American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP, f. 1953) is an American membership organisation known for spreading questionable literature on the sexuality of children and youth - advocating the psychiatric industry as a solution to the problems it identifies. The organisation itself is a "non-profit" that works to advocate for its 7,500 or so "child and adolescent psychiatrist" membership.

Commentary - Contradictions and misinformation of AACAP:

Despite claiming that "[a]ll children explore and experiment sexually as part of normal development." and "[t]his sexual behavior may be with members of the same or opposite sex.", the AACAP informs parents that "[n]o child is psychologically prepared to cope with repeated sexual stimulation. Even a two or three year old, who cannot know the sexual activity is wrong, will develop problems resulting from the inability to cope with the overstimulation." The AACAP maintains the belief that prostitution is a "serious problem" in adulthood. AACAP also claims that "[o]ften there are no obvious external signs of child sexual abuse. Some signs can only be detected on physical exam by a physician" - a statement comparable to that of discredited professionals whose work has lead to numerous false positives after physical examinations. The AACAP's article on child sexual abuse[1] goes on to mention a contradictory list of symptoms for the condition. Unsurprisingly, this organisation also supports the concept of "teenage sexual abuse".


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