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William Percy (Dec 10, 1933 - October 30, 2022[1]) was a well-known Gay Historian.

"I am a Southerner; an Episcopal atheist; a former Republican; a capitalist; a refugee from the Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Baptists, and other members of the fundamentalist Protestant right; and a gay activist. I am also the senior professor of history and the senior pre-law advisor at UMB. I attended nine universities and have taught in nine. I have published 5 books, a dozen articles, about 100 notes (short articles), and 100 book reviews. From me you will gain a different perspective.
On this politically correct campus I am diversity itself: a semi-expired white male of the old school."[2]

Percy's contributions on the subject of Pederasty are[3] voluminous and highly regarded among social historians and those interested in boys' sexual relationships with older men.

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