assist in their own, as well as child emancipation from the very society that pushed them to offend and is teaching the child to consume, produce, depress, for the corporate world and our legislature’s own benefit. For that reason, Childlovers will not show any signs of violence and/or aggression, and/or resort to threats or bribes in a relationship with a human child. They shall live up to their promise, and that will lift up children the world over from the exploitation already placed on them from society.

4. Conclusion and Rebirth

The aspect that differs the Childlove relationship from many others is the inevitability of the child growing out of childhood. It is important that as a child approaches the age of their personal maturity that the adult partner listen intently, and know how their young love appreciates their company in that differing point in their life when they leave their childhood self behind in the process of puberty. It is important that the Childlover accept whatever decision is reached as to the continuation of their relationship, or the rebirth of a new life together as mature companions. There is never an end to an enriching Childlove relationship; it simply progresses into an adult friendship that should last the rest of their lives. It is strongly encouraged that Childlovers and the children they love never grow apart, as some inevitably do with age. That they remain life long friends, and allow the youth the freedom to develop themselves with their progressively aging generation. To allow their young partner the freedom to develop their own sexuality, heterosexual or homosexual within their own generation, and never limit their growth during that new time in their young friend’s life or impair the new experiences that youth is entitled to as they undergo puberty.

Childlovers understand from the onset of the relationship the day of reckoning would arrive when they have given all they can to the child, have allowed him or her to grow and express, and the child has no more interest in the relationship. They are content, and as they hope to remain in connection with the youth they lived for throughout the years, they look on to other children they know in need of companionship and see how they may live to benefit the lives those children. As the Childlover is not committed to one child, he or she may wish to begin anew, courting another child that they know, as the cycle continues until they feel they have given all they could give to children within their lives, remaining in close connection and watching them grow older. They take joy observing their child friends grow into successful adults with prosperous families of their own; it is a pleasing attribute and a testament to their importance in that child’s life.

5. Puerism

The relationship by its very structure doesn’t encompass the power struggles and limitations that are customarily aspects of the legislature’s approved adult and child relationships, that which renders the child as the inferior, and the adult as the superior. This power struggle is entirely demeaning to the child and responsible partly for child molestation; the very act they rightfully denounce they perpetuate by maintaining the doctrine that children are inferior to the adult within all child to adult relationships. The Childlove relationship contains none of the limitations on child development that this authoritarian design would, by affording the young friend the chance to experience him or herself as a human being. Expression for the child within the relationship becomes an emotional outlet, as they are offered the opportunity to communicate their own opinion, without risking having it prejudiced as unqualified or “childish”. This is understood, as a limitation that is all too present within our societal approved child and adult associations, and for these reasons not comprised of within a Puerist lifestyle or relationship.

The relationship by its very structure doesn’t encompass the authoritarian limitation naturally present within the parental relationship as well. Society has filtered all interaction with children outside the family as mere associations, and by doing so is forcing the child to greater dependence on the family that in the present world is not always accompanying and guiding the child. Children are being forced to find their own way in the world, and corporations are profiteering off children whom inevitably turn to them for guidance, and the corporations end up having control on the livelihoods of children, breeding consumer loyalty, and future loyalty. Present in this corporation to child relationship is a power struggle society seems to support over children. Present in the parental association to children is a power struggle between a victim of birth, and divine-like figure that brought them into the world. This relationship gives to the parent a natural oppressive role in their child’s life. In one healthy extent these relationships are beneficial for learning, but that much power over the life of another human being has subjected every human ever born to natural suppression, and some to rather abusive lengths of suppression. These socially approved power struggles between adults and children cannot be tolerated any longer; it is detriment to our collective future. The Childlover is committed to ending all oppression of children through interactions with them that emancipate and don’t simply profess these societal preconceptions.

Although the adult partner is always in a position to exercise authority over the child, the Childlover tries to evade any power struggles within the relationship. However, the Childlover must be aware that an imbalance of power can arise in any adult and child relationship, and they should work to rid themselves of any adult need within them to suppress youth. This can be achieved by attaining a special form of enlightenment through the personal philosophy of Puerism. When the Childlover can connect to the child on a human level, than he or she can shed whatever oppression may become present in the relationship as an outlet of a personal feeling or emotional necessity. This requisite is absolute, and seems an inevitable development within one’s own life whenever one gives of them self to a child or anyone else. It is essential to undergo this development for a successful, wholesome, and content relationship along side a child. It is by cooperation with, instead of domination of, the youth mind that both limitless child imagination and adult wisdom are able to coexist within the same spirit, and form a special union. The union persists to exist within the soul of the child and Childlover long after the child has grown, and helps stabilize and keep a happy composure about the relationship itself, as if it were a guarding spirit. When enlightenment dawns and the child’s spirit is expressed, a Childlover is able to shed any domination desire, and live to protect their little loved ones from any harm, and from any power struggle society generally takes value in maintaining.

The child is seen as a whole. That is the center of the belief of Puerism that is performed in the context of a relationship, called the Disposition of the Whole. Their livelihood, their playfulness, their attitudes both good and improper, their minds and interests, their spirits as well as their bodies, are all seen as a whole. They are not simply seen residing in a progression, as a child in a process, a developmental stage on the way to adulthood; they are whole. The relationship gives them the opportunity to showcase their whole, and not adhere to society’s rigid preconceived notions. There is far more to our young friends than a body in the transformation to maturity. They are not machines, they do not work in progression, they learn by consistent experience and information reception and exchange. These are best acquired either when a child is alone to contemplate, or are in the company of an adult role model exchanging ideas. The child experiences acceptance of his or her own unique character as something very special and pleasant. The child feels free to develop and grow, because their partner treasures his or her personality and takes its nourishment seriously, much like the absent parent would, in ways the world may not be able to do so in favor of their own ambitions or necessities.

The human child is too regularly deemed as someone in a process, as someone who needs to mature in order to become a person. Society applies these rigid adult standards to the infinite realm of the child imagination, to capture it, and in turn use that tapped source in order to shape and mould the child to breed future loyalty to their social design, and that promises them a future of personal gain. It is the notion that the child is not entirely human that has enslaved them to this legislatively supported system. Personality traits within the child that may be considered undesirable or inconvenient are often removed in the process of child rearing, education, and the taking of activity adjustment pills. This is regarded by Childlovers universally as a form of molestation just a horrid as sexual predation, and they believe both must be eliminated from society.

The legislatures as well as the corporations denounce the Childlover relationship due to the fact that it is an endangerment to their precious system of neglect profiteering. This is a social tendency that must be dismantled, and education of the youth regarding its exploitive power is the only peaceful means of doing so. The human child must understand the falsities of our legislation so with this understanding, like a hammer, they can bring down the oppressive establishment, a revolution of the youth will be brought about because they were given the opportunity to see beyond its rigid limitations. They will cripple their oppressors, not be victim to them, through open discourse and learning. This education will be offered to children the world over through the interactions of Childlovers and children. It cannot be left to the education system alone, as necessary as it is in the child’s life, for the federal government, the highest legislature, standardizes the educational system. It condemns children from seeing its own hypocritical nature, indoctrinates, and profiteers off the neglect of children that they institutionalized in various means.

The act of committing social oneness to a specific young friend is the soul issue of the first postulate of awareness of the internal world of loving a child. The accessibility within the social world that allows a mentorship between a child, whose world is so pure, and so angelic, as to be deprived of no feeling, and has the ability to express the cognition of the divine partnership with a loving, caring, and respectable adult. This adult wishes the child no harm, and if religious, may pray for the child’s well being on occasion. They understand the need of expression on a child’s eager face, when once they conceive a world that belongs strictly to the realm of the adult partnership.

Thus, there is a great responsibility for the committable Puerist to uphold, to preserve the whims of the precious child, and still regain a love interest between the increasable bonds. Their love is silent, unique, and is represent through actions for the child. These actions are not to interfere with the child’s free will and choice, which is the most responsible thing the committable Puerist wishes to achieve. They let their lovers live, the way that they would chose, and admire from afar, but neither in doing so arouse suspicion from rightfully conscious parents and adults.

The child has a unique ability to formulate a trusting and on going relationship with something that is mentoring, and committing a formidable amount of energy and time to one specific child that the Childlover finds special in every way imaginable. The most unique and creative mind that has ever came across the world, lays right in the mind of a beautiful child, they see, one of a imaginable conscious, and an ever giving caring heart. The child is a realm on which to plant the seeds of great trust and understanding, and not that by confusion with a symbolic expression of sexual tendency and nothing more. This pedophile is as well concerned with other children and children in general, and seeks only to make happy and enlightened brave young souls to fit into a weary world. The natural energy of children is profound inspiration, but the inspiration to the Puerist is concerned only in the interest that makes up the special child that they love so much. They do not consider their needs over the needs of the child at any time, nor do they seek to enforce them.

Every pedophile, being of conscious and moral mind, to receive a more enlightened sense of the world, and further the drive of influence, seeks to regain that childhood strive for that unreachable goal. They see in children, the blueprints of human derivation, the very souls of human consciousness, upright and walking upon the earth, and try to derive from them the meaning of existence. They do not stalk children looking for a sexual encounter, nor push themselves into a child’s life looking for possible meaningless gratification. They simply look for clues within a child’s universe that give them that attainment of the perfection that is the child. Children are far from perfect in the eyes of the protective parent, but in the eyes of a non-parent whose love extends beyond the heavens, children are the embodiment of what all human beings strive to become, after they loose that childhood experience to pursue their own needs and wishes of procreation, and advancement in a capitalist world. Thus, they can never reach perfection after childhood, because their stresses, pressures, and their worship and love in the attainment of money, they trip on these imperfections of maturity, and the Sisyphean boulder never reaches over the hill.

It is crucial, for one to become the realm of the child to find complete happiness, and enlightenment. Many people wouldn’t agree because the lust for money and procreation has blinded them to the sunlight that is and once was a part of their child mind. There is little talk of the child within, the child within all adults that perpetuates their youth long until they are old. Thus, youth becomes eternal, and they strive for youth, thinking money will buy them time, and time will fill the holes in their lives left by the passing of youth. When in fact their petty sins, in pursuit of money, are the pain that nags in their heel, making them loose grip on their slipping lives, and tumbles them back down the hill. Thus the Puerist wishes only to seek a more perfect union to human kind, through understanding the intuition of the child’s realm, and perpetuate this eternal youth. That is why the immersed Puerist absorbs himself into the child’s lifestyle, and it is for that reason the moral pedophile receives social prejudice.

It is important for Puerists to disregard the social prejudice at this stage in their journey towards enlightenment by way of the divinity of the child mentality, the innocence, and the purity thereof. The world will revile them, and make such harsh criticisms and judgments on them, as any minority is first chastised before it becomes the normality. A revolution of freedom for all of humanity’s children to break from oppression, abuse, and bondage, into a world where their right to experienced protection does not constrict or take precedence over their free will and speech. Puerists are the caretakers of this revolution, not a revolution made by them for sake of the children, but a revolution made by the children because they demand it. Someday, all of humanities children will take for themselves human rights; someday they will not have to fear. Let the children of these relationships have voices to be heard as the testament of the goodwill of the movement.


Thus, to save them from societal exploitation, uplift them over molestation, the human child will always be regarded in the context of a human relationship as a whole human being. Their actions will be their accountability both for child and adult. Fortunate and unfortunate children alike will hear their words, for they are all victims of the system in need of remorse and deserving of an elevated life in understanding. Understanding comes from positive experience that is necessary to create a moral human being. Society creates by design a system of immorality to offer the child to perpetuate itself. This goal necessitates the work of the Childlove movement: to extend to children the necessary positive experience through consensual relationships that is lacking in society and is needed to raise a moral human being in a child. The second goal is to equip the child with the understanding necessary to overcome their oppressors and bring about their own revolution against molestation and the social system. Live to create love in a future we must all share.


The importance of Childlover accountability will be established through the relative actions of the proclaimed childlover within the context of a consensual relationship with a child. Any violation, extension, or limitation of the code will be considered an act worthy of investigation, and possibly grounds for removal, by the local legislature, of the Childlover from the child depending on the child’s suffrage, and other individual case circumstances resulting from relationship on a case-by-case basis.

This places the child in considerable power, for at any moment the child can accuse their adult lover of anything, and that Childlover will be punished by the legal system, whether a crime was committed or not. If problems arise between the couple, the child can fabricate an accusation on their adult lover based out of personal spite and the accusation will rightfully be heard on high. This necessitates the importance of a support structure for the relationship. The child should not even in that circumstance be disenfranchised from the importance of their accusation, the Childlover would rather be imprisoned or penalized with community service work, for a fabricated offence than fight a false accusation of abuse from a child. To fight it is a form of taking revenge on the child, hence is not a relationship of love, and therefore not a Childlove relationship.

This should be one incentive for Childlovers to always do benevolently by their partners, and children will benefit from it. If aspects of the relationship had driven the child to that extreme, than they were obviously not a couple who deserved each other to begin with. It is best they depart and find other more enriching opportunities elsewhere, that is what is best for the child under those circumstances. The Childlover cares about what is best for their love, and therefore will proceed in doing such. The criminal will proceed to fight the child’s accusation to protect themselves-a trait that will be recognized as not adhering to the Childlove collective and will be the straightforward means of determining whether he or she is a Childlover or not, and/or the true intent of the pedophile. It is important the child not feel regretful about imprisoning an adult who is innocent in this situation, and should be extended the courtesy of support.

However, fortunately this amount of power saves the child from a relationship that could be damaging to them, and their accusation against their adult counterpart is genuine. It is best society is able to distinguish between a Childlover, and a child molester, so that our society is geared more toward responding to the child’s need for protection and allowing them to be nurtured having their judgment upheld and respected. The Childlover lives by the Code of Ethics, to ensure that they are never placed in a situation where there is no telling if they are a Childlover or a child molester. The Code of Ethics exists as a display to society of exactly what a Childlover is, will always do, and will never do, so that they understand the people who will be the adult loves of their children if that is their children’s desire, to protect them, and still allow them to live their lives. Protection should not be a priority over nurture, a balance must occur.

Children in these circumstances will benefit from the social acceptance of these terms, as the honest exchange of the Childlove movement’s resolution to the multitude. Any breach of these terms is not considered an act worthy of the Childlove movement. The movement will uphold these terms and these terms alone, as guidelines for consensual relationships with children should any adult choose to label them self a Childlover and carry out any relationship with a human child. They are meant to be obligatory for every adult to understand and adopt before one commits to a relationship with a human child. They are not meant to confine or restrict the relationship, but to establish some order so that there be no confusion, misinterpretation, and/or uncertainty in and of the Puerist design for the child’s protection.

The code of ethics has been established, and as it is a resolute discipline that will be presented as an accessible composite for the simplicity of reference.

Terms and Conditions of Conduct

I. The Childlover will advise and shelter their young friend from any emotional or physical harm, impairment, or danger. They should protect their young friends from embarrassment from publicity resulting from apprehension of the couple. If the relationship took place in a state or country where consensual sexual relations with minors is illegal, the couple would be advised to abstain from such acts for the relationship’s protection until the age of consent can be reduced.

II. The Childlover will always maintain a decent composure about their own repute and appearance, as well as abstain from actions that could cause hurt or embarrassment for their young friends in a social context by association. They will never appear impaired, dirty, under the influence, smoking, drinking, and/or mentally unaware when they are with their young friends. The child should be able to openly discuss the relationship without fear of disapproval.

III. The Childlover will never lie to their young friend, or to anyone involved in that child’s life about anything including but not limited to: themselves, other people, the child’s parents, the world and people in general. They will not twist truth, distort facts, tell half-truths or make exaggerations to earn respect of the child or anyone else and/or to defame or denounce anyone, anything, any thought or idea.

IV. The Childlover will always maintain their composure, and remain a positive role model for the child at all times when the child is accompanied with the Childlover. They will not indulge in explaining their wrong doings or exploits, committed when they are away from the child, and only discuss their weaknesses and shortcomings in the outside world during intimate discussion with the child.

V. The Childlover will not develop relationship intimacy to include a sexual aspect in the absence of discussion with the child concerning their interests and feelings. They will not condone a sexual inclusion without knowing who the child they love is and what they feel or think.

VI. The Childlover will never entice, entrap, force, communicate, bribe, lure, and/or show any signs of coercion or intimidation to get a child into a sexual relationship, and influence them to think it is mutual. The decision to progress to a sexual level in a Childlove relationship will always be fully consensual and mutual, and will not progress unless the child fully consents and understands the social, legal, risks, benefits, and health implications of the act. It will progress out of a mutual interest, and never as a result of adult influence. Sexual intimacy will always be compatible the psychosexual development of the child.

VII. The Childlover will not appreciate only the sexual appeal of the child, but will always take into consideration all aspects that make the child unique. This is called the Disposition of the Whole. Children in Childlove relationships are never treated as sexual objects in any way, including but not limited to: sexual harassment, intimidating verbal or physical harassment, any appreciation that is not welcomed by the child, and any act that makes the child feel uncomfortable.

VIII. The Childlover will always work in unison along with the parents, and respect the role and authority of a child’s parents as well as maintain absolute discourse with the parents as to every aspect of the relationship. The parents should know about any aspect of the relationship, including the sexual aspect if it is present. The Childlover will never seek to undermine the parental role by use of the child. The Childlover will support the parent’s decision when they are in agreement as to quality or content of the child’s life, but will support the child when the Childlover disagrees with parental decree, and will not seek to undermine the authority of the parent’s enforcement of the decision, but will seek support elsewhere in society for their love’s benefit.

IX. The Childlover will never offer their young friends any type of narcotics, alcohol, cigarettes, under or over the counter medication including but not limited to: sleeping pills, painkillers of any type, or any medicine not prescribed by a doctor. Parents, medical professionals, or the children themselves, will administer all necessary prescribed medication if the child is in need. Childlovers will never offer any drug to a child that weakens his or her sexual inhibitions, or increases his or her sexual drive as a form of forcing sexual intimacy.

X. The Childlover will always maintain the responsibility of encouraging the child to develop their natural sexual orientation, and not specifically work to develop heterosexual or homosexual orientation within the child. The Childlover will always inform, assist, and/or guide a child in the direction of true information regarding the wholesome development of sexual familiarity from trusted and child friendly sources including but not limited to: books and internet health websites.

XI. The Childlover will never expose a child to pornography, or include their young friend in the production of pornography. The Childlover will always work to teach the child about the sexual elements that appear throughout society, and allow them understanding into the reasons the adult world is so preoccupied with sexual imagery to breed in them familiarity to the corruptness of these concepts, this will never include exposure of the child to pornography of any type.

XII. The Childlover will encourage a healthy attitude within the child for school; encourage their young friends to remain in school and work to live. They will always encourage the child to shun crime, and avoid peer pressure and drugs. They will always encourage the child to make friends within their age group, as well as outside, and carry on relationships of their own with their peers if they desire. A Childlover will never hinder the child from the free expression of friendships outside the Childlove relationship. A childlover will do everything possible to assist the child to develop a positive attitude about life, develop a successful career, and be content with their life.

XIII. The Childlover will never entice, entrap, force, communicate, bribe, lure, and/or show any signs of coercion or intimidation with an unknown child to get him or her into a sexual encounter. A Childlover will never offer anything to children he or she does not know intimately or otherwise. They will never kidnap children on the streets. They will empower the children in their lives to stand up to and know about the sexual predators that unfortunately do, and encourage the child to know how to protect themselves in a potentially dangerous situation as described.

XIV. The Childlover will always uphold the laws of any legislature, or any governing body in the state or country that the child and/or the Childlover lives, when accompanied with the child. They will always attempt to act as a positive role model by upholding the law, but remain constant activists for their cause.

XV. The Childlover will always allow the child to have the authority in a relationship as to whether it stays together or breaks apart, the affirmation or the withdraw. The child should always be at liberty to end and begin a relationship when they personally feel it is a necessity. The Childlover should always accept any decision made by the child as finite, and consent to the terms of the child without question, intimidation, or interrogation of the child, but through discussion alone.

XVI. The Childlover will never burden a child with the accumulation of unreasonable secrets regarding the relationship, aspects of the character of the Childlover, or any topic raised during discussion. The Childlover should not discuss or do something with the child that the child should have to hide from his or her parents. The child always reserves the higher right of complete disclosure and transparency of any aspect of the relationship to any third party at all times including but not limited to: parents, guardians, teachers, councilors, police, and/or peers, as it states in the Right to Transparency in the Rights of the Child.


Any violation of the above terms will be noted as a violation of the number of the point(s) in which the infringement, extension, and/or limitation occurred, and should be subject to question or legislative decree as an act of violation and/or interference to a child on a case-by-case basis. This is to ensure legitimacy in the accusation and severity of the violation to protect the Childlove couple from scorn caused by public paranoia. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty, there is no need for hysteria and paranoia unless it can be proven a fault was committed. All pedophiles who adopt the above points in the terms and conditions of conduct in the Code of Ethics, and incorporate them into their relations with children, are Childlovers and should not be subject to question, because of the acceptance of these terms and/or other official ethical terms of conduct within the Childlove community, such as the Boylove Code of Ethics, unless they are ever violated or called into question.

It is important to understand all the Terms and Conditions of Conduct are equal in importance, no one of them taking importance over any other. They must be followed in equal respect to one another as to their importance in the Childlove relationship.


Natural human rights have been established, and extended to every member of society, except the human child. The human child should have the autonomous right of free speech, the right of freedom of belief, the right of liberty, the right to an uncorrupted life, the right to develop their relationships as they desire, the right to experience and develop their sexuality if they desire, the right to have an education, and the right to make informed decisions. To deny any child any of these rights is submitting the child as an object, as inhuman, or mechanistic; all characteristics maintained by the 20th century philosophy, and not characteristics of the Childlove movement. Through advancement and elevation of the child will the world see their collective progress as an incentive for them to continue to resist control and authority. Taught of the rights they have yet to accomplish, they will set out to acquire them by their will alone.

The rights extended to the child in the Childlove relationship are a source of enhancement; they serve to extend the rights of the child that normally occupies the social context to natural human rights governable by all human beings. To say that children can not discern or can not comprehend rights and govern them in their own life once informed, is to say the child is inhuman, or is denying the child the right of complete expression. This is the doctrine of society: that children cannot uphold natural rights extended to all people because of their lack of experience, and due to their age alone. Therefore society doesn’t believe the child is capable of sustaining human rights and doesn’t make an effort to grant them, denying children for generations the ability of expression so necessary to proper development and immersion of a healthy interest in the youth for preserving the human future. How is a child to have a healthy interest in preserving the future if the youth voice is all too often prejudiced on the basis of age? Therefore the problems of our society and our world result from a lack of interest in our future, learned in youth, where opinions were too often discredited on the basis of age alone. Childlovers judge not a child on their age, but by the content of their opinions and their interest in preserving their own life and the future of humanity.

Pertinent Rights of the Human Child

The rights of the child in the Childlove relationship are established as liberation points of reference from the indoctrination and ageist discrimination and prejudice that occurs for the reasons stated. Children have the right to be informed of their liberties on a consistent basis, as the tools to develop in them the necessary resentment against the society that oppresses them and the people who exploit them. Thereby they can carry out a youth revolution against the corporations that mean them harm and profiteer off their neglect and hurt, the legislature that seeks to breed in them social enslavement, and the molesters who take advantage of their innocence and lack of knowledge that society creates in them through education that is not enough sufficient for their need. Therefore the importance of the child to shape their relationships depending on that need becomes tangibly clear. When children are more informed of their rights, and the oppression around them, they can finally break free of any chains that dogma preconceives for them, and carry out their revolution, with the aid of their adult comrades. It is time they be extended these rights, if not for the purposes of retaliation, than for the purpose of self-fulfillment and self-betterment. They will learn through the acquiring of human rights that they are in control of their own lives and destinies, and that they can overcome the centuries of dogmatic oppression stating they are nothing but products of their environment or their heredity. They will learn that they are whole human beings.

1. The Right of Personal Development

The child reserves and maintains the right to develop their whole self, their personality, their interests, their strengths, their weaknesses, their relationships, and their sexuality freely, beyond any limitations set down by any authority in the child’s life. This principle is the ethic paramount of the collective resolves to maintain and uphold on the highest. The whole self will be preserved in the context of the Childlove relationship and in it will be given the opportunity for further growth and expression. It governs the entire context of the relationship itself. Whenever a power entity within the child’s life comes into contact with this right, any physical or psychological pressure will inherently infringe on this right. If a restriction of any type is placed on this right, than that will inevitably interfere with the development of the child’s personality as a whole.

Prohibition of the child experiencing their own sexuality, any enforced abstinence or any restriction of the child’s right to develop their own sexuality in accordance with this right by legislative or independent restraint will also be considered an infringement of the rights of the child. The Childlover will not interfere with the parents of a sexually repressed child, but fight the repressive society to allow children to experience this right in a world that so often neglects to extend it in its entirety to children all over the world. It is the responsibility of the Childlover to maintain this right, fight for this right, encourage children to fight for this right for themselves now and forever.

2. The Right of an Informed Mind

All children have the right to an education whereby they can make informed decisions and form opinions. Further, the Childlover reserves the responsibility to construct the relationship in accordance and compliance with the personal desires and necessities of the child. The child always has the right to ask questions, and has the right to be informed of any and all things they wish to understand from credible and trusted sources of information. They have the right to understand the truth in a way they may understand, the whole truth, without lies and fabrications. This includes truthful information regarding sexual experience, practice, and development if that is the topic of interest to the child. An informed mind will create an opinionated child, and an opinionated child will care more for the benefit of people and the earth as they grow. It is the intension to foster a spirit of energy and caring in children, that they are allowed to understand, in ways they will comprehend, situations and acts regarding any topic of desire. The child has the right to have an adult partner who listens, asks questions as well, and delivers information to the best of their ability, as long as the information does not interfere with the role of the parent in the child’s life as stated in Point VIII in the Terms and Conditions of Conduct in the Code of Ethics.

The Childlover will always make the best attempt to present the information or his or her own opinion truthfully. In the case of the Childlover not knowing the answer themselves, they hope to explain to the child that they do not know and direct the child to places where such information can be obtained, such as libraries, books and media, and/or through trusted internet locations regarding the topic of interest. The child deserves to know the truth, develop their own opinions on the topic and once informed, be trusted to make decisions and have their voices heard at long last in the human fellowship.

3. The Right of the Freedom of Expression

Children have the right to express themselves in any way they personally feel completes them. This could potentially include artistic expression of any type, sexual expression, verbal expression, written expression, interpersonal or intrapersonal expression, and/or physical expression. The child may also find personal expression in the freedoms of belief and speech, as well as within a relationship with their peers or adult friends extended to them in the freedom to engage in a relationship with the partner of their choice. This right must be extended to all children, and no limitations should be placed on it by any authority or outside circumstance in the child’s life. Children must always be able to express themselves in any way without fear of criticism, and that expression must be taken seriously if we are to foster growth by encouraging the freedom of expression.

In various ways this freedom has been extended to children, but much work remains to be accomplished, particularly for children wishing to sexually express themselves, as many restrictions to that form of expression have been imposed, and many children grow with shame instead of pride in their bodies or sexual feelings. The necessity for expression of inner and outer being becomes clear for a future of adult souls to feel content and not shameful of their being, including their bodies and sexual feelings. Social harmony within society is only possible if those who are society are in harmony with themselves through expression. Harmony with themselves will breed a harmonious future society, as it is grown children that will compose the future society.

4. The Right of Protection

The child has the need and the right to be protected from any form of physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuse, neglect, or ignorance. It will be considered abuse when the child is undeserving of the punishment that is being received. It will be considered abuse when the child engages in non-consensual, rape, molestation, or any type of sexual experience that is not mutually appreciated or wanted by the child. It will be considered abuse when the child is prohibited from experiencing their right to develop their sexuality within the context of a relationship of any kind that is both consensual and mutually appreciated. The child has the right for their accusations against their adult partners to be upheld, whether a crime had been committed or not, as a form of protecting the child from any further potential abuse emanating from a possible relationship of any kind, and encouraging the child to raise their voices when they are experiencing any problem within a relationship of any kind. The child also reserves the right to be protected from the corporations and legislative disciplines that seek to make money on them, rule them, or harm them in various means.

The child has the right to be protected when any type of accusation is made, whether false or true, and allowed to maintain their uninterrupted life as swiftly as possible, and retain contact with other adult partners if they desire to. They deserve the right to protection that protects them from the even worse threat of eminent embarrassment that our legislature institutes on young victims of abuse. Any breech of this right is ultimately an infringement on the child’s right just as severe as the act of abuse itself and should be regarded with equal criticism by the multitude as well as the collective movement. The child’s right should be respected in all regards.

5. The Right of Transparency

The child always reserves the higher right of complete disclosure and transparency of any aspect of the relationship to any third party at all times including but not limited to: parents, guardians, teachers, councilors, police, and/or peers. The Childlover will never burden a child with the accumulation of unreasonable secrets regarding the relationship, aspects of the character of the Childlover, or any topic raised during discussion. The Childlover should not discuss or do something with the child that the child should have to hide from his or her parents, as it states in Point XVI of the Terms and Conditions of Conduct in the Code of Ethics.

The child reserves the right, to be taken seriously regarding any topic of discussion, and be able to speak openly of any event or action made or taken place within a relationship with a Childlover or anyone else, and not have their opinion or remark needlessly criticized based on age alone.

6. The Right to Creed

The child maintains the right to engage in, actively, passively, or not at all, any creed, belief, doctrine, philosophy, sect, and faith of their choosing, when informed of all the alternatives available. This is applicable so long as the faith or doctrine of interest doesn’t entice or cause any mandatory form of abuse or harm to anyone, anything, or to themselves, and doesn’t work to violate laws. Childlovers should assist the child in understanding the many creeds and practices, and encourage the child to form their own opinions on creed or lack of creed, without seeking to interfere with the role of the parent in the child’s life, as stated in Point VIII of the Terms and Conditions of Conduct in the Code of Ethics.

Whether children wish to follow the belief structure of the parents, follow their own principles, assimilate themselves into a faith or doctrine of their choosing, or not adhere to any faith, the right of freedom of creed must be extended to all children as it has been to all people of the free world.

7. The Right of Speech

The child has the right to be taken seriously when they enter a response into the current debate, and be listened to objectively. They must not be judged by age or inexperience, but by the content of their character and their plea or concern. This is hoped to establish an enthusiasm for the benefit of others, themselves, and the earth, therefore they have the right to be heard and taken seriously based on the content of their concern. In no way should they be talked down to, not taken seriously, or disenfranchised from their right to voice their concern as long as they are acting appropriate and responsible in voicing it. If the child’s composure cannot be maintained, than the adults have the exclusive discretion to pressure them in doing so in the same manner the adults would extend that courtesy to other adults. It must be the content of the concern that is important and not simply the age of the human being who is presenting it. Never should a child be denied or disenfranchised from this right as a form of punishment or discipline, as the Right to Discipline that is just is established for that purpose.

The more society pushes the youth of the world away from matters that are a concern to all, including children, the more society pushes the opinion and thoughts of the youth away from social matters that involve them, the more children will loose interest in preserving for themselves and their posterity a more just and fair world. This is why the right of free speech, at home, within a relationship, at school, or within the society, must be extended in full to children the world over.

8. The Right of Discipline

The child has the right to be corrected when he or she is wrong, but they reserve the extreme right to understand the wrong that had been committed and precisely why the action is considered wrong. The child has the right to object to the parent’s choice of punishment, but not to the concept of retribution for ill behavior, poor demeanor, or classic cases of prejudice or violence against themselves or others. Punishment should not equate with needless suffering but with learning, as stated in The Second Postulate in the Collective Account. The child has the right to commit the mistake or wrong doing by their own will, if just for the purpose of learning by their own experience the reasons why immorality is attributed to such an action. The punishment should always be mutually understood, resourceful, and a learning experience, and should never be the simple and cowardly act of spanking or hitting as a means to escape from explaining to the child the realities of the wrongdoing, but be in complete proportion with the fault committed.

The Childlover reserves the right to be in agreement with the parental and child decision, or to not be in agreement. They reserve the exclusive right to intervene when they determine a punishment has become too severe, or terminally harmful to the child, and should not engage in punishment of the child under any situation. This right works in unison with the Right of Personal Will, as the child should be allowed to make the mistake utilizing their freedom of personal will, and be corrected utilizing their Right of Discipline, so long as the discipline instituted is just. This right will not appeal to the child, but it is necessary for proper growth and learning.

9. The Right to Representation

The child deserves the right to have representation that always serves their best interests and is desirable to them. This right begins with statistics and the impression they have on society. Society should not let statistics govern the credibility of intergenerational relationships, as only a few are broadcast through the media every year with children as victims of rape or abuse, as compared to the many countless numbers of consensual and loving relationships that exist simultaneously all over the world. These many consensual relationships will never grace the media to leave an impression on the public, as the media is controlled by ‘if it bleeds it leads’, and they institute the phrase militantly for a lethargic and fearful multitude. Experts have gained their knowledge of intergeneration relationships from such incorrect statistics, created propaganda, and have fed it to a fearful public. Experts say they are people defending the best interest of an age group, but they don’t contain the decency to consider this age group human enough to feel whether this representation is desirable, or even in their best interests.

This is a crime on the child, and therefore children deserve the right to no indoctrination without representation. They need a voice that can not only speak for them but will allow them to speak, a representative of their cause, whatever it may be, and not of some predetermined cause of the government’s choosing. Childlovers hope to be that representation, which is of course the decision of the child alone though. Childlovers will never provoke, bribe, or entice a child to receive representative status, as this is an infringement on the child’s life just as severe as society’s doing. Children will obtain the right to their own representation, whoever or whatever they wish it to be.

10. The Right to Relationships of Choice

The child has the right to engage in any relationship they choose to reside, provided the parent or guardian of the child understands the relationship in full, and is bestowed the right of transparency about the relationship, as stated in the Rights of the Child. This is applicable for any association and is intended for anyone who comes in contact with the child. If the child finds the person undesirable, than that child has the right to disengage from the relationship or association by their choice, and engage again if that is their choice at the time of their choosing. This right is broad for a purpose, as this could mean anyone who the child personally feels is or isn’t helpful or beneficial to him or her within their life including but not limited to: Childlovers, teachers, parents, social workers, coaches, family members, peers, and/or friends of their family. This is intended to allow the child to have the power of decision-making, and have the power to shape and mould their own lives and the interactions they wish to pursue or not to pursue so that the impact the relationship is always positive in nature, and responsive to their personality by association. Never should a child be denied or disenfranchised from this right as a form of punishment or discipline, as the Right to Discipline that is just is established for that purpose.

It is important though, that for anyone they wish not to pursue that they pursue a positive role model or guardian that can provide a more adequate substitute that the child may benefit more from, than if they were restricted to the person whom they felt they couldn’t work well with, play well with, or learn from. The personal choice of children to choose their relationships based on how they feel they appreciate them will protect them from harm, and allow them to be nurtured, taught, or better express themselves within. This is why this right must be extended to all children.

11. The Right of Personal Will

The child has the precious right to accomplish all of these rights, the ones granted by the world, and the ones yet to be granted, by their own will alone, and not that of any other. In association with peers, they have the right to develop individually by their own decree, and not adhere to whatever preconceived ways society has as to how they will obtain these rights. They will obtain these rights by their own will power, and discretion. The promise of personal choice will no doubt become an incentive for them to accomplish and attain these rights by alternative and unorthodox means, as all youths do, regardless of the paths society has already paved for them to do so. It is natural that the youths will seek attainment of these rights elsewhere from what the parental society preconceives for them, and these alternative positive means will be offered through the Childlove movement, instead of through the traditional negative media ridden alternatives and popular influence that society indoctrinates them to become. Never should a child be denied or disenfranchised from this right as a form of punishment or discipline, as the Right to Discipline that is just is established for that purpose.

They will obtain these rights by their own will, and a peaceful revolution of civil disobedience within children will be regimented among them, as it is within all youths yearning for freedom. The human child will become human through the personal attainment of these rights, as it was in the most primitive of human society. Not by exclusion from the discussion based on age, but by taking their small part in the fellowship of man they will finally be made whole.


Accordingly, as with all components of the Childlove movement, each independent part does not take precedence over any other independent part. Every right aught to be maintained and upheld equally and restrictions to any right for disciplinary purposes should be considered a form of abuse on a child just as severe as sexual molestation. No right should be taken away or limited for disciplinary reasons, as the Right to just Discipline is meant for that purpose. It is absolute that child reserves these rights at all times, in times of good behavior and improper behavior.

In addition to these more exclusive child rights, it is important that the child be extended all the rights in the spectrum of human rights, sought by their will alone, with the encouragement of their adult comrades. Every right must be regarded with the equal respect and reverence that each one deserves for the benefit of the child. The Childlover will not rest until children are free from the ageism, neglect, apathy, and exploitation, through the implementation of these rights on a global scale, then children will be victorious.


The goals, work, and purpose of the movement have been laid out in the preceding doctrine. Through benevolent work and hope may they come to give light onto the world and to the children of the world. It does take a village to raise a child, but as the 21st century dawns, the only people responsible for raising our children are whatever messages are being delivered to them through the media, sitters, teachers, and on occasion the parents who may take part in their child’s healthy development. When in this course it becomes necessary that a non-parental figure acquire the trust and love of the child, by the child’s innate right to relationships by choice, that they may play along side them, as the First Postulate describes, mentor and help them through early life’s many struggles, as the Second Postulate describes, and partake in the highly consensual act of love because of their orientation, as the Third Postulate describes.

As necessary as all three postulates are when carried out within the context of a relationship and within every child’s life whether they are ‘fortunate’ or ‘unfortunate, society has not allowed children to experience all three ensuring a healthy development within all children for reasons of insufficiency. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the doctrine include the essential demands of the followers of the movement expressed toward everyone within the intended audience; the great multitude itself. They exemplify together the summation of the cause of the movement and the aspirations of all who follow it with heart and soul.

Declaration of Appeals

We demand that children be allowed the freedom to experience their individual sexuality on their own or within the partnership of peers or adults. Never again should they be ashamed of themselves and their bodies, and never again should society fear a healthy sexual child as a soul of perversion. Children reserve the right to develop whatever orientation is a part of them without fear of prejudice or discrimination. We demand sympathy to those children who are developing sexual appreciation and have been scorned, and compassion for those that don’t desire such appreciation.

We demand reconsiderations by the multitude be made as to the existing orthodoxies of sexuality. We demand that any medical, psychological or religious notions, which are preconceived against child sexuality, be exempted from a discussion about new sexual standards. Infringing on the child’s right to sexually develop or experiment is similar to enforcing all children to relinquish breathing through the mouth, and therefore an infringement on their natural human rights. We demand that the age of consent law be lowered. Infringing the moral pedophile of their right to maintain their orientation is infringing upon their natural human rights, and therefore we demand society reconsider the standards of sexual intimacy in a modern and more tolerant age.

We demand that children be extended the natural human rights that are given to all people of the world. Children and Childlovers should take an active part within the deliberation concerning the injustices cast down from adults to children to fully vitalize a second era of understanding throughout the world. Children, as humans and as people have asked in the past, demand no indoctrination without representation. We demand an age where children are not judged by their age alone, but by the content of their opinions, attitude, and character.

We demand that society not let statistics govern the credibility of intergenerational relationships. The child needs the Right of Representation and to no longer be disenfranchised of whom they may and whom they may not carry out relationships with. For accountability of Childlove relationships, the Code of Ethics has been established, as stated anything that doesn’t resemble the qualities present in the Code of Ethics is not a Childlove relationship. As an uninformed society can testify, barely credible statistics have hyped paranoia, ultimately infringing on that child’s natural human right to have contact with the world at his or her choosing, provided there is a guiding hand to show them the way through the corruption and immorality. We demand that the parent and the Childlover work in unison to accomplish this goal for the benefit of the child.

We demand the child be given all the rights stated within the Rights of the Child, and the whole spectrum of natural human rights extended to all human life. We demand that they obtain these rights by their own will, and that a peaceful revolution of civil disobedience within children will be regimented among them, as it is within all youths yearning for freedom. The youth destiny is that of overthrowing their oppressors, whom for so long had so much control over them due to a social premonition that the youth were inexperienced and therefore incapable of defending themselves or making decisions. There need not be child suffering any longer. For this collective dream, we demand the youth be given all natural human rights extended to all people.

We demand our freedom of speech in the media. The Internet is being targeted as the forum for Childlovers. We demand to be held to the same standards as every other participant in the internet: if there is nothing illegal decreed by the local legislature being published on a Childlove, Boylove, or Girl-love web site then this site should not be shut down, or censored at will for containing the articles or through following the guidelines as described within this document, but encourage the destruction of web sites containing illegal and immoral content.

We demand a forum for open communication between Childlovers. A forum that is entirely free from repression. This discourse, support and a sense of community, is important. It is a place to discuss sexual ethics and a forum that will be reached by Childlovers from around the globe.

We demand that society reconsiders the status of the child. This is our most important demand. Since children are not granted their own personality, and since they are not being taken seriously, there are experts who may represent their best interests, but not know whether that representation is desirable by the child. And as long as we allow this representation to take place, children will be denied their right to develop their own personality, as well as their own sexuality. For this reason, we demand and advocate the lowering of the age of consent laws.

We demand the end to an era of child exploitation by all means, whether it is by government regulated Secret Police ‘posing’ as child pornography exchangers or Childlovers to catch pedophiles, rapists and kidnappers, enforcers of sweatshop child labor, or parental abusers, and any and all areas of society where children are not recognized for their whole, as they are within the Childlove community. We demand that ‘posing’ be recognized as the human rights abuse that it is, and be globally outlawed.

We demand that the child be provided with an alternative from the standard pluralistic mentorship that society has wrought. The positive alternative would be the mutual and consensual relationships that children may choose to carry out or not with the adult partners of their choice, as is one of the fundamental Rights of the Child. We demand the freedom for children and Childlovers to carry out forthcoming, responsive, and deep relationships, and not be a subject of scorn or ridicule from a fearful multitude. The affect of providing the child with an alternative from the standard pluralistic mentorship will be apparent in the natural open outlook of children everywhere.

We demand that parental history no longer has to be made up of parents who teach their children the value of suppression and ignorance, but instead encourage parents to teach their children the value of independent thought and open mindedness.

We demand that this document be read and understood so that no misinterpretation occurs as to the purpose and work of this movement should it ever be called into question. We demand attention to be called to our purpose and our cause, described within the Two Hundred Words of the Doctrine of Youth.

To seek the advancement of the children’s declaration of autonomy, that they may learn and experience through their own initiative. To seek the necessity for appreciation of Childlovers and the end to the prejudice and discrimination of their kind by the progressively homogenous crowd. To carry out forthcoming, responsive, and deep relationships with children whom appreciate or need affectionate attention.

To uphold and maintain consenting and mutual relationships with children for the causes of liberation of the youth mind, and fostering the youth mind for revolution against all that seek to harm them be them society, legislatures, molesters, corporations, rapists, as well as parents. To educate, not assimilate, and cultivate appreciation for the youth perspective. To uphold and maintain the youth voice and mind on the highest.

To protect and nurture the growth of the child. To insist our governing body to lower the age of consent laws and allow the youth the complete freedom of expression of self. To encourage society to see the child as a whole. To assist in the proper and healthy development of youth, and the free expression thereof in harmony with the realm and personal experience of the youth. To love the whole child.


To maintain domestic tranquility, and bring about social change, Childlovers encourage the multitude to examine all the facets of their doctrine, and as they press militantly for these demands to gain social acceptance, they shall make every effort to remain civil and peaceful. By design of conscience and moral principle they hope to see their demands be recognized, and accepted by the multitude. It is understood that, as they hope to reach out to everyone with their message and have positive acceptance as a response, that it will be impossible to alter the minds of all individuals, but they make the very best to do so in a peaceful and understanding manner. As all people though, they will not be tolerant of prejudice toward the cause, harassment, banishment, false arrest, and/or any showing of hostility toward their doctrine. They wish to remain free, they wish their children loves to be free as well, and therefore will not tolerate opposition in the form of harassment or prejudice against them, or non credible attacks against their character or the legitimacy of the child’s desire for the Childlover representation in their lives.

It should be reasoned that the demands of the movement are independent as demands are, as opposed to all other parts of the doctrine, separate and independent. The movement is always looking for compromise and negotiation between the opposition and the community, and therefore would rather see some of the demands accepted by the multitude than none, for the child to benefit at all from the peaceful revolution. It is hoped that children and Childlovers will work together to demand for themselves their rights from the community, and an end to the unjust prejudice. Therefore the demands of the movement are not seen as a whole but as independent principles for compromising purposes for individual demands.



Surely the movement encourages the advocacy for the love of children, simply, that answer is correct. Yet, there is little simplicity in human beings, and little absolute resolves when one chooses to take on the advocacy of children, especially the establishment and parents, who have already claimed support for the child realm. This is a complex philosophical construct that has been established for the pursuit of the natural simplicity of child mentorship and the intensions for the pursuit of child well being. Humans by nature designate simple thoughts such as affection with complex social attitudes and thus degrade the natural relationship. This relationship is the essential socially complex organism that the Childlover works to simplify by the attainment of youth. When one looks for truth, they find youth. When one looks for youth, they find truth. Thus it is the focal point around which Childlovers work to achieve.

The way we generate common understanding by pairing adult complexity with a more delightful childish way of life, and understanding of a simple belief, impedes any learning of the cause. Thus any complication is going to be avoided and thoughts as well as insights will be portrayed with conviction and minimalism. The more grand the explanation, however, the more vivid the picture becomes, and the greater our understanding. One perceives their own world through opinions and experience attained in childhood, therefore interpreting the meaning of Childlove exists in experience and in relation with the fact that it is both a lifestyle, and a personal philosophy. An act of taking responsibility for the lives of others who are not as desensitized to the immorality and harshness of the cruel world that surrounds them and inevitably awaits them. Childlove is love for children. That simplicity is not sufficient to facilitate understanding.

The foundation is the very concept of human love and trust, between intergenerational partners. Childlove is love for children; it is a belief in the attributes of the child realm, and the outlook given onto them, and the application of that outlook onto everyday life. Childlove is the ultimate emancipation of children from forces that seek to control or minimize their ultimate human rights, which among them are the central human liberties extended to all human beings at this time, except for children. It is a break from the world of the material and the possessive and a replacement into the world of clarity, love, and humility. All of them are traits that define the higher and more beautiful and optimistic aspects of human life. Childlove is necessitated in the modern world, as the caring adult in effect assists in raising that which the parent put into the world. It is a personal choice to help in the raising of the child, out of plutonic love and devotion, beyond the natural and biological necessity there is for the parent to the offspring that has existed since the dawn of time.

The allowances of general historical templates on which the ideologies are derived from are necessary to understand. They present the modern human being with the destiny of continual change, by representing that most basic principle in the form of what had come before to create the present in order to shape the future. The relation of the significance and eternal expression of Childlove to the original roots of our collective society, are imbued into the infinite past, and have been forever evolving since the earliest days in human history.

Within the cultures of all historic civilizations, there existed a transmission of the present culture invested toward the youth generation and the potential in them they had to continue to live as a community out of respect for the past generations and optimism in the culture. This investment of civilization we inevitably bestow onto our youngest, occurred as a deeply special ritual that concerned both genders separately. In past history, the former generation entrusted the future survival of the race onto the boy, as he left the realm of the home, dominated by the female, and came onto the realm of the hunt, the realm of the protector. It was at this stage alone that the boy was taught and trained to be a future hunter or scribe, whether it was studying war, or interpreting sacred texts, or the arts, the occupation itself differing according to talent and proficiency. More importantly, it was the place in which he became a man. It was a place in which he was allowed to be human, to learn and develop his natural aggression in ways he could use it to be useful and use it in ways beneficial to himself and others. All through this process into healthy adulthood, his own talents were guided and observed by non-parental men who taught and helped the boy uncover himself. It was the men of the society who made the decision that a boy had achieved the honorable title of being a man in the society.

There are many similarities within the home. An extended kinship-based network of older women taught girls. They were taught all the inner necessities of preparation for the hearth, maintenance of the living space, the garden, the nursery, and the proper raising of the young. Modern society has made very little honor out of such important tasks such as these, by a period of male chauvinism, ultimately dismissing them as menial or unimportant, followed by a more feminist inspired detestation toward these important tasks, and an understandable eventual break from them all together. This break may have been liberating for women of society and rightly deserved, however who now among our youth takes honor in the raising of our young? Boys were never taught of such things, girls can’t be taught of such things without sexist overtones; therefore, political correctness has raised in this society no one with a healthy interest in the positive upbringing of children, so that the desire to do so overwhelms their life giving them purpose to live. Adults who are already are parents feel this. Nonetheless, how many have an inherent interest in the benefit of children as a purpose to live before they personally bring the child into the world? Is it no wonder more and more parents abort the child, neglect the child, abandon the child, orphan the child, or hurt the child in some way due to their obvious disinterest in bringing one into the world due to this social custom of the modern age? There are a group of people, who may or may not have children of their own, but have a continued and healthy interest in befriending and helping a child grow in a world were raising a child is considered the most demeaning responsibility a person can commit themselves to. Perhaps this could serve as a testament to the overall degradation of youth that occurs within the modern society, destroying the optimism that once was so prevalent in the adolescence of that primordial past; our collective past.

There is reason to respect this nobility within the movement. For had we all been raised as children by one another, the world just might not be as cruel a place as it is. For what moral person, having taken part in raising children would want to send a child of their own out into such a horrific world as this? Wouldn’t everyone work harder to improve the world on a global scale in which they hope to send their young friends off to, the ones they gave their lives to nourish and grow?

Sadly, these questions will always go unanswered, as long as society profiteers of the neglect of children, as long as it is blind to the suffering, the oppression, and the abuse institutionalized by the hypocrisy, and carried out by the corporate world, the molesters and rapists. The people who once served as the caretakers of child development and maturation are now compiled into the same category as rapists and criminals, and the exploitation of the child by the society, the corporations, and governments has been allowed to persist. There will soon come social reform, and this amendment to the exploitation of youth will be a civil disobedience to these true profaners of innocence, by the innocent themselves. They will be given the opportunity and understanding to do so in that same ancient way of our collective past reflected into a modern world.

It takes a village to raise a child. That village constitutes more than the legal guardians of the child, but includes all of society. This concept is no more relevant in the modern age as it was in the dawn of civilization. The child becomes everyone’s responsibility to mature into a moral human being, the teachers, the parents, the peers, the corporations, the legislatures, and eventually the non-parents. Childlove is essentially that primordial art of loving a child for the preservation of our collective destiny. We must all live to raise love in a future we must all share.

--The Childlove Movement