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Daphne II (2004 - 2008) is a programme of the European Commission that acts as a distributor of funds "to prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women and to protect victims and groups at risk". Recipients of Daphne's 50M EU funding include local authorities, NGOs and the organisational gravy-train itself.

Supported activities are:

  • 1. identification and exchanges of good practice and work experience with a view in particular to implementing preventive measures and assistance to victims;
  • 2. mapping surveys, studies and research;
  • 3. field work with the involvement of the beneficiaries in all phases of project design, implementation and evaluation;
  • 4. creation of sustainable multidisciplinary networks;
  • 5. training and design of educational packages;
  • 6. development and implementation of treatment programmes and support for victims and people at risk, as well as for perpetrators;
  • 7. development and implementation of awareness-raising activities targeted to specific audiences


In ancient Greek mythology, Daphne was "a pure, innocent young woman pursued by the god Apollo who had fallen in love with her. Desperate to fend off Apollo’s sexual advances, Daphne called upon her father, the river god Peneus, to help her. As Apollo touched her, the god turned Daphne into a laurel bush, daphne in Greek."

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