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How to save alternative versions

Saving alternative versions of a meme can save space on the index. Do it if the meme is simply an alterantive to another, or very close in the theme it covers.

1. Save the primary version of the meme on your computer. Then upload it as an alternative version of the other meme, from the other meme's filepage. Do this any number of times with the alternative versions. You can also "revert"/choose what the primary version will be if it is not your preferred one.

2. To alert viewers that the file is part of a series - put this at the end of the description in the memes list gallery: ([[:File:Fileexample.ext|series inside]])

New home for experimental material

I will link this from the page as well. Post new material there when the editorial limits below are maxxed out, or move it there when it obviously needs some more development. For example, if a theme is too common on the main page, move surplus information to this page.


Someone should study the mechanisms of the cartoonist Stonetoss and apply them to our subject - with or without a cartoon --JohnHolt (talk) 19:05, 5 November 2021 (UTC)


Explaining "bad touch"

Teacher: Sooo... when you trip over and graze your knee, that's bad touch

Boy: yes

Teacher: When the intruder hits you in the head with a baseball bat, that's bad touch

Boy: I know

Teacher: Good. So when Uncle Chester touches you in your swimsuit area, that's ALSO bad touch

Boy: Why, it felt good last time he did it?

Teacher (with shrinking/disappearing text a la leftist meme):

You are unable to give informed consent due to an inherent power imbalance owing to your developmental deficiencies in relation to this individual. This makes the interaction not only morally wrong, but exploitative and in addition to that, an abuse of trust because established social boundaries have been contravened. Further, this action is imcopatible with various codependencies and attachment norms between the two individuals and may only produce long term traumas, thus being perceived as innocuous at the time by the victim. --JohnHolt (talk) 23:38, 8 November 2021 (UTC)

Sketch 2

A man is on a beach, giving a massage to a young teenage girl. Fat Karen is in the background.

Masseur: Oh, wait a minute. [Fat Karen is walking over]

Fat Karen: EXCUSE ME, but can you stop what you are doing please.

Masseur: Wh....

Fat Karen: You are triggering my personal memories of childhood sexual abuse, and I find it deeply traumatic!

Masseur: I'm sorry to hear that, but she is a high school track athlete and has a competition tomorrow. This is a physiotherapy treatment.


Masseur: But this is not sexual abuse, we are minding our own business.

Fat Karen (with disappearing leftist meme speech bubble):

I WILL NOT ACCEPT that you are not sexually abusing this little girl this is VILE and DEGENERATE sexual molestation going on in plain sight and you do not understand the deeply traumatic nature of these acts and should be ashame...

[the girl is pictured running off into the distance without a bikini top, as two men in Fat Karen's group turn their heads appetitively]

Sketch 3

A MAP speaker and a LGBT are pictured in different panels speaking before their audience.

LGBT: "Welcome, fellow Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Non Binary, Two-spirit...

MAP: "Greetings, fellow MAPs, Yesmaps and NOMAPS...

Shared speech bubble: "Today is a special day to celebrate our history; our people. Fine people like Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and Harry Hay... OUR people."

Sketch 4

To attack validity sadists - see LGBT Validity Policing.

Scott De Orio's definition of Queer is posed to a young gay man in 1970 and he enthusiastically agrees: "freedom for all!" (use a cat or dog reaction if you can't get a human one).

The same definition is suggested to the same gay man in 2000, and his reaction is like "um... non normative? illegal? No way, we're not with *them*!"

Pedo jokes

A good list, see here [1] --The Admins (talk) 22:07, 29 August 2022 (UTC)