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Update: As of 2023/07/02, the instructions below can be used as normal.[1]

When you click on the link to PCMA's Matrix space[2] on Yesmap, you will see the following screen. Click on Create account button:

Enter the username you want to use in the chat and password for your new account.

Continue without email, or set one if you want to.
Note: The email is entirely optional. If you face issues with receiving a confirmation email, simply continue without it.


You will see our Space (see note below).

You are done! Please introduce yourself in the New members introductions room after joining.

Note: Since recently, an introduction is required to gain access to all rooms.

History prior to joining (including the Introductions room) is not visible to new users.

Tips: If you do not like the default theme, you can change it in Settings.


  1. You may contact via email for inquiries, reports, or tech support.
  2. The space's Matrix address is, you should be able to simply join using any Matrix account with /join