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From the same user, who will remain unidentified:

"Here’s a lil back round on him. J his is a 10yr old half American half Vietnamese kid who came from a family of 3 brothers 2 older and one younger; also having a younger sister and only 2 of these kids are from the same dad. (That would be J and his younger bro J also)The relation to me was they were all my step-daughters cousins. Both parents lived in the home and both parents worked full time. Mom is a nurse and dad is head of security at a local strip club. Mom works long hours and dad works night hours only. Most o the time the oldest boy “C” who is 14 watches over his siblings.
He started coming over every weekend; even when my kids were not there he was still coming over and staying the night. We would spend hours just laying in bed snuggling and watching TV and talking about anything we could think of. We could just lay there and stare into each other’s eyes forever and be so content with it. I was so falling in-love with this boy and I knew he had already fallen for me big time.
My wife (the cheating fucking cunt and I split about a year after me and J had our reunion and I sadly moved 2 hours away, which sucked cuz now I don’t see him every day, but what I do get is him all to myself cuz he now gets to come visit me just about every other weekend here at my house and its usually just me and him. With him coming down to be with me all alone it has really allowed him to express some emotions he was not able to with my wife and other kids around. He started kissing me good morning and good night and soon his kisses started landing on my lips instead of my cheek. I started watching him as he would kiss me and soon his eye would close tight and his kisses started last longer than just a peck. Finally about 3 months ago he kissed me with his mouth cracked open just enough for me to have to say something.
I told him I could tell that he was wanting to actually kiss me and that I would not mind if he did just as long as it was something he understood and something he wanted to do. He told me he just feels the need to kiss me; he said he just wants to love me like that. (BTW this kid can express his feelings with words like no other kid I have ever encountered). I looked deep into his eyes and OMG I could tell he was so telling the truth about what he was feeling.
So I lay back and say “J I would be honored to kiss you” without words he leans over me and starts kissing me. I never felt something so beautiful in my life. He kissed me as if he had been practicing this his whole life. Soon his lips started to move as if they were meant to kiss me and his heart god I could hear hit racing and his breathing got so fast and heavy. Finally I pushed him off and said “OMG J that was incredible; where did you learn to kiss like that?” He said “I don’t know it’s just how I felt” He then buried his face him my chest and we just laid the holding each other for, god hours.
After the kiss we no longer acted like friends with each other, if we were alone or around ppl we trusted we were a couple in every way. Eat together, slept together, and even shower together. We were one with each other and yes we had many long talks about us and how the world sees us and how to handle the questions we know we would be ask. Best of all we have the support of his mom. She does not know everything about us, but she has seen him kiss me and she knows we are closer than the average nephew and uncle, but she trusts me and knows he is safe with me and she has told me this.
That my fellow lovers; is the story of my beloved “J”. I love this boy so much and I will cherish what we have forever. I hope and pray each one of you someday meet a boy as wonderful as my J.
Oh and for the perverts on the board……….the answer is ”YES”"


"Yesterday my very close YF (age 14) got to hang out with his GF at my house and every chance he could he sunk a kiss from her. It was cute how he tried to hide what they were doing. I would not let them get further then a quick peck on the lips though. The last thing I need is my YF becoming a daddy at 14. More happened yesterday though and I didn’t realize it until I tried to sleep last night. I was up most of the night dealing with thoughts of being so damn lonely anymore. I thought of how happy he was with her around and I’m happy for him I really am, but god it felt like this could be the end of his need for me . Well today he was over and I could not hide my stand-offish attitude with him and he wouldn’t let it go unknown either. He finally said:
“Jon, what’s wrong with you today? Have haven’t hugged me or even touched me and I have been here for 2 hours?”
I could not lie to him; so I told him I was really having issues with seeing him with her. He instantly stopped what he was doing and came over and buried his face in my chest and held my without a word for maybe 5 minutes. Finally he looked up and said
“Jon, I’m not leaving you; I will never leave you. There is so much more I need from you, so much you have not taught me yet; I’m not ready to be on my own yet. So please don’t think I am. I need you and I always will. You have shown me a world I never thought existed, you are the reason I have any kind of social life. Without you I don’t know where I would be and without you I don’t know where I would go. I know you get lonely a lot and that’s why I try to be as close to you as we can be. I wish to god we could be together like you want; if you were my age or I yours I would be with you."
My YF, age 14 said those things to me today. He said those exact words to me. I was stunned and shocked. I looked back at him with the awe one might stare at God himself with. I felt so loved by him at that moment I started crying and he followed. I looked at him and told him that he was the greatest friend I had ever had in my life and he inturn told me the same. He then asked me if I just wanted to go lay with him for a while and with out waiting for my answer he took my hand and pulled me to the couch and just snuggled up next to me for the next hour or so while we watched TV."