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United Nations

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The United Nations (abbreviated UN) was formed after WW2 to promote world peace. Since that point, the UN, its agencies and consultative network have undergone considerable expansion towards sometimes esoteric and obscure bureaucratic purviews, including child protection.

In 2022, a PSA entitled "Playdate with a Predator"[1] was released on social media by the UN's Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children, in partnership with Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok and Roblox. The short 30-second video, one of two PSAs, recycled old tropes about "online predators". One notable aspect of the UN's recent campaigning on this topic has been a pivot towards using "violence against children", or "sexual violence" as opposed to "Child Sexual Abuse".

The UN and associated international NGOs such as ECPAT and UNICEF have been central in attempts to globalize the unscientific concept of "all persons 0-18 being children, everywhere, at all times".

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