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==Other sources of similar lists==
==Other sources of similar lists==

===[http://www.paedosexualitaet.de/exp/index.html PRD]===
===[List of Lists]===
Over 40 accounts, translated from German.
===[http://www.agetaboo.org/stories/ourstories.htm Age Taboo]===
Many accounts, varying greatly in type.
===[http://www.amaros-amarso-amarsi.org/loved/loved.amaros Amaros-Amarso-Amarsi]===
41 accounts, some of which are already covered here.
===[http://www.ipce.info/host/sandfort_87/index.htm Theo Sandfort]===
Landmark study of a number of man-boy relationships.
The forum provides a large number of positive anecdotes.
A small number of anecdotes.
===[http://www.clga.ca/Material/Records/docs/hannon/ox/mbm.htm Men loving boys loving men.]===
Multiple man-boy accounts (Researched by the gay activist Gerald Hannon).
===[http://newgon.com/archive/clitaccounts.txt The Clitoris]===
Females on early sexual experiences.
===[http://home.wanadoo.nl/hote/wilson/ The Man They Called a Monster]===
Paul Wilson's book about a man who specialised in casually seducing boys.
===[http://web.archive.org/web/20070717000843/http://www.bkgirls.net/personal/index.html BK Girls.]===
Only some of these are stored in the archive

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