Essay:The Ultimate Scapegoat

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by Kabouter

The ultimate scapegoat is the one who is invisible. The weapon that Malignant Power (i.e., government and big business) uses both to punish scapegoats and simultaneously intimidate the rest of the populace is fear.

The problem with all previous scapegoats (except perhaps for witches) is that they were immediately visible. They could be identified as - and persecuted as - groups. They had a definable and discernible identity. However, because of their visibility, their value as fear-inducing elements was more limited. Look at the blacks, the Jews, the Arabs, the disabled, the mentally ill, those with a different religion or language, etc: easy to spot and easy to persecute, but also easy for Joe Normal to distinguish himself from. They were an easily identifiable enemy; an essentially external enemy. We can feel comfortable when we are so obviously not black, a Jew, disabled, etc.

Minor Attracted Adults [MAAs], on the other hand, are a unique group because no one knows exactly who they are. They could be anyone, and usually when they are outed society rails in anguish and frustration; the priest, the teacher, the youth worker, etc. Like the witches of Salem, MAAs are impossible to distinguish visually, or by using the other senses.

Further, most paedophilic and hebephiliac sexual activity occurs within the close family. Most of the time, little girls and boys [or their adolescent counterparts] are subjected to such activity by daddy or one of his avatars. Much of that sex is not consensual, and the double whammy is that the protector is also the defiler and abuser. Also, he or she is impossible to detect if little Jane or Johnny keeps sch-tum. Society cannot handle that. These are your regular guys: businessmen, hard workers, patriots, et al. So let's instead pretend that someone else is the dangerous one. Let's pretend this to such a degree that we criminalize his fantasies – that he wanks to pictures that are 50 years old, or that erotic stories are somehow abusive, etc. And trust me, the child-abusing father will be the most strident enemy of the media monster "paedophile."

There is plenty there for fear to thrive, and fertile ground for fear to take deep root and flourish. And fear is the weapon of choice for Malignant Power. Without mastery of fear, the Nazis could never have taken root and controlled a whole society for 12 years.

And in the end, that is the way Rupert Murdoch makes his money. He promotes fear, instigates it, incubates it, and gives birth to it. He creates the media "paedophile," and then uses it to terrify the society he wants to fleece with his propaganda. I have met many hundreds of MAAs in my life, and I cannot think of one who conforms to the media stereotype (although a very few come close). About 97% of MAAs are pretty regular guys, decent people who are mostly gentle, kind, and honourable. There are probably as many psychos amongst them, relatively speaking, as in the rest of the population. And after Murdoch has created his monsters, Malignant Authority applauds his success, as he has invented someone else to use as a smokescreen to hide behind. Well done and thanks, Mr. Murdoch.

Fear leads to control, and control is what Murdoch and his pretty son showed us that they value the most when being interviewed by the British parliament.

As fellow BoyChat [BC] writer/activist Sick Rose noted in this essay of his, the concept of demasculinization serves the interests of those who require a docile workforce and election fodder. Those who have genius and insight are cowed into silence if they cannot first be exploited.

So we are the invisible enemy - which seems to be what former BC webmaster Dylan Thomas was often saying. And the draconian laws against adult attraction to minors, even at the personal fantasy level, means that few - like fellow MAA activists Jim Finn 111 or Dave Reigel - will dare to be visible. Thus, the media monster can survive to feed the fear and facilitate the control of the masses.

I always argued that the only way for us to confront our oppression was for us to become visible Stonewall-style. I still believe that if we all outed ourselves on a particular day, and on a worldwide scale, society would shake to its very roots, and be forced to change so as to include us as open paedophiles and hebephiles. It might happen one day, an Arab spring of pedos and hebes, but I don't think this will be in my lifetime. But Tiocfaidh ár lá - our day will come. Of this, I am entirely certain.

Important Note: There is another group of "invisible" scapegoats in history who were subject to the same level of persecution and media/political hysteria as present day MAAs - and that is the communists, particularly in the U.S.A. during the 1950s.