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The Support Team is a group of volunteer administrators, moderators and associates who fund, add to its resources and keep it on-line. At this time, the site does not ask for external funding, and does not organise its team strictly into set roles with given responsibilities. At the present time, none of the following roles have been denied to any other person on the list.


All of these people have access to site files, database and admin tools.

Front-end (public contact):

Jim - Contact via forum mailer.

Back-end (private):

Pantheadoros | Silence Dogood | DreamBoy71


None of these people are affiliated with

Forum Moderators

Steve Diamond | Clayboy | | IsmAvatar | innormal | Pyro


Juan Gonzalez Llort (inactive ex admin/founder) | Strato (ex admin) | Viamund | Matt | Tyciol | PiedPiper | Innormal | Zufolek | CJ Wilmot | PiedPiper | Crake | Jamie | Roman Czyborra | Catherine N.X. | Stephen James | Raven | Reid Bailey | Raza | Boeotia (French language support) | "Anonymous" - a few people use throwaway names for