Todd Nickerson

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Todd Nickerson

Todd Nickerson (born December 23, 1972) is a MAP and self-declared non-offending American Pedophile who has been a member/moderator of online forums such as GirlChat since the 00s. He has also volunteered as a moderator of the Virtuous Pedophiles peer-support group, and advocates NOMAP type positions. Despite his long history in the community, including public advocacy and podcasting, he is most famous for a series of articles published for and the controversy they caused on social media.

In September 2015, Salon published an article written by Todd Nickerson about his experiences with being a non-offending pedophile, titled: "I'm a pedophile, but not a monster."[1] This caused controversy at the time, with some commentators considering it "pro-pedophile"[2] and Nickerson himself subject to a "backlash."[3] This article, along with an accompanying video[4] and a follow-up article,[5] was deleted in February 2017, supposedly to protect Salon from accusations of hypocrisy when covering Milo Yiannopoulos' alleged support for pederasty,[2] although Salon Media Group CEO and Salon acting editor-in-chief Jordan Hoffner told New York magazine it was due to unspecified "new editorial policies."[2] A third article by sex researcher Debra Soh defending Nickerson's side is still published as of April 2022.[6]

Todd Nickerson ran a Twitter account at @ToddNickerson1, which has since been suspended.

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