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Dictionaries refer to pedophobia as an abnormal and persistent fear of children, however in the context of pedophilia, "pedophobia" is taken to mean "abnormal irrational fear of all things related to pedophilia", and is clearly seen in society at large today.


The infamous stereotype of a pedophile, with his trenchcoat, sweets in pockets, lurking around bushes in parks or in a car waiting to lure some child off to kidnap, rape and then murder is one example of pedophobia, generally propagated by the gutter-press.

Brass Eye's 2001 special edition, casually referred to as Paedogeddon, was a spoof-documentary scripted and in part performed by the reclusive comedian Chris Morris, airing on the UK's Channel 4 (now available on DVD), that exposed the pedophobic cultural/media trends prevalent at that time. The program was itself attacked in the press, leading some commentators to conclude that Morris had originally intended that the media should parody itself as an addendum to his show.

Ironically, some have argued that those who are the most fervent believers in the anti-pedophile crusade actually are pedophobic in a literal sense - they literally hate children. These statements have been subject to some controversy.