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STOP THE TRAFFIK (f. circa 2006) is an umbrella NGO incorporating over 1000 organisations that have pledged to undertake anti - human trafficking activities by supporting the campaign.


This relatively new campaign differs from others because of its level of organisation and size. However, a quick viewing of their website reveals that there is nothing new behind all of the superficial appeal. Just like previous campaigns, STT relies on discredited statistics, the tide of international politics, middle-class guilt tripping, "calamitous" conceptions of non-western people and bigotry against the sexual agency of young people. It is then perhaps even more tragic that the campaign appears to be completely well-intentioned at the sub-organisational level.

Celebrity Endorsement

STT flaunts endorsements from celebrities such as Bob Geldof and Mayor Boris Johnston.


STT won an Advocacy award in the New Statesman New Media Awards[1][2]

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