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List of anti-MAP quotes

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One example of idiocy

This article lists some selected quotes which show the extreme hatred faced by MAPs, particularly pedophiles. You might be familiar with pedophile-in-woodchipper type memes, but here, we try to go a bit beyond that and fully document the pathology and idiocy of many of these individuals.

Select quotes

  • Xavier von Erck, when questioned about his anti-pedophile organisation's role in child protection:
"No, it’s because pedophiles are disgusting people. Like you. That’s why we go after them. Protecting kids is just a side benefit. My goal is not to protect minors. It's to go after pedophiles."[1]
  • Garrett Osbon - Prison Guard, Chillicothe Correctional Institution - Ohio, on his treatment of an offender convicted of photographing his partner (2 years junior):
"It feels good to know that I played a small part in paralyzing a cho, LMAO."[2]
  • Marina H (Stitches77) - Vigilante for Absolute Zero, commenting on the online MAPs she pursues:
"I'm not sympathetic at all. In fact, the proudest day of my life will be when one of them kills himself and leaves a note saying "I can't take it anymore. Stitches drove me to it""[3]

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"Nigel Oldfeild, your days are numbered. Our allies in the BNP and in Redwatch are getting closer to you everyday. You will pay for what you have done, and no man, God, or government will save you. 88"

- YarlSoutan, "Little Girls"

"I'm coming over tonight and put a bullet through your head - did you hear me? I'm coming to put a bullet through your worthless empty fucking head so you can drown in your own fucking blood."

- Anonymous, "Answerphone message to the Academic, John DeCecco"

"[T]he psycology and thought prossess of the pedofile is so vastly different from normal humanity as to consider them not to be truly human. [...] Pedofiles have hightened sences of touch smell and taste. They are more animal than human. [...] At an estimated 3 billion pedophiles with in the U.S. alone and an estimated cost of $200 a day matanance for each one, It would quickly drain our economy to do this.[incarcerate, bold added]"

- Unknown, "Stopping pedophilia: The only solution and why"

"We find out how much guts they've got ... as one of them committed suicide yesterday and another one had a big go, but he must not have had the courage to do it properly.
"If they all went and did it first up, we wouldn't have this problem. They must be guilty if they commit suicide ... maybe I am too harsh but I've got no time for that."

- Johnson, Vaughan MP. "Vaughan Johnson calls for pedophiles to kill themselves"

"you need to see the wood through the trees, if we kill all paedophiles then children and their parents will no longer be supressed'.
Twitterati wants your partner dead

- Cole Branel. (2007). "Childrens Dance Festival - No Cameras Allowed at Tudor Rose Festival!"

"For any long time readers you will know my views - Death and execution to all all paedophiles and that would apply to all types of downloaded child porn and not just the very worst."

Cole Branel, (2007). "Chris Langham - Paedophile or Honest Research?"

"if ever there was a subject that makes me foam at the mouth like a rabid dog, it is those sick, disgusting, depraved people we all loathe - Paedophiles.
Andrew Barker - Convicted Paedophile from Worthing West Sussex. I’m sick of this moderate society we live in, I’m sick of the do-gooders who think there is good in everyone. I’m sick of religion and of religious people. I’m sick of the nanny state authority.
Believe me, we live in a dictatorship, not a democratic society! It’s just that most people are too stupid to realise'.
I’m sick of it all because the millions of decent people who live in the UK are subjected to inferior lives because the liberal people in authority insist on keeping scum such as paedophiles alive."

- Cole Branel, (2007). "Kill Paedophiles like Andrew Barker"

"Why didn't you use that rifle to kill yourself? It's what you wanted to do. It's what you still want to do. Coward. Don't presume that you have the right to judge me. You don't. But I have judged you. And I find you guilty and deserving of a slow and merciless death for all the pain and suffering that you have caused."
"how about a final "solution", filth? step into my oven, it's time for a pedophile holocaust!"
"And if the loss of my soul is the price I have to pay for destroying evil like you, I will do it gladly and without hesitation. Can you say the same, filth?" (etc)

- User comments on a now deleted blog.

"Now, me, paedophiles, if it was left to me, I would hurt them so much it would upset and shock everybody in the country. I can think of really nasty things that I would like to see done to them. And I wouldn't care if it didn't change their behaviour - it would just certainly put them on notice that if you do this, you will have your skin removed, you will be made to go around to do really painful things before you're allowed to die."
"I’d feed all paedophiles into a tree shredder (...) and anything left the police can have."

- Richard Griffiths, (2006). Quoted in A break in the clouds and Potter Star in perv rant.

"The best thing us anti’s can do ist expose all of you and let the vigilantes beat your fucking brains out"

- "Frank Appleford, (2007). "Finished"

"Just to clarify gentlemen, I am neither irrational nor vengeful, and I am most certainly no fool. The majority of Canadians support the reinstatement of the death penalty and have done so ever since it was abolished in Canada in the 70s. I happen to be in that majority. A recent, admittedly non-scientfic, poll in my community indicates just under 70% of the respondents favour the death penalty for pedophiles. We can't all possibly be insane and vengeful now can we? They and I support the death penalty because we know pedophiles are dangerous to the wellbeing of our children. It really is that simple."

- "Sojourner" (2007). Richard Dawkins and Paedophilia

"peadophilles, by definition, intend harm and trauma to children, who are the most innocent people on this planet. dont you dare try and claim that you deserve respect."

- Unknown,

"Jail is the only proper place for him, not just because of what he has [ possessed indecent images of children ] done but because of the fact he promotes those views."

- Shy Keenan, (2007). Paedo's 'life" term slashed

"being attracted to pre-pubescent girls is a disease and a crime. ill be the first to admit that im an old man and wouldnt mind a teen age girlfriend, but your attractions are serious devient behaviour."
Classic troll mic-drop

- WayfaringStranger (2004) "Do you find this abnormal or anything?"

"the punishment should be more servre BRING BACK THE ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!!!"

- naomi (2008) "The Big One: Paedophiles"

"I wouldn't want them to die right away...I'd like them to experience the repeated ass raping several times, long after they are left begging for death, I'd give them a gas can with a little gas in it and a match...they can light themselves on fire in the middle of the prison that leaves an impression (...) Lock them in a cell and have them repeatedly raped. Repeat this from time to time until they are executed. This way they die a mental death many times over until they are granted the mercy of an execution. Sort of what their victims go through until they die." [other replies were similar in tone to this]

- Vampyre Bat (2008) ""

"I’m sorry to say it but these guys deserve more then just hell. They deserve to be raped over and over with broken broom sticks like Jeffrey Dahmer! Man, I really don’t understand the child frenzy that is going on! People are molesting little kids, killing them, neglect. I’m sure the list goes on and gets worse and worse. And us people wonder why people get soo messed up when they get older. Maybe they were molested or hurt by someone and they learned from that person and started doing it to other because they think it is right. My parents we alcholics and abusive and I would NEVER carry that on to anyone. Man, I don’t even drink! I just don’t understand"

- Jayni (2008) "People You'll see in hell"

Quotes about Jack McClellan

"Remember, this isn't a guy that's "suspected" of anything - we *know* he's a pedophile. He freely admits to it. And one day, he *will* attempt illegal sexual contact."

- "KarmaC" (2007). Sound Off

"I don't understand why he cannot be charged with a terroristic act because I live in absolute terror that what he does will put my grandchildren in danger. If that's not terrorism, what is? I'm more afraid of him that I am of Osama bin Laden."

- Unknown (deleted comment) (2007). Sound Off

"if that dude was your neighbor, you'd run him out of town too.


now, if he were skulking around my neighborhood, he should look behind himself at all times. i'd hate to see somebody jump him. it may even be a group of people, who knows? you can't be too careful these days, you know?"

- "CletusJR" (2007). Sound Off

"if he's trying to "prove" something by creating that website, then shame on him! That kind of thing terrifies parents, aunts, grandparents, etc. He can't possibly think that people won't be up in arms regarding something like this."

- "why_we_do" (2007). Sound Off

"The notion that all we have to do is watch and wait for this guy to do something isn't very helpful. He should be in a theraputic setting. If he can't be "cured," at least the mental health and/or criminal justice communities could learn something about the course of the pathology."

- "7Null_Seven" (2007). Sound Off

"McClellan hasn't been convicted of child rape or molestation, YET, but if allowed he WILL molest, he WILL rape, he is a ticking time bomb...


"No one can change my opinion of pedophiles and no one can stop us from doing what we do, outing as many of them as we possibly can..."

- "Fred Witzell" (2007). Sound Off

"The problem, for him, is the he has verbalized his sick, pathetic thoughts. Now, anyone with an aluminum bat and some balls should turn his knees into jello."

- "PsyCoug" (2007). Sound Off

Idiocy Museum

Philosopher's Corner

This part of the list is reserved for those who represent professional organizations, or appear to be under the illusion they are making an intelligent argument.

"Chronic sexual predators [to Vachss, pedophiles] have crossed an osmotic membrane. They can’t step back to the other side - our side. And they don't want to. If we don't kill them or release them, we have but one choice. Call them monsters and isolate them.... I’ve spoken to many predators over the years. They always exhibit amazement that we do not hunt them. And that when we capture them, we eventually let them go. Our attitude is a deliberate interference with Darwinism - an endangerment of our species."

- Andrew Vachss, (1993). Quoted in "Go and Sin No More": Therapy and Exorcism in the Contemporary Rhetoric of Deviance.

"Paedophile is a diagnostic name for those who have a sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. We will now refer to them as "Child Sex Abusers."


The interest in the child is SINISTER."

- Marilyn Hawes, "Definition of a Paedophile"

"Even if the probability of trauma were relatively slight, the severity of the harm can be so extreme that the act is simply not justifiable. [...] One sometimes hears that the word “pedophilia” applies only to desire for sex with pre-pubescent children, and that sex with older children is better called “hebephilia” and “ephebophilia” depending on the age. One can draw this distinction, but narrowing the scope of the term has little moral import. That is precisely why the word “pedophilia” continues to be popularly used as a general term. It applies to the crime of sex with the too-young in general. Let us be quite clear. The moral horror can attach just as much—or nearly as much, anyway—to sex with teens as with small children. [...] Some writers demand that everyone use the words “pedophilia” and “pedophile” according to senses defined by psychiatrists. But, just as we may opt not to extend our everyday use of “fruit” to tomatoes, even though biologists tell us they are fruit, so we may opt to continue to use these words in their popular senses. As a philosopher, i.e., someone trained in the definition of concepts and argumentation over how to apply words, I want to advise the opposite: you may and should continue to use these words as you always have, at least in most contexts. A pedophile, in this popular sense, is someone who sexually abuses children, or who tries to do so, or who wants to. [...] [I]t is not fantasizing per se that makes pedophilia so evil. It is, first and foremost, the risk. Anyone who is so out-of-control as to permit these feelings to fester in himself is a risk, so far as the rest of us know, no matter what he may say. And while the fantasizing considered just by itself (without regard to its consequences) might not hurt anyone, it certainly does increase the risk. [...] For all their talk of virtuous pedophilia, many of the activists and activist researchers writing on this subject seem curiously reluctant to mention vicious pedophiles. In this regard they strike me as being—ironically, but predictably given what they are defending—both unrealistic and irrational. A more realistic and rational view acknowledges that the world is quite filled with weak people, and with far more malevolent people than appears on the surface, and they only too readily indulge their desires when the opportunity arises."

- Larry Sanger, "Why Pedophilia is Evil (2019)" (our links added)