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Phillip Eide during his marathon confrontation with a reporter
Phillip John Eide ("Xavier von Erck") is the self-styled leader of Portland based cyber-vigilante organisation Perverted Justice.

IM Discussion

During an IM conversation with a 16 year old girl, Eide admitted that his organisation does not have as its primary concern, the protection of children.
"My goal is not to protect minors. It’s to go after pedophiles ... [what do you mean? Don’t you go after pedophiles specifically to protect kids? otherwise there’s no point] ... No, it’s because pedophiles are disgusting people. Like you. That’s why we go after them. Protecting kids is just a side benefit."[1]

Reporter Confrontation

Eide's relationship with the media is rather simple; he seems able to cope when his "expertise" is held in high regard by the staff involved. For a contrary example, see this video.


Despite his claim to being a publicly-accountable "director of operations", Eide has been incredibly hard to trace down. In 2007, a combination of this and his general evasiveness lead to a default judgement being passed against Eide after a lawsuit involving one of his organisation's harassment victims[2]

Other lawsuits involving Eide's organisation can be found at our Perverted Justice, To Catch a Predator and Wikisposure articles.

Suspicious behaviour

Eide aroused suspicion in 2008, when he refused to allow investigators to copy the hard drive of a computer he used to entrap a victim:

"According to court documents, the decoy, Perverted Justice founder Xavier Von Erck, recently told prosecutors the hard drive from the computer he used to chat with Wolin "experienced a complete failure" in February 2007 and cannot be copied." [1]

This is supported by a 25 Sept, 2008 hearing in which it was revealed that PJ refused to allow a search on one of their computers, claiming that the hard-drive had experienced a failure.


Eide has taken part in and been banned from Wikipedia. On August 14, 2007, after months of harassing other editors and biasing the Perverted Justice article, his XavierVE account was banned. This followed an incident in which he described the user Tyciol as a pedophile.