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Splashpage graphic was a Community for girllovers to discuss attraction to girls. It contained various other facilities that made it quite different to similar communities, such as virtual pets, arcades, a comprehensive gallery indirectly linked to it known as the GL Gallery, and live-news for on-topic subjects.

There were five different types of member groups on tkGL:

1. Guests/New-Members (access to some forums, no Personal messages)

2. Members (access to most forums, Personal Messages allowed)

3. Silver Members (access to Silver Forums)

4. Platinum Members (access to all forums and Platinum Forums)

5. Moderators (access to all forums with the ability to edit and delete posts).

"Talitha Koomi" is an Aramaic phrase (more usually transliterated as "talitha cumi") meaning "arise, little girl." According to the Bible (Mark 5:38-43), the phrase was spoken by Jesus to raise a little girl from the dead.

The site was supposedly taken off-line after its owner ran into legal trouble.