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PCMA call to action, 2022

We welcome input from anyone who can help expand on our reputation as a major information resource on the topics of sexual attractions and relationships between minors and adults.

We run an annual fundraiser to support our hosting costs. You can donate securely to our wallet via Monero, a cryptocurrency:

Cut and paste the following address in your wallet or application

Find out how to buy Monero.

Alternatively, you can donate via Youjo Pay, using a variety of Cryptos. This will go towards the hosting of FST, a free-speech video hosting instance we help to fund.

Fundraiser structure

Due to the generosity of our present Strategist, annual hosting costs will be paid up to at least 50%, and in all probability paid in total. If the fundraiser reaches 50% of total hosting costs, any further funds will be split between a charitable donation – supporting other important sites such as, and activist initiatives (e.g. purchasing accounts for social media activists). Cryptocurrency donations, if not needed for immediate servicing, are maintained as a Monero deposit. Any larger donation can be immediately transferred into an allocation of physical gold if requested (at the present exchange rate), and kept on hand for future efforts. Our preferred vehicles are Monero and Gold/Silver/PGMs.

If you wish to donate directly to activist initiatives (or have something in mind, such as employment of a researcher or writer), please email us, when you make your donation.

Your support is very much appreciated.

Long-Term investments and Gold Deposits

0 XMR and 1g AU

In July 2023, Strategist donated a gram of gold to Newgon's reserve fund.

XMR (Monero) Totals

0.76 XMR


Strategist presently pays almost every bill associated with Newgon's supported projects such as the Yesmap server. This may change, as we look to enter the Social space with new supported initiatives.

We have spent small amounts of Monero in 2022 and 23 - typically $20 dollars worth per batch of Twitter accounts, or to top up our SMS verification account.

We spent 1.86 of donated Monero on 23 Jun 2023 as payment for 4 months hosting of an independent Video Instance (FST) that is highly valued in the community. Strategist is looking at ways of using the instance to raise money for its hosting, but will write off any future bills associated with it, if these are not successful.

Strategist is looking at ways to obtain the FST domain and name. He will instantaneously donate these properties to a trusted and competent PeerTube admin, but continue to support it if needed.

Editing the Wiki

We tend to err on the side of caution when selecting editors, but accept submissions from non-editors via the PCMA Matrix/Element chat below, or via email - Our Strategist also runs an account on FST and we run a Matrix/Element space. Applications for membership are considered on a case by case basis.


We do not accept responsibility for what is posted here and reserve the right to exercise administrative oversight. Members of the Wiki are not to be seen as official project associates by default.

For help editing and topics that need covering, see Help:Editing. It is vital that new editors take a look at these pages.