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List of testimony resources
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This is a list of websites and texts in which individuals testify of sexual experiences and attractions between adults and minors, and also youth sexuality.

The resources here supplement our Accounts and Testimonies resource, and may one day be assimilated into it.


Over 40 accounts, translated from German.

The male adolescent involved with a pederast becomes an adult

Ralph Tindall PhD (9 accounts).

The list of T. Rivas

Similar resource with some overlap.

Age Taboo

Many accounts, varying greatly in type.

41 accounts, some of which are already covered here.

Theo Sandfort

Landmark study of a number of man-boy relationships.

The forum provides a large number of positive anecdotes.


A small number of anecdotes.

Men loving boys loving men

Multiple man-boy accounts (Researched by the gay activist Gerald Hannon).

The Clitoris

Females on early sexual experiences.

The Man They Called a Monster

Paul Wilson's book about a man who specialised in casually seducing boys.

BK Girls

Only some of these are stored in the archive.

JackinWorld Biographies

Short sexual autobiographies focusing on masturbation. Many examples of expressed and unexpressed childhood sexuality.