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MAP Wiki (, f. Jan 2022) is an apparently defunct MediaWiki-based website catering to MAPs, summarizing facts concerning, and perspectives on them, primarily since the 10s. It is available in English and Russian, and is hosted by the Pedofur Project.[1]

While the editorial of MAP-Wiki claims to be neutral, it appears to have just a small editorial team who are connected with a Pediverse instance (NNIA) that derives from parts of the MAP community banned from Tumblr in the late 10s. Therefore, the perspectives most often reflected, veer strongly towards anti-contact paraphilia identity and allyship - avoiding subjects its host finds "creepy" or "abusive".[1]

MAP Wiki is one of a few attempts by MAPs to create an encyclopedic information resource, including (archived), Newgon, BoyWiki and its now-defunct GL counterpart.

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