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LS Studio, also known as LS, based in Ukraine, was an online subscription service and photography studio that created hundreds of thousands of photographic images (and hundreds of videos) of young teen and prepubescent girls, and sold them via the Internet from 2001 to August 2004. During that time, they produced approximately 80 issues or collections, such as LS-Land, LS-Stars, LS-Barbie, LS-Flash, LS-Girls, LS-Show, LS-Magazine, LS-Animal, LS-Island, and LS-Fantasy, and had thousands of members worldwide. Subscription was done entirely online, and members paid for the service with credit cards.

While early collections often featured nude girls in natural poses, later collections also contained many images of girls in sexually suggestive poses. No actual sexual acts were portrayed but there were implied sexual acts such as the models sucking on bananas. Many later collections also featured the girls wearing custom-tailored costumes. The backgrounds appeared to be custom-built, similar to stage-play sets. The photography produced by LS Studio is commonly found in the illegal collections of Child Pornography convicts, and in most cases, it was not obtained from the site itself.

Approximately 1500 children, ages 8 to 16 were recruited as models in Kiev, Kharkov and Simferopol in Ukraine. Various nude photos were taken and uploaded to servers in United States and Canada. Quality and quantity of material on the site was unmatched, and soon it became the most popular child erotica website in the world. The site brought in several hundred thousand dollars in profit during the 3 years it was in service. The entire operation was ran by an Ukrainian man in mid-20s.

News stories have been published on the Internet which describe a studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine, which was raided and shut down by the authorities because of illegal activity. Some of the descriptions in these stories coincide very closely with the content which appears in LS Studio images. Namely, the large number of girls and the custom-tailored outfits.

After several months of investigation by Interpol and the Ukraine police, the operation was finally terminated in August 2004.

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