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What needs to be archived, and what has?

What needs to be?

  • Magazines at the very least.
  • News archive, (assuming someone is willing to set up a unified news archive on another page rather than just copying it - contact strategist for various leads re. news archiving).

What has?

  • Some NIKS Magazines, but far from all of them. Since they are in Dutch, maybe they are beyond our scope with present staffing levels. Please make sure no overtly "erotic" nude drawings are present in any such uploads.

Ipce is a historical academic archive in its own right. We will not archive it, as we know the hosting is very secure. However, we need staff to do literature reviews that include Ipce - some of which might be relevant to the external links sections of this activist archive project, and some of which might be relevant to our research projects, for example. We often link to Ipce's material, as it is often relevant to this page and others.

Contains (linked in archive) texts by Parker Rossman which we should copy due to their references to a pederast underground. May contain other texts of importance to activism, but otherwise considered a strong candidate for full literature review as per Ipce, and especially owing to its historical relevance.

Peace's archives

We have zipfiles of Peace's google archives on our cloud instance. We are working on duplicating much of Peace's web-archive, or linking to it.