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Lulz and pedophilia

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Lulz is a term used in reference to often unintentionally funny internet content. Internet comedy - memetic, ironic and viral in nature, is embraced by a number of websites in a variety of ways. Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) - another website based on MediaWiki, is used to chart a number of subjects and their relation to internet comedy - specifically lulz. Unlike Wikipedia - a strictly encyclopedic, pseudo-scholarly, bureaucratic and somewhat reactionary medium, Encyclopedia Dramatica works off the principles of anarchy and comical justice.

Lulz and anti-pedophilia

The vulnerability of pedophiles and anti-pedophiles to lulz depends on factors both societal and personal. Put simply, it depends on whose emotional state can be spun into the biggest joke. Some pedophiles such as Geoffrey Leonard and tpka Dylan Thomas have exposed themselves to the cruel justice of lulz by making themselves easy targets. In failing to understand internet humour and trying far too hard to convey in image that the majority of web users will just not accept, such characters are said to become lulzcows.

The association of lulz and ED with anti-pedophilia is more a result of cultural curiosity, convenience and the lack of controls on lulz websites, than any inherently comedic nature. Indeed, overzealous anti-pedophiles, even those who associate with ED have become targets. It is often suggested that these individuals may be pedophiles themselves, who are trying to distance themselves from a condition that is (in this world) tragic - "comically" tragic. One example of an anti-pedophile lulzcow is Michael Skehan.

On the other hand, self-identifying internet pedophiles who accept their given allocation of mockery and externally-derived identity may be able to hit back, if they can themselves deliver in the world of internet humour. An example of this was Mark Miner - who after claiming to have exposed a corrupt, anti-pedophile police officer, was accepted for a presentation at a real-life lulz convention.