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Richard Weiss

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Richard Weiss

Richard Weiss, aka Wikipedia User:SqueakBox is 47 years old and currently resides in La Ceiba, Honduras. He is employed by the Weiss family business, TV Genius [1], for whom he runs a data management centre. He is a British expatriate who has toured Central and South America, where he currently lives with his wife - with whom he has no children - and her stepchildren.


Richard uses Wikipedia to promote an anti-paedophile agenda. He uses multiple accounts and even posts welcome messages to his sockpuppets [2]. He has made edits relating to homosexuality, using the sockpuppet Skanking [3][4].

It is likely that Richard uses software that allows him to log in with overseas internet service providers. Various checkuser requests on his other accounts have shown that most of his sockpuppets are operated from geographically unrelated ISPs - notably in the United Kingdom, where TV Genius is based. The sockpuppets' log-in times, stylistic betrayals and support of SqueakBox edits clearly show that they are operated by Weiss himself. In many cases, strings of SqueakBox edits have been shown to be perfectly appended to strings of sock edits. Pol64 is a perfect example of this. Despite the case for massive abuse of the system, administrators continue to deny the blatant dishonesty of this already penalised sock-puppeteer, who is valued by both anti-pedophile editors and Perverted-Justice - who he cites as his inspiration. On the other hand, his repeated accusations of pedophile-related activity towards other editors, blind, borderline-hysterical bias and general rudeness have been dealt with - albeit with an unusual level of lenience.


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