Edition 5 – 1 Mar, 2010

March 1st, 2010 by The Administrator

Edition 5 has been published.

In it, you will find editorials, news, updates and all of the usual topics we have been covering over the last year.

We really need your help to keep this magazine publishing, and to maintain the NewgonWiki website.

Thanks to Pyro for the cover art.

2 Responses to “Edition 5 – 1 Mar, 2010”

  1. Sesa Says:

    Hi, I emailed StephenJames email address and got “undeliverable mail” message. So here is my reply to his article on Uncommon Sense 5. A letter to the editor :)

    Two main things- in response to laws about consent, the only realistic response is to eliminate the age of consent altogether. Something that writers who label themselves as CL or pedophiles constantly betray is a lack of interest or acknowledgement of all ages as equal, whole human beings from the time they are born. It is as if, in order to retain your sexual attraction, you find it taboo yourself to let go of your (ageist) beliefs that there is some sort of difference between people under 18 and people over 18. I stress that ageism has gone both ways. It is not “adults” who are “whole” people and young people “lacking”. There has been a constant twisting and splitting of qualities, almost a random assortment, kind of in a figure 8, if you get what I’m saying, associated with “youth” and “non-youth.” The people OVER 18 are also discriminated against by being socially forbidden to play, or to “play” in only certain forms, at the cost of “respect.” Someone below the age of 18 is ALSO forbidden to play in many areas, for example, genitally, while given large freedom to play in other areas. However, the price of THAT is often being watched, analyzed, and preventatively manipulated for daring to be so open and trusting with motives in the first place.

    An infant can give consent- have you never been around someone 5 months of age? Have you never seen the person kick and scream, or pull away, or look uncomfortable? These “mistakes” by others causing this, or much more often, intentional and deliberate acts (such as bathing when the young person does NOT want to be bathed, or bathed in that manner) occur constantly- someone who loves this young person would care greatly about these signs of unhappiness. They would simply refuse to violate the feelings, mind, and body of this young person, no matter what relatives, doctors, and others say- they would find another way to interact with this young person, or scrap the unwanted act altogether. If anyone, “mothers” “BL”s etc. really cared about any of these people, there would be no confusion or denial of an infants ability to consent, much less a toddler’s, or whatever other label to what age match is given.

    It is because “mother” and “doctor” and “teacher” don’t really love the people they bring into the world, or interact with, that all of this “age of consent” bullshit exists.

    Instead, regarding your later suggestions, perhaps a statement that people are not the property of other people, no matter their age, race, appearance, gender, health status, abilities. Therefore a young person can indeed leave and live with any one they so choose, and can change their mind at any time. There would be no attempt to determine “frivolous” or “non-frivolous” reasons to leave, as that would only cause further harm. I could imagine people today claiming it ‘frivolous” for a young person to want to leave the home of a person who forcibly bathes them, and yet from that person’s perspective, being forced to sensually experience something they do not want to (the skin, water, bathing IS a sensual experience, for those of you who have forgotten) is no different that being genitally fondled against your will. The bottom line is that no one wants to be forced to live with someone who does not love/respect them- no matter how that lack of love is indicated- SO HOW ABOUT WE STOP! Stop violating people’s minds and self-respect by expecting them to believe lies that they are loved as long as they aren’t beaten black and blue or gently genitally fondled! This leads to twisted minds.

    Just as a 30 year old person does not have to “establish reasonable and serious intention” before they can leave someone they do not trust, or want to live with, so a 3 year old person doesn’t have to.

    A “non-violent abuser” would be- a liar/deceiver. Being over 18 does not stop lies or deceit, but being with people who love you and are trustworthy in every little and big way on a daily basis is the happy alternative, not to be denied to people under 18. And these mutual loving relationships at home can be physically intimate and mutually empowering- that is not an experience that needs to be compartmentalized as “stranger-associated.” How could a liar compete with the truth of love at home?”

    Stephen or whoever reads this, could you please send this to “Uncommon Sense” as I did not know what to send this to.

  2. elixir Says:

    This website REALLY needs to raise it’s level of awareness! Some of the articles (like this one) are relevant to people’s lives, encourage the reader to think for themselves and add some realism and feasibility to the idea of a desperately needed revelation somewhere in the future.

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