Testimony: Adult Female with Minor

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  • Revised Thinking About Former Sexual Experience by Porn-Dog in All About Sex, 1998.
    A 17-year-old writes about an incident in which his 16- or 17-year-old babysitter engaged him in sex games when he was seven or eight, including felating him. He was punished for it and grew up sexually repressed. He later came to the conclusion that the sex games were okay and his problem had been the way his parents reacted to it. He wrote, “I laugh at myself for calling someone doing me a favor like that ‘abuse.’”
  • The Confessions of Victor X, circa 1910, Chapter 2: Enlightenment. See also publisher's ad for history of the book.
    A man in pre-revolution Russia looks back on his aristocratic and prudish upbringing and the twists and gambols he went through to learn about human sexuality. This had been left by his parents entirely up to him to research in the musty family library and with whatever friends, servants, or servant’s children knew enough and were willing to show him. At ten years old, Victor was molested by a young woman servant almost twice his age. The woman grabbed his hand and thrust it under her skirt while grabbing his penis with her other hand. The boy chastized her and thereafter avoided being alone with her. Far from being traumatized by the event, it played an important part in his budding awareness of sexuality. I believe this case shows, not only that a prepubescent boy of ten can be capable of resisting what he does not want, but also that when it is gently forced on him, he can be capable of processing the experience in his young mind and turning it to positive effect in his life.
  • Part 6 of A Young Boy’s Awakening by “Girl Luvr” on alt.support.girl-lovers, February to March 2001 (In ASGL archives).
    A man in his sixties, looking back on his sexual adventures from age five to 19, recalls the time that two older girls held him down and fondled him. His initial reaction was to struggle, until he realized that it felt good and he then turned to convincing them to let him return the favor.
  • Mary Kay LeTourneau -- [1] Interview (PDF, 250 kb) by Larry Elder, September 15, 2004 and Show Recap, [2] Ex-teacher pleads guilty to rape of boy who was 13 in Seattle Times, August 8, 1997
    At the age of 22, Vili Fualaau tells his story of love for his once sixth-grade school teacher and now mother of his two children, Mary Kay LeTourneau, six weeks after she finished serving seven years in prison for statutory rape: “Mary’s out now and we’re finally together. And we still have the same feelings for each other, times forever.” [1] At the age of 14, after she had given birth to their first baby, he said, “I want people to stop seeing me as a victim. My life is going to be fine. Mary didn’t harm me in any way.” [2]
  • Letter from Bayardo in HFP Mailbag.
    A 14-year-old boy writes about his desire for women aged 35 and older.
  • Catherine N.X.
    “Catherine N.X. is a 19 year old girl whose girllove relationship [with her mother] started at age 8 and continues happily to this day” [HFP main page]. She writes a column for the website, called Ask Cat!. For her view of her relationship, see her answers to the letter from Rainer. Catherine also has her own website, The Cat’s Meow.
  • Post by “Gothic Trollita” in discussion of pedophilia is not okay in a forum on Gaia Online, June 30, 2007.
    A 13-year-old girl writes about having “a number of perfectly healthy sexual relationships with adults … [including a current] relationship with a sixteen year-old girl who I understand and who understands me on a level unparalleled by what I believe I could reach with anyone my age.”
  • Interview: Heidi, in Paidika, 1991.
    A 24-year-old woman looks back on the fling she had with a teacher when she was 13. "By final exam time I couldn't concentrate at all. I was dreaming about her. I saw her everywhere; I couldn't think of anything else. During the math exam I took a compass and scratched the first letter of her name in my hand. It's still there, you can see it when it's cold. I was so in love with this woman! [...] One day when I had gone to the park again with her and her class, we started hugging and kissing. I think she started it but I didn't say no. I had kissed boys, but I was never in love with them. This was totally different. I was in love with her, so it felt much more intense, more exciting, because it was so secretive. [...] Looking back, I think I would have liked to have had sex with her. At that time it was not the most important thing for me. I don't know how much I knew about sex at the age of thirteen. I think I would have been afraid--afraid, that is, of not knowing how to do it or how to do it right. I had read about sex and heard about it on TV. But to actually do it? On the other hand, she was so gorgeous, it would have been wonderful if we could have been close, to feel her without her clothes. She meant everything to me. I really regret that we didn't do it.
  • Anna in Martijn (PDF, 8 Mb), January 1981, page 18-19, in Dutch.
    A woman talks about her teenage love affair with a music teacher in her school. She courted the teacher innocently for about a year and they developed a close friendship. When the teacher was ill and the girl was comforting her at her home, the teacher initiated some kissing and sexual stroking. The girl enjoyed this and later took to intiating such activity herself, although she did find the teacher’s orgasms frightening. The relationship began to attract attention from others at school, which created presure to end it, which they did with some difficulty.
  • Alex’s story in Rage of Consent by Heather Corinna in Soapbox Girls, July 2001.
    A young woman talks about the relationship she had with an adult woman as a teenager. “If more people of any age could have that kind of relationship we’d be better off.”
  • "NotAMonster"
    A teenage pedophile has a good personal reason for not believing in the current dogma surrounding child sexuality. "When I was 10 I met a 21 year old girl who was a family friend of my cousins. Over a period of 2 months, we started to have a relationship. This went on until I was 13. She never forced me and I don't cry myself to sleep at night because of the memories that "monster" made me do. Never told my parents or anybody else about us because I knew she'd be arrested. Me being a girl lover may possibly be a result of being with her as a child, however it has not had a negative impact on my life. Not to mention we're still friends."
  • Jane Rule
    "Certainly my own initiation came long before I was legally adult. Though a number of males around my age offered to participate, a woman ten years my senior was "responsible," at my invitation and encouragement. The only fault I find with that part of my sexual education was the limit her guilt and fear put on our pleasure, the heterosexual pressure even she felt required to put on me. What she did "for my own good" caused both of us pain. If I were to improve on that experience now, it would not be to protect children from adult seduction but to make adults easier to seduce, less burdened with fear or guilt, less defended by hypocrisy."
  • Kirk Douglas
    An Oscar winning actor. "He also remembers getting deflowered in high school by his English teacher. "I had been a ragamuffin kid of 15 coping with a neighborhood filled with gangs ... under her guidance I became a different person ... I am eternally grateful. By today's standards she would have gone to jail. I had no idea we were doing something wrong. Did she?""