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Some of our promotional materials.
Here you can find a variety of resources for the direct promotion of on websites (using banners) or in the real world (using pamphlets, banners and stencils).


As well as producing our own pamphlet, which we invite you to download and distribute in your (maybe not so) local community, we also host other such materials.

Click here for Pamphlets.

Flyers and Cards

Our Flyers act as a starting point for the questioning process that lead many of us to this site. They are designed to convey a short, sharp message and draw readers into seeking further information.

Click here for Flyers and Cards.


Simply post them into your html webpage using the code provided.

Click here for Banners.


These can be printed or transferred onto card and cut out with a penknife to make stencils. We do not accept responsibility for or encourage any criminal damage that is done using these stencils.

Click here for Stencils.