Patrick Califia

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Patrick Califia (now "Pat Califia") is a transgender historical LGBTQ activist and writer who has written sympathetic and non-sensational articles about MAPs and age-disparate sexual activity:

"Minors who are given the power to say “no” to being sexually used by an abusive parent or relative are also going to assume the right to say “yes” to other young people and adults whom they desire. You can't liberate children and adolescents without disrupting the entire hierarchy of adult power and coercion and challenging the hegemony of antisex fundamentalist religious values."


Califia wrote for Danial Tsang's 1981 The Age Taboo, and was published in Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia (Feminism, Pedophilia, and Children's Rights - 1991). She is associated and friends with Queer Theory founder Gayle Rubin.