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We have archived some material that has value, but no role in our existent projects. We also link out to some important archived material, making this our de-facto links list for those who can't stop reading. We welcome readers to make secondary archives. Those who are interested in streamlining/activating the information in these links can make submissions via our forum (soon to be open). We have ongoing projects such as research that could benefit from a good reading of texts such as GUS and the research resource list below, so please consider volunteering your time.

See also Category:Archival.

Core MAP Reading

See also: Research Resources, or for a more modern/social list of resources, Minor attracted community.

Special MAP Reading

Unusual appeal/personal sites

Formerly Newgon Project Content

All of these have now fallen dormant, and have been de-indexed/de-prioritised due to potentially being out of date:

  • Uncommon Sense - Our old Webmagazine, which ended way back in 2010.
  • Guide to Computer Security - Was compiled by us in the same era, for people who are concerned with on-and off-line data protection, and encryption (information which is still very relevant). BoyWiki now have an updated equivalent, which might cover more recent developments.

Former Wikipedia

All of the following have been significantly enriched by good articles censored by administrators at Wikipedia:

Youth Personal Sites

Ancient personal websites by, or relating to kids in relationships with adults - archived for historical reasons: