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Nathan Larson, around 2017

Nathan Daniel Larson (September 19, 1980 – September 18, 2022)[1][2] was a Virginian American libertarian/independent politician, hebephile and internet celebrity famous for the sites,[3] RationalWikiWikiWiki[4] and ChildWiki among others. He was considered central to the incel/pedocel movement and peripheral to the MAP Movement in the late 00s and 10s. He is considered a highly divisive figure among MAPs, due not only to his views on race (he considered himself a "benevolent white supremacist") but because of his misogyny and apparent advocacy for rape, which was likely insincere in part, but to a degree that is rarely agreed upon by most observers. As well as supporting the decriminalization of minor-adult sex, Larson also favored the legalization of child pornography, polygyny and incest. He was against the US Government's foreign interventionism and regime change agenda, and against what he saw as Jewish domination of the American political and financial systems. Larson was for many years a high-profile inclusionist on Wikipedia, going under the name Leucosticte.[5] After his banning, he then went on to contribute to and found various chat rooms and wikis supporting topics as disparate as inceldom and children's rights.[6]

Legal troubles

Larson served fourteen months in prison for the felony of threatening the President of the United States in 2008. In 2020, after well publicized custody battles over his daughter, he was arrested at Denver International Airport for allegedly "kidnapping" a 12-year-old girl, with whom he was having a voluntary, or consensual relationship.[7] He was then held in custody for a length of time that suggests his detainment was political (related to various legally compliant clearnet websites he operated), and died in an Arizona facility in 2022 after having said to be on hunger strike.[8]

External links

Other wikis

Various other wikis have produced highly disparate takes on Nathan Larson.

  • Incels Wiki - Somewhat slanted in his favor, and disagreeing with many of the below sources.
  • Wikipedia - This article contains a full political and personal history.
  • RationalWiki - Hyperbolic article from one of the Wikis he edited on. Contains some unsubstantiated claims about websites he operated. RationalWiki's editorial should not be taken at face value due to Larson's very personal connection with their editing team, and the fact that some of their editors earnestly believe that they have been subjected to mental trauma at the hands of Nathan Larson, a manipulative monster.