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Nepiophilia (from Greek nepio-, "infant," + -philia, "love") or Infantophilia is an erotic attraction to, or age preference for infants or toddlers. The term is commonly used in minor attracted person communities to distinguish this attraction from an attraction to older prepubescent children (which is called pedophilia) and adolescents (which is called ephebophilia or hebephilia). The age range nepiophilia covers is generally 0 to 3 years old. Toddlercon is a type of Lolicon or Shotacon that features drawn toddlers and babies.

Nepio Caterpillar

Nepiophilia/Infantophilia is often categorised as a subset of pedophilia - notably by psychiatrists and psychologists. MAPs, who instead tend to view Pedophilia as a rare but non-paraphilic chronophilia, might occasionally debate to what extent Nepiophilia is a fixation. Generally, MAPs do not condemn Nepiophilia per se, and include it in their lexicon, regardless of their pro-c stance or otherwise.


It is unknown at this point, whether there is any widely accepted symbol for nepiophiles, although the featured graphic was said by another online resource to have been created by an artist called Pappy.[1]

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  • Research: Nonwestern Intergenerational Relationships - and its resources such as Growing Up Sexually, includes many references to Nepi-compatible behaviours among primitive people (baby play). These, however would tend to have arisen due to (the lack of) cultural norms, as opposed to higher levels of Nepiophilia. In these less restrictive societies, the coddling of infants includes the genitals, and is thought to play a role in pacifying them.

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