July 21st, 2007 by The Administrator

Jul 23 update:

The primary re-hosting of Debate Guide and its integration with is now complete. I shall now carefully go about selecting a blogging and project asscoiate team, and make sure that all interested parties are aware of the sites existence. is now listed on at least one major links directory. I invite all of those viewing the website through a directory to comment and ask any questions that I may be able to answer.

And remember to bookmark this site! A lot will be going on in the near future.

5 Responses to “Finished”

  1. Lame lunatic of righteous theory Says:

    [Unfounded accusation by a very small mind. -- I have not cogged anyone in years...this is fun! -- Steve]

  2. Lusty lover of roadkill temptations Says:

    [...If you hit it...I will come...]

  3. Lusty lover of roadkill temptations Says:

    [Don't ask...]

  4. Daniel Lièvre Says:

    Don’t say! Has the thunder from down under been confessing all?!

    (that’s Llort, for all readers unaware of his rich history on my blogs)

  5. Llort Says:

    You are right Daniel, you are finished. Your arguments are old hat, they have been used over and over again, yet nobody accepts [Defam] or their oppinions. The best thing us anti’s can do ist expose all of you and let the vigilantes beat your fucking brains out [Recorded for future reference - Daniel]. Where is it you live in Plymouth?

    [Mods, please delete any threats of physical violence that you are uncomfortable with. I would like to keep them in a file though - Daniel]

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