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Terry Leahy

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Dr Terry Leahy is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts, School of Humanities and Social Science, Sociology and Anthropology, of the University of Newcastle, Australia. In 1991 he was awarded a PhD for research into the reality of intergenerational sex.

His thesis, Negotiating stigma, was based on semi-structured interviews with 19 subjects, 10 to more than 50 years old, both male and female, who had experienced sexual relations with men and women from twenty to fifty years of age. The experiences were positive and occurred between the ages of eight and sixteen. It is a fascinating and erudite study of the self-concepts that children develop in response to the social disapproval of their experiences.

Relevant works

  • Negotiating stigma : approaches to intergenerational sex. – 2002 ( – ISBN 1 877051 01 2. – PhD thesis, Univ. New South Wales, Sydney 1991. No longer on-line, for a partial summary see [1].
  • Positively experienced man/boy sex: the discourse of seduction and the social construction of masculinity. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology, 28,1 (1992).
  • Taking up a position: discourses of femininity and adolescence in the context of man/girl relationships. Gender & Society, 8,1 (1994).
  • Sex and the age of consent: the ethical issues. Social Analysis, No. 39 (April 1996).

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