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Allyn Walker is a postdoctoral fellow for Johns Hopkins University, who was the subject of widespread controversy in early to mid November, 2021, while Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University.


Andrew Lambakis, president of Old Dominion College Republicans waged a campaign of harassment against Walker. He only unpinned this defamatory tweet (after we reminded him) on 4 Jan, 2022, months after Walker was suspended.

Walker received widespread coverage after partaking in an interview with Prostasia Foundation, advocating the destigmatization of pedophilia. At that point, Walker had written a book, published in June 2021.[1] Twitter coverage from trans exclusionary radical feminists at 4W and the alt-right channel Libs Of TikTok soon spread to online media including the New York Post, Washington Post, Breitbart and various small conservative outlets.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Walker's use of MAP was mocked by Tucker Carlson and Geraldo Rivera on FOX News as the next woke frontier. Old Dominion's As(t*)erisk Trans Student Body released a scathing and somewhat confusing denunciation of the professor riddled with accusations of "misappropriation".[10] Walker was supported by many in the scientific field, including Dr. Michael Seto, Dr. Craig Harper, Dr. Gilian Tenbergen and Professor Michael Bailey after subsequently being put on leave by their employer.[11] Old Dominion University subsequently confirmed they would not be renewing Walker's contract.[12] Our press-release of 18 Nov, 2021 provides further perspective. Walker has since been hired by Johns Hopkins, and will start work as a postdoctoral fellow for the Baltimore school on May 24, 2022.[13]

Subsequent "assassination meme"

Since the controversy, a meme that seemingly encourages civilians to assassinate Dr. Walker has began to circulate on, earning thousands of shares. Twitter have confirmed in their correspondence with an activist, that this meme does not break its terms and conditions.

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