Are All Men Pedophiles?

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Are All Men Pedophiles? is a 2012 documentary film by Rwandan-Dutch media producer Jan-Willem Breure. Presented by 14-year-old model Savannah van Zweeden and covering the topics of pedophilia and hebephilia, the entire film was financed privately, mainly by the 23-year-old Breure (with the rest of the funding coming from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague).[1] Are All Men Pedophiles? had its world premiere at the Queens World Film Festival in New York City on March 2, 2012[2] and has been screened at a number of film festivals.[1][3]

The documentary explores pedophilia hysteria and argues there is a witch-hunt against men. Furthermore, it identifies how in an effort to protect children, society has begun to isolate men. The film suggests that all men are viewed as potential pedophiles and examines the political and social consequences of that assumption. The film was the winner of the Sexology Media Prize of 2012, issued by the Dutch Sexology Association (NVVS),[4] not to be confused with NVSH. Breure was criticized in the BuzzFeed article, for not having a "clear political agenda." The author stated that the film and its director seem circumspect regarding whether Western countries' Age of Consent limits should be changed.[1] The syndicated feminist blog Jezebel commented, "He just thinks that teenage girls are hot, and he doesn't want you to think that's gross, okay?"[1]

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