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PetraSchelm, is an inactive Wikipedia editor who has imposed a victimological agenda on a range of articles related to child sexual abuse. It is possible that the person behind this account may be working on behalf of an organisation such as Perverted-Justice, or more plausibly an NGO or science-advocacy interest such as The Leadership Council.


Registered on 3rd of April, 2008. 2,000+ edits on a range of articles, particularly Pro-pedophile activism, child pornography, child sexual abuse and pedophilia.


This user displays a range of behaviours that would appear to betray advanced agenda-pushing. For example, in managing citations she frequently removes convenience links to sites such as Ipce, using the WP:RS (Reliable Source) rationale, under which removal would be unnecessary where the primary source is listed. PetraSchelm has often used well-poisoning, hyperbole and suggestion in attempting to achieve her aims. Some administrators, such as Swatjester are already suspicious of her motives.