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Peer Support Exchange

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Peer Support Exchange is a website used for putting boy-attracted adult males in contact with each other.

"Participants register a geographic location along with a very basic profile. They also provide a secure email address, which is NOT posted, but which is verified before the registration is accepted and becomes part of the data base. While IPs are logged by all web hosting services, these are NOT attached to the geographic/profile data, the only thing added is the registration number and the date of registration. By thus registering, the participant indemnifies this web site and its operators from any responsibility for the results of any contacts that may result.
Registrants are able to search for listings in the data base from a specified geographical area and then submit a message with their choice of a return email address to the listing through the website, which will be automatically forwarded to the registrant."[1]

The site is sponsored by the writer David Riegel.

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