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Casimir Dukahz

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Casimir Dukahz (pseudonym of Brian O. Drexel, b. July 07, 1909 d. June 28, 1988) was the author of some highly-acclaimed BoyLove novels.

With his first novel The Asbestos Diary (New York: Oliver Layton Press, 1966), written in a humorous style full of wildly inventive wordplay, Dukahz evoked "in a fashion appropriately episodic both the bittersweet transience of boyhood and all the adolescent silliness and surprise encountered by a man constantly available for the entertainment of boys."[1] The Asbestos Diary created a sensation in its era and it has been argued that it was partly responsible for the rift between boylovers and radical feminists.

His other published novels are Vice Versa (New York: Coltsfoot Press, 1976), It's a Boy (Amsterdam: Coltsfoot Press, 1984), Growing Old Disgracefully (Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1986) and the posthumously published Shakespeare's Boy (Amsterdam: Acolyte Press, 1991).


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