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Mature Minor laws have sparked outrage in Australia, and in the US, where Tucker Carlson highlighted the "problem"

The "Mature Minor Doctrine" is a civil concept and legal norm recognized as early as the 1960s, and practiced in some western countries (USA, Australia, Canada) that allows an unemancipated minor medical patient to choose or reject a particular health care treatment on the basis of their maturity. Sometimes this may happen without the knowledge or agreement of parents. The mature minor doctrine is sometimes connected with enforcing confidentiality of minor patients from their parents. One such demographic is the minority of trans youth who wish to undergo medical transition.

In some instances, governments have written guidance on how Mature Minors should be treated with respect to sexual activity they deem to be consensual, but which is not in law.[1] In 2023, the United Nations entertained that such circumstances may exist with respect to unemancipated minors, regardless of whether or not they are deemed "mature" or otherwise.

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